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UK: Transcendental Meditation - 'More effective than several years of therapy'
24 July 2015 - 'It was like darkness disappearing with the shining of light upon it,' says James Miles, describing the rapid improvement in his emotional health after he started practising Transcendental Meditation. 'Within two months of learning TM I'd quit therapy. Halfway through that last session it became clear to both my therapist and myself: there were no problems to talk about.' He adds, 'I was regular with my 20 minutes Transcendental Meditation, morning and evening. Apart from that I just carried on with life, not trying to do anything differently. My problems with worry, fear, anxiety, confusion, and depression all started to lift.' (more)

Unfolding the full range of beauty through Transcendental Meditation
23 July 2015 - Supermodel Raquel Zimmermann relates how 'the gift of perceiving beauty more deeply comes to me through my Transcendental Meditation practice, which continually unfolds my potential to know deeper levels of myself and reality. The capacity to appreciate the full range of beauty from its surface appearance to the depths of its sustaining splendor is cultivated by the transcending process during the TM technique.' Raquel offers lovely quotes from various authors and personalities to bring out many layers of understanding about beauty--for example 'there is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness'--concluding that 'limitlessness . . . . the nature of our selves and of all life', whose 'flavor is Beauty', is 'the source and goal of all our strivings'. (more)

Nurses: Using Transcendental Meditation to relieve burnout and reduce stress
22 July 2015 - In response to widespread burnout among nursing staff, Sarasota Memorial Hospital 'decided to pursue a pilot research study evaluating the effects of the Transcendental Meditation technique on compassion fatigue and resilience among nurses,' says Dr Jen Rheingans, PhD, RN-BC, AHN-BC, a research specialist at the hospital. The results were impressive. Nurses who participated in the study found that stress was not only dramatically less on the job, but for many, health and family relationships also took a leap forward. Analysis of results revealed statistically significant improvements in resilience and compassion fatigue, and decreases in secondary trauma. Gloria Rupert, administrative supervisor for 22 years in critical care, relates that since starting TM, she is more focused and resilient - and able to prioritize and manage disruptions to meet the demands of her job. (more)

The journey from being homeless to being home: Transcendental Meditation helps Los Angeles homeless
20 July 2015 - In an urban area with the highest percentage of homeless people in the USA, the David Lynch Foundation has partnered with Gettlove Los Angeles to help end homelessness. Beyond finding resources including shelter and permanent housing, Gettlove partnered with DLF to provide instruction in Transcendental Meditation to at-risk individuals. As Aileen Getty, Founder and Executive Director of Gettlove, says, ''I truly believe that [building and restoring] relationships and communities are the solution to our ills. But more deeply than that, the most valuable thing is to find that place where we go to restore or find our nature; and I believe strongly that TM is a means to that nature.'' (more)

Yahoo Health: Living life centred, focused, healthy, and clear
17 July 2015 - On 9 July, Yahoo Health held a live Facebook 'Q and A' with Bob Roth, executive director of the David Lynch Foundation. Topics included TM and the benefits to relationships, the best times to meditate, and practising meditation at your workplace. One participant asked, 'What if I feel like I'm too busy to meditate?' Mr Roth replied, 'Many of the busiest, most successful people in business, media, the arts, and medicine practice TM and take the time to make meditation a priority.' (more)

Maharishi University of Management alumna brings business approach to teaching TM
15 July 2015 - Mariam Daudi came to the US at the age of five, the daughter of a family displaced by the Soviet-Afghan war. She began practising Transcendental Meditation after college when she needed help coping with the stress of the business world. After earning her MBA at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, she was trained and certified as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, and now finds her MBA and business skills helpful in teaching TM in New York City. The only teacher originally from Afghanistan, Mariam hopes to teach the Transcendental Meditation programme in Afghanistan some day. (more)

How newborns flourish when mothers practise Transcendental Meditation
13 July 2015 - Research has shown that in newborns of mothers who practised Transcendental Meditation during pregnancy, periods of the 'quiet alert' state of wakefulness, when the infant is visibly content and free from distress, were more than twice as long as those in a matched control group born to non-meditating mothers. Other research done on the results of mothers practising the TM technique during pregnancy showed such benefits as easier birthing and longer sleep patterns in babies. 'This study on pregnancy and neonates gives us a provocative concept and data that hopefully will stimulate more studies' in this field, comments obstetrician and gynecologist Rebecca Beuchert, MD. (more)

Are you one of the one percent? Create a powerful foundation for a better world with TM
12 July 2015 - 'It was in 1959 that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation program, spoke of the positive, peaceful global transformations that would naturally result when as little as one percent of the world's population practiced the Transcendental Meditation technique', writes Vanessa Vidal, US National Director of the TM organization for Women. 'Sixteen years later, scientific research results were published, indicating statistically significant reductions in crime rates in 12 American cities when the threshold of one percent of each city's population practicing the TM technique was reached.' (more)

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