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Knowledge of ourselves through Transcendental Meditation
28 May 2015 - 'Though it is possible to transcend through any sense - through looking - this is usually a lucky happening and offers us only a fleeting glimpse of the truth,' says award-winning writer Sasha Kamini Parmasad. 'It is wonderful, therefore, that we have Transcendental Meditation - a reliable, systematic, effortless mental technique that gives us the daily opportunity to slip beyond our relative experience and unfold our divine nature.' She concludes that, 'as this pure consciousness, stillness, permeates our looking we begin to glimpse or sense in others, in objects of the world, something ineffable - beautiful, radiating, colorless, without taste, smell, or sound. . . . We slip beyond all our worldly experiences, knowledge of ourselves, and experience ourselves purely, incandescently, luminously.' (more)

The Huffington Post editors learn to counter work stress with Transcendental Meditation
26 May 2015 - Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, recently published the following on her Facebook page: 'So grateful to Bob Roth, the Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, for coming to The Huffington Post to teach Transcendental Meditation to our editors in our new meditation room. Love his metaphor of our minds being like the ocean's surface - full of big waves - but all of us have places of stillness and tranquility - an ocean floor - that we can tap into with meditation.' She also talks about her new book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder. (more)

1001 Benefits of Transcendence
25 May 2015 - For the past five years, Blaze Compton and colleagues have been teaching inmates in several major US state prisons to practise Transcendental Meditation. 'Just 16 weeks of transcending is enough to begin a major reordering of the brain and nervous system to a more normal style of functioning that dramatically supports pro-social thinking and behavior,' he says. Mr Compton presents an extensive collection of research articles on TM ('1001 Benefits of Transcending'), 211 research institutions that have investigated TM, and 176 medical and scientific journals that have published research on the technique. (more)

'Meditation for all:' The role of TM in Joey Lowenstein's foundation
24 May 2015 - In the two years that Joey Lowenstein has practised Transcendental Meditation, he writes, 'I find that it is the best way to start my day. It calms the person who has trouble calming on their own.' Joey, who is 18 years old and is on the autism spectrum, has raised funds (through the Joey Lowenstein Foundation) to support families with autistic children to learn Transcendental Meditation through the David Lynch Foundation. 'Here is a way for families to come together, peacefully and with meaning,' says Joey's mother Roberta. (more)

23 May: Watch Maharishi University of Management commencement online as live streaming video
22 May 2015 - This year's commencement ceremony at Maharishi University of Management in the USA, will be live-streamed on the Internet. The ceremony, with a record number of graduates, will be held on Saturday, 23 May, starting at 1:00pm US Central Time. Dr Yukio Hatoyama, Prime Minister of Japan in 2009-2010, will deliver the commencement address and will be awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. (more)

Discovering our greatness: Part I - Enjoying our truest selves
21 May 2015 - 'We respect qualities in great persons that we ourselves value, that we ourselves hold and uphold. When we see people express great courage, compassion, creativity, generosity, or other qualities we esteem, it resonates; we feel something noble enlivened within. The seed of that quality of greatness is already within us,' writes Cynthia E. Johnson in a new essay exploring the 'superb human characteristics' exemplified in great people, and also how we can unfold our own greatness. 'This quality of being true to our deepest self, our truest, best self, is something that unfolds as we practise Transcendental Meditation,' she says. 'A sense of lightness, grace, even playfulness unfolds when we are rested, when anxiety dissolves--whether we are engaged in doing what we love, or what duty necessitates. As we grow in inner fullness, it overflows to others.' (more)

Interview: Dr Sarina Grosswald, pioneering scientist in TM research
20 May 2015 - Dr Sarina Grosswald, an expert in cognitive learning, is a leading authority on the use of Transcendental Meditation for relieving the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and other stress-related conditions. In a recent interview Dr Grosswald describes the effects of the whole brain development produced by TM practice. 'All of our thinking expands,' she says. 'The result is that limitations that we often create for ourselves . . . whatever we create in our minds as obstacles, just tend to melt away spontaneously. When we reduce stress, it makes room for all the good things in life to expand.' (more)

Former Prime Minister of Japan to address record number of grads at 2015 Maharishi University of Management Commencement
19 May 2015 - Dr Yukio Hatoyama, prime minister of Japan in 2009-2010, will deliver the commencement address at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, on 23 May and will be awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. 'It is an enormous honour to have a former prime minister of Japan speak at our graduation ceremony,' said MUM President Dr Bevan Morris. Dr Morris met Dr Hatoyama in Japan in 2013 and found him to be a 'man of remarkable warmth and sweetness, and fascinated by Consciousness-Based Education and by Maharishi University of Management'. A record number of 391 students, representing 61 countries, will be graduating on Saturday. (more)

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