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Hundreds of FDA employees learn about ''Next Generation PTSD relief strategy'' that really works
29 September 2016 - On September 22, the founding president of African PTSD Relief, David Shapiro and Dr. Katie Grose, a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, gave presentations to employees at the Health and Human Services (HHS), a 5,000 employee complex in the Washington, D.C. area connected to the Federal Drug Administration. In addition to explaining personal benefits employees could gain from practicing TM, the PTSD Relief team presented scientifically-validated evidence from studies conducted on-site with refugees in Africa learning TM and experiencing dramatic relief from post-traumatic stress. Last month, the PTSD Relief team presented their information to the Department of Health and Human Services. The PTSD relief leaders are invited to attend an HHS charity fair on October 5th. US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy will be in attendance. (more)

Comedian Amy Schemer: 'Transcendental Meditation, it's so easy. It's like the laziest. It helps!'
28 September 2016 - Renowned comedian Amy Schumer sets a perfect example of how to preserve mental and physical health despite her overwhelming schedule of TV shows, movies and comedy tours. In addition to her healthy lifestyle choices, she found that practicing Transcendental Meditation 'totally changed the game for me: Energy, focus, general bettering of life and feeling just physically and mentally better.' She recently suggested TM during a Michael Ian Black podcast show, 'How To Be Amazing' when he asked her to recommend anything she was loving and finding amazing. (more)

Beating depression and anxiety: Martin's journey from darkness to light
26 September 2016 - Martin experienced such anxiety and depression that he was housebound by the age of 25. One day, while listening to The Howard Stern Show, he heard the story of how Howard's mother gained so much relief from depression through practicing Transcendental Meditation. Martin eventually learned TM and felt calm and happy in his first meditation. Soon, 'that calm started to come into the world with me.' As he gradually began to expand his life, he learned to deal with increased challenges, saying, 'with TM I have the perspective that even if things are bad, this is not permanent.' He progressed from feeling that he would always be an anxious, depressed person, and that 'all the talking in the world couldn't make me change my mind,' to knowing that 'finding happiness isn't impossible, it's within . . . I needed to feel it to believe it.' (more)

Urging the student body to practice Transcendental Meditation
23 September 2016 - 'College brims with fun and excitement,' writes English and communications student Benedict Carrizzo, '. . . but it is also a stressful environment.' Giving comprehensive reasons why meditation is a great aid to combating stress, he reveals that his choice of 'Transcendental Meditation, specifically, is proven to be three times more restful than basic sleep.' He adds that TM is 'the premier meditation choice for celebrities.' Using the technique 'to combat the stress accumulated throughout the day,' he says that adopting an ideology is not necessary; that 'all you need is some time and a little patience. Think about meditation like brushing your teeth or going to the gym, except that it is a check on your well-being, not your teeth or muscles.' (more)

Stacey Hurlin reports from Greek refugee camps - TM could help give peace of mind
21 September 2016 - Stacey Hurlin, a Greek American, mother, educator, artist, and an activist; could not sit by while the refugee crisis escalated with boat arrivals to the Greek islands, which started in early 2015. She left for Greece where she facilitates donations, supplies, and often simply listens to the stories told by refugees. As asylum seekers go through the complex, and mostly discouraging, process of delays, misinformation, and paperwork, stress levels are high in the camps. To date, 60,000 are waiting. Stacey says, ' . . . these camps are filled with educated, intelligent, skilled people. Everyone I have met sincerely wants to get on with their life - to be productive, to provide for their family.' She calls for Transcendental Meditation to be made available in the camps, citing extensive research showing relief from traumatic stress and the peace-keeping qualities of people practicing the technique together, saying that 'peace of mind is the basis of all peace.' (more)

How to survive and flourish at school with Transcendental Meditation
20 September 2016 - Iain Robertson Campbell of Glasgow, Scotland, offers insights to encourage and nourish those who, at some point or other, feel despondent and discouraged by education. In addition to being a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, he is an English and Religious Studies high school instructor. After beginning TM, he recalled feeling the relief from stress in an intense academic setting - saying, '. . . you can restore the balance right away.' Among benefits noticed were spontaneously completing projects, more room to be compassionate toward others, and over time, observing the path his interests and skills were taking him. His inner confidence grew and he progressed from just 11 years of education due to undiagnosed dyslexia, to graduate studies in education. He said, ' . . . objective knowledge is rather dry and meaningless if we don't have self-knowledge, or access to real joy'. (more)

Computer scientist changing lives of young people in rural India
19 September 2016 - Promila Bahadur has trained over 2000 individuals, including children, youth, women, and the elderly, to use computers in Uttar Pradesh, where she has been honored by the government for her work. Last year she joined the computer science faculty at Maharishi University of Management, while keeping daily contact with the organization she runs in India, the Guru Institute of Information Technology. Her next plan is to establish a computer education hub among a cluster of six Indian villages. The hub would also provide other services including banking, insurance, and pharmacy. 'If one day some of our students get the chance to study at MUM, this would be, in fact, a dream come true for me,' said Promila. (more)

David Lynch in conversation: 'It's ignorance that keeps us in that boat of suffering'
17 September 2016 - Salon online has published an interview of David Lynch by his book editor in celebration of the ten years since 'Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity' was released: Mr Lynch's iconic record of his commitment to Transcendental Meditation, his feelings about Hollywood and his working style as an artist. TarcherPerigee has just reissued Lynch's work in a 10th-anniversary edition, which includes new interviews with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. (more)

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