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Jewish leader thanks Putin for fighting anti-Semitism
19 April 2016 - The president of the World Jewish Congress has thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for his efforts to fight anti-Semitism in Russia. Ronald Lauder told Putin during Tuesday's meeting that the Russian leader had kept the promise he made during their last meeting, in 2003, to fight anti-Semitism. Lauder noted that at the time synagogues in Russia were coming under attack. (more)

South Korea's President to visit Iran for 1st summit talks
18 April 2016 - South Korean President Park Geun-hye is to visit Iran early next month for what would be the two countries' first summit talks. Park's office said Monday that she will visit Iran from May 1-3 for talks with her Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani. It said the leaders would discuss regional issues including the Korean Peninsula and ways to promote bilateral ties. (more)

Islamic leaders pledge to combat terrorism, sectarianism
15 April 2016 - A two-day summit bringing together leaders of the Islamic world concluded in the Turkish city of Istanbul with a pledge to combat terrorism and overcome sectarian divide. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who chaired the final session of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation summit, lamented the fact that Muslim countries who are 'the heirs of a civilization that was built on columns of peace and justice are being remembered more for wars, armed conflict, sectarianism, and terrorism.' The Istanbul meeting drew representatives from across the Muslim world, including King Salman of Saudi Arabia and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, whose countries have squared off in Yemen and Syria. (more)

Cease-fire largely holding around Nagorno-Karabakh
6 April 2016 - A cease-fire largely held Wednesday around Nagorno-Karabakh after an outburst of fighting that raised fears of a new all-out war between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces. Russia sought to assuage tensions by reaching out to both sides. Fighting that erupted around the region over the weekend marked the worst violence since a separatist war ended in 1994 and left Nagorno-Karabakh, officially a part of Azerbaijan, under the control of local ethnic Armenian forces and the Armenian military. Armenian forces also occupy several areas outside the Karabakh region. (more)

Colombia to hold peace talks with 2nd-largest rebel group
30 March 2016 - Colombia will hold formal peace talks with the country's second-largest rebel group, heightening expectations for a definitive end to a half-century of political violence in the Andean nation. The government has been in exploratory talks in Ecuador with the National Liberation Army, or ELN, for more than a year. (more)

Russia to start clearing Palmyra of mines this week
28 March 2016 - Russia will be sending troops and equipment later this week to demine the archaeological site in the ancient Syrian town of Palmyra which was recaptured from Islamic State fighters last week. Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this month ordered the bulk of Russian forces in Syria to withdraw. (more)

Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan end border standoff
26 March 2016 - Kyrgyzstan and its bigger Central Asian neighbour Uzbekistan have ended a standoff over a disputed border area, pulling back troops and armoured vehicles, Kyrgyzstan's border guard service said on Saturday. A spokeswoman for the border guard service said both sides had removed their troops and armoured personnel carriers from the area near the Kyrgyz town of Kerben on Saturday morning, after talks between two border guard commanders a day earlier. That part of the frontier is not clearly demarcated. (more)

Pakistan, Iran aim to boost trade to $5 billion
26 March 2016 - Pakistan and Iran aim to increase annual trade volumes between the two countries to $5 billion by 2021, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Saturday, 26 March. Trade between Pakistan and Iran fell after western powers imposed sanctions on Iran on Tehran aimed at halting a nuclear programme. Energy-starved Pakistan suffers about 12 hours of power cuts per day and is keen to import Iranian oil, gas, iron, and steel. Iran is interested in Pakistani textiles, surgical goods, sports goods, and agricultural products. (more)

Russia, U.S. agree to speed up Syria peace effort
25 March 2016 - Russia and the United States agreed at talks in Moscow on Thursday to use their influence over the sides in the Syria conflict to speed up progress towards a political solution. The atmosphere at the talks was less frosty than in previous encounters. Russian President Vladimir Putin cracked jokes, and afterwards, both U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov tried to accentuate the common ground in their relationship, rather than their many differences. (more)

In Cuba, President Obama calls for burying 'last remnant' of Cold War
22 March 2016 - Capping his remarkable visit to Cuba, President Barack Obama on Tuesday declared an end to the 'last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas'. 'What the United States was doing was not working,' President Obama said. He reiterated his call for the U.S. Congress to lift the economic embargo on Cuba, calling it an 'outdated burden on the Cuban people' -- a condemnation that was enthusiastically cheered by the crowd at Havana's Grand Theater. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
10 Short Summaries of Top Stories

New study: Group practice of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program reduces crime
25 April 2016 - A new study has found that a large group of people who practice Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programs together daily in Fairfield, Iowa reduced rates of homicides by a total of 21.2 per cent over the four-year period when attendance was at its peak, and reduced the rate of violent crime by a total of 18.5 per cent over the same period. The journals SAGE Open and Science Newsline, published the study 'Societal Violence and Collective Consciousness' coauthored by Dr Michael Dillbeck and Dr Kenneth Cavanaugh. The authors examined the period from 2007 to 2010 in Fairfield, Iowa when participation in a 'peace creating' group was highest. They found that a rising trend of U.S. homicide during the baseline period 2002 to 2006 was reversed during the 2007 to 2010 intervention period. In the case of violent crime, the study found a highly significant shift from a flat trend in 2002-2006 to a declining trend in 2007 to 2010. (more)

Awakening spiritual life
19 April 2016 - Cynthia E. Johnson writes about discussions with her father, the Reverend Roger William Johnson. Together they would consider experiences of deep, inner silence expressed by the first African American chaplain at Boston University, Howard Thurman. Thurman was intrigued with the intimate interconnectedness of all living beings -- that all are interrelated through experience of the common source of life. Cynthia says she and her father, '. . . agreed with Thurman that the mind settling into inner stillness cultivates a sense of wholeness, culminating in a sense of loving unity with all living things.' She asserts, 'Central to spiritual development is the experience of diving deep within on a regular basis, day after day. I have found that the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique affords me this experience.' (more)

A simple proven way to end ALL terrorism
15 April 2016 - Invincible Defense Technology, writes Dr David Leffler, is an approach that if properly applied, can prevent terrorism and conflict. Dr Leffler was a member of the US Air Force for nine years and has a PhD in Consciousness-Based Military Defense. He describes the IDT warrior's daily routine as any group, including any armed forces group, whichs adds the non-religious practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and its advanced TM-Sidhi program to their day. Military personnel, functioning as a societal peace-creating military unit, practice these techniques together in a group twice a day, seven days a week, preferably near the conflict area in a secure location. The technology has been validated by 23 peer-reviewed studies carried out in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Independent scientists and scholars endorse it, based on its track record and the 25 years of ongoing research confirming its effectiveness to create peace in society. Dr Leffler's article appeared in The Oslo Times and WorldNews (WN) Network. (more)

The Huffington Post: The Silence Revolution
5 April 2016 - 'At first, it may seem odd to put the words Silence and Revolution together', said author Ann Purcell in her blog The Silence Revolution. 'In our ever-evolving world, various kinds of revolution are inevitable, and some can lead to positive outcomes. If we wish to transform all the surface values of life in one fell swoop for the betterment of all, we must attend to their foundation.' Ms Purcell states that while she practices Transcendental Meditation, 'I experience finer and finer thoughts until even the finest thought impulse is transcended and my awareness opens to the state of transcendence -- pure silence -- Being.' Citing research backing the effectiveness of TM for creating brain wave coherence, a harmonious, effective individual, and an influence of peace in society, Ms Purcell asserts '. . . we must attend to the root of our existence by nourishing and infusing all aspects of life with the innermost peace and power of the lively vibrant silence at the source of thought.' (more)

The miracle of transcendence and the human brain
10 March 2016 - Taking the 'unfathomable mystery' and capacity of the human brain as a starting point, author Linda Egenes writes, 'Yet the true miracle is that the human brain allows us to transcend its own activity and experience infinite consciousness awake to itself. . . . The beauty of the Transcendental Meditation technique, I discovered, is that it is a systematic way of directly experiencing the source of the thinking process - which is an unbounded, unlimited state of energy, intelligence and bliss that is hidden from view but drives all the conscious activity of the mind. . . . Transcending through TM is an effortless way to achieve direct access to this infinite field of pure consciousness - and to cultivate it so we can enjoy our own infinite, cosmic potential in everyday life.' (more)

Women can make a 'powerful contribution to peace in our troubled world'
9 March 2016 - The Excellence In Action page of Global Good News is currently featuring an article by health writer Linda Egenes, about the most effective ways that women can create a peaceful, positive influence on society--by reducing stress and radiating peace and happiness from within. Citing extensive published research showing the stress-reducing benefits of Transcendental Meditation, she points out that 'by creating more happiness within ourselves, our families and all those around us, we are making a positive and powerful contribution to peace in our troubled world'. (more)

Prevent terrorism utilizing the most advanced and cost-effective technology
7 March 2016 - Dr David Leffler, in a letter published by The Turkish Sun, presents Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) as a way for Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to prevent terrorism. By deploying a proven, advanced human resource-based military technology, these specially trained IDT Prevention Wings of the Military reduce national and cross-border collective stress. The IDT soldier's daily routine includes the practice of the non-religious Transcendental Meditation technique and its advanced programs, which creates a palpable influence of peace that permeates the surrounding environment. Dr Leffler reports that military field tests and 23 peer-reviewed studies have shown that the technology quickly, effectively, and efficiently ends turmoil. He points out that this approach to reducing stress and violence is already part of the training of Brazil's Elite Police force, and has been field-tested by other militaries worldwide. (more)

Living at the peak: How to experience bliss in everyday life
12 February 2016 - Studies by Dr. Fred Travis, director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management, have found that Transcendental Meditation practitioners have greater EEG coherence and greater presence of alpha waves which has been shown to promote a more efficiently functioning brain. Dr. Travis says: 'The experience of the transcendent is not unique to TM practitioners or peak performers; it's unique to human beings. It's what we experience when the activity of feeling and thinking and perception settle down, and the mind experiences its most expanded state of awareness. It's the experience of pure unbounded consciousness, and it's available to anyone.' Dr Travis's research is referenced in an article by Vanessa Vidal, National Director of Transcendental Meditation for Women in the US. (more)

A scientific means for Islamic Military Alliance to create lasting peace in the Middle East: Defence Journal (Pakistan) features Invincible Defense Technology
8 February 2016 - The militaries of the Islamic Military Alliance (IMA) could use Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programmes to create lasting peace in the Middle East, writes Dr David Leffler in an article recently published in Defence Journal (Pakistan), and in 50 other publications worldwide. Dr Leffler explains that there is no statistically validated guarantee that the military strategy of fighting violence with violence will work. However, a scientifically validated means exists to prevent terrorism and war--Invincible Defense Technology (IDT)--which has been verified by 23 peer-reviewed studies carried out in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Dr Leffler urges the Islamic Military Alliance to adopt this powerful technology to end decades-old cycles of violence, and create lasting peace and prosperity throughout the region. (more)

Transcendental Meditation: More than a stress buster - Huffington Post
5 February 2016 - 'Most people think of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique as an effective way to reduce stress. Hundreds of scientific research studies show that TM can help improve all aspects of physical, mental, and emotional well-being and verify that it is the most effective technique available to reduce anxiety,' writes Ann Purcell in The Huffington Post. 'However, very few people are aware of the ultimate benefit of TM, which extends far beyond mere stress reduction. TM is a direct means to fully unfold one's innate potential -- enlightenment.' (more)

10 Short Summaries of Top Stories

Gaza sewage spill floods farmland
4 May 2016 - Gaza rescue crews tried to salvage livestock and produce on Wednesday after a sewage reservoir collapsed, flooding about 25 acres (10 hectares) of farmland in a new sign of the worsening water and sewage crisis in the Hamas-run territory. Mohammed Qandeel, a beekeeper, said the sewage reached the room in which he kept the honey he had just harvested. 'I will get rid of it after I wake up from the shock,' he said. Gaza's limited sewage treatment facilities have been overwhelmed by a rapidly expanding population, damage to infrastructure during wars with Israel, and a chronic shortage of electricity. Millions of gallons of raw sewage are dumped into the Mediterranean each day, threatening the coastline and limited freshwater supplies. (more)

Deadly attacks in Afghan capital show Taliban's strength
19 April 2016 - A week after proclaiming their spring offensive, Taliban militants stormed an Afghan government security agency with a suicide car bomb and gunfire Tuesday, killing 28 people and wounding hundreds in a sign of the insurgency's continued strength -- even in the capital. The coordinated attack in central Kabul appeared to have targeted an agency that provides an elite security force for high-ranking government officials, similar to the U.S. Secret Service. On April 12, the insurgents announced the start of their warm weather fighting season, vowing to carry out large-scale attacks in the 15th year of their war against the U.S.-backed government. The Taliban has remained resilient as the government struggles to confront the violence amid a bitter feud between President Ashraf Ghani and the country's chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah. (more)

Bogus identities with fake IDs vital for terror networks
6 April 2016 - Your lost or stolen passport may have found a new life in the shady underworld of a crime gang or in the pocket of a terrorist plotting an attack. Like crime syndicates, terrorist networks are often globe-spanning operations, and doctored documents are the keys to unlocking borders and staying below the radar. Fighting bogus identities is now a top security priority, with France's interior minister pushing for Europe-wide action, and Interpol pleading for tougher document policing as it warns that the world is awash in 38 million lost or stolen passports that are ripe for doctoring. Two of the suicide bombers at France's national stadium remain unidentified except for their fake Syrian passports. (more)

AP Explains: The roots of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh
3 April 2016 - Since 1994, Nagorno-Karabakh, where heavy fighting between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces erupted Saturday, has existed in a tense limbo. AP explains what's behind the conflict: (more)

Heavy fighting erupts between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces over Nagorno-Karabakh
3 April 2016 - Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry announced a unilateral cease-fire Sunday against the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh, but rebel forces in the area said that they continued to come under fire from Azerbaijani forces. Fighting in what was a dormant conflict for two decades flared up over the weekend with a boy and at least 30 troops killed on both sides. Each side blamed the other for Saturday's escalation, the worst since the end of a full-scale war in 1994. (more)

Foreign fighters are evading Europe's security net
2 April 2016 - When Ibrahim El Bakraoui blew himself up in the Brussels Airport check-in area, killing and maiming scores of travelers, it was at least the third time he had passed unimpeded through an airport terminal in recent months. The ease with which he did so raises questions about how much governments know about the movements of returnees among the 5,000 home-grown jihadis who have trained and fought in places like Syria or Iraq. Many now pose a 'serious threat,' according to the police agency Europol. Some, like Bakraoui, have already used their deadly skills in cities like Brussels or Paris. (more)

Families of U.S. personnel ordered to leave parts of Turkey amid security concerns
29 March 2016 - The Obama administration ordered the families of U.S. military and diplomatic personnel to leave parts of southern Turkey on Tuesday and warned U.S. citizens against travel to the region amid mounting security concerns. The U.S. State Department also warned U.S. citizens of 'increased threats from terrorist groups throughout Turkey.' (more)

Experts: Belgium often comes up short in preventing attacks
24 March 2016 - Belgium has come up short in its efforts to prevent extremist attacks time and again, experts say -- failing to coordinate intelligence, investigate suspects, and control its borders. No country has a perfect record, but Belgium's is especially bad. Raffaello Pantucci, director of international security studies at the Royal United Services Institute in London, called it 'depressingly predictable' that a major attack would occur in Brussels. (more)

Islamic State claims deadly bombings in Brussels
23 March 2016 - Islamic extremists struck Tuesday in the heart of Europe, killing at least 34 people and wounding scores of others in back-to-back bombings of the Brussels airport and subway that again laid bare the continent's vulnerability to suicide squads. European security officials have been bracing for a major attack for weeks and warned that IS was actively preparing to strike. The arrest Friday [in Molenbeek] of Salah Abdeslam, a key suspect in the November 13 attacks in Paris, heightened those fears, as investigators said many more people were involved than originally thought and that some are still on the loose. (more)

Suicide bombings in Turkey since July 2015
20 March 2016 - A look at the suicide bombings in Turkey since July 2015: (more)

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