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An approach to lasting peace in South Sudan that works
24 July 2016 - Dr David Leffler, Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Military Science, often takes time to write to publications from the stance of Maharishi's Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). Some articles concerning international conflict resolution positively call for his response, such as the New York Times: 'How Do You Stop a Future Terrorist When the Only Evidence Is a Thought?' After he explains research on the powerful coherence-creating properties of adding Transcendental Meditation to the daily routine of a defence force, Dr Leffler goes on to say, 'IDT is totally unlike any other defence technology in that it does not use violence in an attempt to quell violence. Not only is this a more civilized approach, but also the IDT defence technology supersedes all other known defence technologies (which are based on electronic, chemical, and/or nuclear forces). Therefore, militaries that deploy it gain the ultimate strategic advantage. And it has the added advantage of being extremely cost-effective, requiring minimal time and training to utilize.' (more)

From US Navy Seal to eco warrior
23 July 2016 - Troy Van Beek's nine years as a security expert in the US Navy Seals took him to some of the most dangerous places on earth. When his last tour of duty ended, Troy was drawn to investigate his spiritual side. He visited Maharishi University of Management and the town of Fairfield, Iowa - 'It was an amazing place,' he recalls. 'It was filled with people who were in conversation about their spirituality. I was immediately taken by it.' After graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Sustainability, he founded Ideal Energy, a company that brings wind and solar power technology to corporate and government clients so they can run their businesses with lower cost and clean energy. Troy's teams includes engineers, building performance specialists, security professionals, social change experts, renewable energy consultants, and architects (many of them MUM grads) working on jobs that often involve installing massive wind turbines and vast arrays of solar panels. (more)

Father Gabriel Mejia of Colombia includes Transcendental Meditation in rehabilitation of street children
22 July 2016 - The founder of Colombia's Fundacion Hogares Claret, (Claret Homes Foundation), Father Gabriel Mejia, has helped over 45,000 young people get off the streets, away from drugs and crime in his rehabilitation centers. During the early days of organizing his foundation - while touring other treatment facilities - Father Gabriel realized that including yoga and Transcendental Meditation in his facility's daily routine would improve on the traditional therapeutic approach. Staff and students at Hogares Claret have expressed the many ways that their change towards a more peaceful, orderly life has come from within themselves through practising TM. (more)

Transcendental Meditation: A solution to violence
20 July 2016 - Vanessa Vidal, the U.S. National Director of TM for Women, emphasizes that violent or impulsive behavior originates in the brain, and therefore this is where violent tendencies must be prevented. Highlighting research selected from over 380 scientifically-validated studies on Transcendental Meditation, she points out that the experience of transcending activates the brain's prefrontal cortex and creates more efficient, integrated functioning by neutralizing the stress that negatively impacts the brain. 'Let's not only treat the problem,' she says, 'lets get to the root on the problem. . . . With the large body of evidence from research among prison inmates, students in at-risk schools, veterans with PTSD and in the laboratories of neuroscientists, the TM program has proven to be more than worthy of consideration and implementation as a preventive and therapeutic solution.' (more)

Profile: Lauren Webster - Taking psychology to the workplace
17 July 2016 - Lauren Webster has always been fascinated by human behavior and wanted to use her psychology training in a business environment. She was encouraged by her grandmother to practice Transcendental Meditation, and decided on Maharishi University of Management's MBA program. She said, 'MUM really helps you transition from school to work. You can learn about yourself before you go out into the world and learn how to properly deal with stress. TM helps you to think through things more clearly.' (more)

Vogue Magazine: Natasha Khan - Transcendental Meditation 'connects me to the places that bring ideas and clarity'
15 July 2016 - Australia's issue of Vogue Magazine interviewed British songstress Natasha Khan, opening the discussion with benefits she has noticed from two years of practising Transcendental Meditation. When asked if TM has changed her art, Natasha replied, 'It has made it better in a way. I feel less nervous and more confident. I'm going with the flow a bit more; ideas flow much easier. For performing, I feel much more relaxed.' (more)

Natural beauty complements Maharishi Vedic Architecture
14 July 2016 - Gardens under construction for the beautiful Argiro Student Center at Maharishi University of Management are currently being featured in the website for Maharishi Vedic Architecture. This latest enhancement in the campus master-plan makes use of the natural terrain, a bowl-like hillside sloping to the east of the student centre. Surrounding a structure with beautiful gardens and natural features - that sustain as well as enhance the environment - is a key goal in building a Vastu (space designed to promote harmony with natural forces). Making use of native plants will be a priority in the landscaping phase. To launch the project, a Maharishi Vedic Observatory is currently being installed - this outdoor element consists of ten solar observation instruments that are meant to be viewed to enliven the connection between the individual's awareness and the cosmos. In addition to lovely photos, the article includes a section on the importance of ideal room placement in a Vastu home. (more)

The brain-based approach to peace
11 July 2016 - The Brain-Based Approach to Peace restores balanced neurological functioning through Transcendental Meditation, and thereby promotes balanced, harmonious behavior on the individual and societal scale. Individual creativity and entrepreneurship increase as well. With greater civic calm, citizens' aspirations rise and a more productive and balanced society emerges. Such a society naturally disallows violence as a means for change, or as an expression of discontent. This is currently being featured on the Excellence In Action page of Global Good News. (more)

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