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Joining the Universal Peace Corps: Transforming the world from within, Part I
18 December 2014 - Cynthia E. Johnson, a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation programme, writer, and graduate of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, explores the question, 'Can we possibly transform this world of ours, on a large scale, for the better?' She explains that there are three sources we can turn to for knowledge: wisdom of the sages, both ancient and contemporary; modern science; and our own experience. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi calls these the 'Three Eurekas'. (more)

Staff Sergeant Todd Knauber on his road to recovery with Transcendental Meditation
17 December 2014 - In an article published on the US Army homepage, Staff Sergeant Todd Knauber described advances in rebuilding his life and recovering from injuries after learning Transcendental Meditation. Beginning the practice through the David Lynch Foundation, he reported after four months, ''It was not a branch for me to grab hold of but rather a taproot under my feet. A stable platform which gives me a moments respite so I can put my pain into perspective enough that I can reattempt the climb.'' Doctors promised him that through drugs and hard work he could potentially heal over the course of years. But since beginning Transcendental Meditation he has moved closer to achieving his recovery in months, 'It is our greatest weapon in helping to combat the scars of conflict,' he said. 'This programme provides the grounds to reestablish hope; and begin to truly heal.'' (more)

Ukraine: Educators learn about the success of Consciousness-Based Education
16 December 2014 - A group of eight educators from Ukraine attended an international training course in Consciousness-Based Education at Maharishi European Research University (MERU) in the Netherlands. The Ukraine delegation was the largest group from any country participating in the training. Another group from Ukraine visited Maharishi University of Management in the USA. This and other news about growing interest in Consciousness-Based Education in Ukraine was reported at a recent conference in the Netherlands. (more)

My story: Breaking down barriers for women and children
15 December 2014 - Tish Lara was ready to walk away from her career as a social worker when she joined the David Lynch Foundation's Women's Initiative division. She began Transcendental Meditation after listening to the experiences of people who had just begun the practice and found that, 'clients share their struggles and explain how Transcendental Meditation supports their healing process; they experience a reduction in post-traumatic stress symptoms and feel hopeful, happy, and empowered'. (more)

Book review: 'Your Brain is a River, Not a Rock' by Dr Fred Travis
12 December 2014 - Dr Fred Travis, a leading researcher in meditation and brain neurophysiology, details the latest results in the field of neuroscience in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable. Your Brain is a River, Not a Rock covers a fascinating range of topics from children's development to how we can reset the functioning of a brain which is running havoc as a result of perpetual stress response. Dr Travis explains the ever-changing dynamics of neural function, an unceasing flow that can be consciously changed for the better through Transcendental Meditation. (more)

Ten most useful videos on Transcendental Meditation
11 December 2014 - Here are ten most useful videos on the Transcendental Meditation technique. The clips range from personal testimonials to videos of groups of practitioners, covering both the essence and the effects of daily practice. (more)

Huffington Post: David Lynch's mission to change the world
9 December 2014 - In a rare, feature-length interview, Huffington Post editor Marianne Schnall delved deeply into filmmaker David Lynch's personal experience with Transcendental Meditation and his successful mission to bring the technique to those who need it most. (more)

The 'Dear Prudence' story
7 December 2014 - Prudence Farrow Bruns -- made famous by the Beatles song 'Dear Prudence' -- has devoted her life to teaching Transcendental Meditation. Over the past 46 years, she's instructed thousands of people in the TM technique throughout the United States and Canada. 'The years of meditating have enriched my life so much,'' Prudence said. 'We need a better world. We need people to be more conscious, to be more evolved. And expanding the mind, like TM does, is absolutely vital to bring about stronger people. If you can strengthen people inside, you've changed the world.'' (more)

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