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PTSD non-profit promotes Transcendental Meditation for relief
29 June 2016 - The Charleston Gazette-Mail of North Carolina in the US featured PTSD Relief Now, the organization that brings Transcendental Meditation to those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Operating primarily in Africa, David Shapiro, a board member of PTSD Relief Now, said, '(TM is) a widely used method for anxiety relief and stress reduction, and PTSD, as an often severe anxiety disorder, can be alleviated by its regular practice.' The article suggested many applications for TM, including dramatic improvement in veterans with PTSD after a short time practising TM. Mr Shapiro mentioned other areas where TM is applied, saying, 'There are more than one million children in 13 countries under the auspices of the Catholic Church who have signed an agreement to learn TM. Part of it is for PTSD, but the other part is the other benefits - students are less stressed, more productive and happier.' (more)

Profile: Payman Salek - Paying it forward in the Maharishi University of Management community
28 June 2016 - Payman Salek, an electrical engineer from Tehran, comes from a culture steeped in spirituality. He learned Transcendental Meditation in his mid-teen years and then in 2000 came to Fairfield, Iowa and enrolled in Maharishi University of Management's Computer Professionals Program. Following his graduation, he stayed on and worked as project developer, IT director for the Computer Science Department, and instructor of computer science. He is now back teaching at MUM after a five year break working for The Vanguard Group and Bank of America. When Payman came to MUM 16 years ago, there were a few Iranian families who took care of him and invited him to dinners and celebrations. He now has taken on that same role of welcoming new Iranian students and celebrating Persian holidays with them. (more)

Dr John Hagelin to be new president of Maharishi University of Management
26 June 2016 - World-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, proponent of peace, and scientist of consciousness, Dr John Hagelin has accepted the position of president of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. After receiving his PhD in theoretical physics from Harvard University, Dr Hagelin completed a post-doctoral fellowship at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. The current president, Dr Bevan Morris, announced his retirement after 36 years leading the university. Dr Morris said, 'Now I'm going to be the International President of MUM for different countries around the world.' (more)

Maharishi University of Management: Business faculty lead in the field of Lean Accounting
25 June 2016 - An article by Maharishi University of Management business professors Dr Andrew Bargerstock and Dr Ye Shi has appeared in the June 2016 issue of Strategic Finance, the monthly peer-reviewed journal of the Institute for Management Accountants (IMA). 'Leaning Away from Standard Costing? Reconciling Lean Accounting Theory and Practice,' examines an inconsistency in lean accounting theory and practice related to use of standard costing in US manufacturing enterprises that utilize Toyota-style process-improvement techniques -- yet have not fully adapted to 'Lean Accounting' methods. Dr Ye Shi has previously received awards such as Lean Accounting Student of the year (2011 and 2013) by the IMA and Dr Bargerstock was awarded Excellence in Lean Accounting Professor in 2009. (more)

Nature finds a way
23 June 2016 - Vanessa Vidal, US Director of Transcendental Meditation for Women, writes of her childhood in New Mexico, USA where her family was out-of-doors as much as time allowed. She says that it was only 'when I learned Transcendental Meditation that I realized that Nature is not just to be found outside of ourselves but within our minds and bodies and all that exists in the universe . . . Nature inspires us, propels us, nourishes us and guides us -- it is the most powerful evolutionary force of life.' She continues that as women -- protective of the most fine-feeling level, 'we need to nourish, to uplift -- and the gentleness in our nature finds a path to those around us. I found early in life that deep-enough rest is necessary for me to be in my most generous state of mind and emotions.' Ms Vidal upholds that TM is the most valuable way of reducing tiredness and stress, that restrictions melt during the practise of TM and that, 'our words and actions are beautiful and most effective when they're wrapped in love.' (more)

Transcendental Meditation: The solution to stress in the workplace
22 June 2016 - In his comprehensive article for about Transcendental Meditation, Tom Willis stated, 'Many high-profile business leaders practice regular meditation integrated into their hectic schedule to allow them to cope with the extreme levels of stress and hard work.' As a remedy for billions lost to businesses due to stress-related disorders in employees, Mr Willis reveals that companies making TM available to their employees include Sony, General Motors, IBM, and Toyota. He quoted Steve Rubin, former CEO of United Fuels International, as saying, 'TM is a competitive advantage in the business world . . . I have the mental clarity and alertness for both laser-like focus on the details as well as broad comprehension.' (more)

Is Transcendental Meditation the best cure for PTSD in law enforcement?
20 June 2016 - An article in Police recommends Transcendental Meditation for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in law enforcement personnel. The author, Megan Wells, points out that TM can be practiced anywhere that is comfortable after the initial guidance in learning the technique . . . 'and its healing properties, according to the professionals, are exceptional.' Ms Wells cites a 2007 study in which TM was provided to Vietnam veterans suffering from PTSD. Over three months results showed a significant decrease of symptoms such as alcohol use, high-startle response, emotional numbness, and anxiety. She says that one of the most popular resources for learning TM is the David Lynch Foundation, which brings TM to at-risk individuals. (more)

Muslim student enjoyed his studies at Maharishi University of Management
19 June 2016 - Mohamed Samy travelled all the way from Egypt to join the Computer Science Masters program at Maharishi University of Management in May 2015. 'We all have this dream to travel and work abroad, to gain experience in America and other Western countries,' says Mohamed, 'This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and get training experience.' Even with 15 years prior IT experience, Mohamed learned valuable new computer science skills in every class he attended. He found that learning Transcendental Meditation 'was a very beautiful experience.' When asked if TM contradicts Islam, Mohamed said, 'From my personal experience, and those who took the course with me, we didn't see any contradiction, because it's not a religion. There is no worshiping involved - it's a technique. You learn to allow your mind to go to a transcendental state.' Mr Samy is currently featured on the Excellence In Action page of Global Good News. (more)

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