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Malaysia: Transcendental Meditation can help you relax - Star Online reports
18 March 2018 - During a presentation in Malaysia on 'Transcending, Lifestyle, and Health: Optimising Brain Integration', Neuroscientist Dr Fred Travis explained that stress shuts down the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for the attention, planning, organising, impulse control, and moral reasoning functions of the brain. However, he said, 'Transcendental Meditation is able to help the body turn off its stress response system.' Dr Travis presented research on effects of TM including decrease in perceived stress, reduction in high blood pressure, and higher brain integration, among other health benefits. (more)

Teaching Transcendental Meditation to employees could have big benefits
15 March 2018 - The popularity of Transcendental Meditation in business is growing, and for good reason, reports Chief Learning Officer. The practice is shown to improve productivity and benefit the bottom line. TM has been proven to improve job satisfaction and performance, increase peak mental performance, decrease anxiety and reduce the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes and mortality by 47 per cent. Executive Director of the Center for Leadership and Performance (USA) and TM teacher Mario Orsatti said TM works so well in business environments because it involves no concentration or control, unlike other forms of meditation. (more)

Maharishi University of Management: MBA team gets top score amid increasing competition in global business simulation
12 March 2018 - A team of MBA accounting students at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA recently finished in the 99th percentile in an online business simulation that involved 1,271 master's-degree-level teams worldwide. This is the 5th time MUM MBA students finished in the top percentile at Capsim Management Simulations since they began competing in 2011. This year's top-ranking team included students from Nepal, Cameroon, and Thailand. The students used their knowledge of marketing, finance, operations, human resources, accounting, problem-solving, and data analysis. 'With each round of the simulation, we experienced layers of growth in 360-degree vision, which is so important for guiding a successful business,' said Ram Neupane, from Nepal. (more)

New bestselling book Strength in Stillness: A simple, straightforward description of TM
8 March 2018 - Bob Roth's new book, Strength in Stillness, has three pillars of information: The first discusses what Transcendental Meditation is, what it does, how it works and where it comes from. In the second, you can learn about what to expect when you contact a certified teacher to instruct you in the TM technique. It also describes published research on the brain and how TM improves your reaction to stress and anxiety. The third introduces people from all walks of life who have learned TM and their inspiring comments on how they benefited from it. When the actor Michael J Fox learned Transcendental Meditation, his was a stunning experience of profound relief. 'This moment,' he said to Roth, 'is the calmest I have felt in years. Decades.' (more)

Jennifer Aniston praises Transcendental Meditation
6 March 2018 - Jennifer Aniston revealed she practises Transcendental Meditation every morning in a bid to stay calm, centred and grateful for what she has. Known for her devotion to exercise and a healthy diet, Jennifer talked about the advantages of TM in a video quoted in Inquisitr. The publication also noted research recently published in Military Medicine that found reduced symptoms of PTSD in veterans who practised Transcendental Meditation. (more)

Veterans find quick relief from post-traumatic stress
3 March 2018 - Veterans of the wars in Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan found significant relief from their symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of practising Transcendental Meditation. The veterans and active-duty soldiers in the study had been diagnosed with clinical levels of PTSD, and coauthors Robert Herron, PhD, and Colonel Brian Rees, MD, reported that after one month, 87% had a clinically significant decrease of more than 10 points. The reduction was so great that 80% had their symptoms reduced to below the clinical level for PTSD. 'The evidence is mounting that Transcendental Meditation is an effective treatment for PTSD,' said Colonel Rees. (more)

Entrepreneur on TM: Energy, focus, and 'an abundance of time' for what matters most
28 February 2018 - 'After years of 70 hour work weeks in the advertising industry, I had to call it quits,' says Kat Maund. She found her Transcendental Meditation practice especially helpful at that turning point. 'It allowed me to process my career experience . . . while also creating the space to think about what to do next. TM gave me the rest I needed so desperately, insight into my deepest desires, and the confidence I needed to start over as an entrepreneur' in her own interior design business. 'I could write a book about each individual benefit [of TM]. . . the most extraordinary change as I shifted into working for myself is the abundance of time. Whether I'm just well-rested and more alert or able to focus my energy on what matters most, I rarely feel like I'm racing against the clock. . . . I am free to fill my life with the things that bring me the most joy.' (more)

A natural way to treat both fatigue and addiction: Transcendental Meditation fulfils the 'dire need for rest and restoration'
25 February 2018 - Fatigue and exhaustion are among the five top medical complaints among women today. Many are in dire need of rest and restoration, and increasingly seeking relief through alcohol or amphetamines. Now, however, some of the busiest women in America are turning to the Transcendental Meditation technique. In multiple studies, TM has been found to be the most effective way to reduce stress, and a powerful way to enhance brain functioning. TV journalist Soledad O'Brien says, 'I appreciate very much the opportunity . . . to experience a state of deep rest and relaxation that can be game-changing, and sometimes a life saver in a crazy world. It helps alleviate stress and pressure when you're trying to balance life and be a mother.' (more)

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