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Canada: Radio host Roz Weston finds success with Transcendental Meditation - 'a literal recharge'
30 August 2015 - Canadian radio host Roz Weston describes how Transcendental Meditation helped him become a better professional broadcaster. The host of ET Canada (Entertainment Tonight) says that as a result of practising TM, 'I now have the ability to deal with issues, thoughts, information so much more effectively than I did before. I no longer feel overwhelmed.' The former Howard Stern intern is also the co-host of a radio morning show and enjoys the benefits of TM in his hectic schedule: 'You shut everything down, you go deep, and when you come out of it you have so much energy. It is a literal recharge.' (more)

Interview: Thomas Reinholdt - Transcendental Meditation 'changed everything'
26 August 2015 - Struggling with his studies at university, Thomas Reinholdt set out to find a cure for his short attention span. Once he learned Transcendental Meditation, his focus and efficiency greatly increased, he breezed through law school and embarked on a successful career in finance. Today, he is teaching the TM technique to his peers in the finance industry in Norway. Teaching Transcendental Meditation, he said, 'makes it possible for me to realize myself at the same time as I help others transform their lives toward greater success and happiness. This win-win situation is very fulfilling.' (more)

How is Transcendental Meditation different from other forms of meditation?
25 August 2015 - Considering different forms of meditation, author and Transcendental Meditation teacher Ann Purcell writes, 'I was extremely fortunate to learn Transcendental Meditation 42 years ago. The reason I like TM and have stayed with it all of these years is that it is easy, and does not require any effort. In my very first meditation, I sank to the most peaceful silence I had ever experienced.' Trying to control the mind requires effort and creates strain; the TM technique 'allows the mind to naturally settle down to quieter levels. Because those quiet levels are extremely charming, the mind will automatically stay there. . . . Such a technique effortlessly leads the mind to transcendence: inner wakefulness along with pure silence.' (more)

Women succeeding in business: Tapping into a place of peace, strength, and wisdom with Transcendental Meditation
24 August 2015 - While clearly describing the challenges of succeeding in today's workplace, retired Wall Street executive Anita Warner maintains that 'career success and living a good life need not be traded off.' Quoting Arianna Huffington, Ms Warner explains that 'tapping into a place of peace, strength, and wisdom within' was a regular feature of her own professional life through her longtime daily practice of Transcendental Meditation--and TM was 'not just a compatible occurrence but actually served as a strong foundation for ''performance''.' She adds, 'It is always inspiring to read the remarks and endorsements of top professionals when they ''discover'' that with TM in their routine they have the ability to stay calm, rested, and healthy while they advance their careers and achieve their goals.' (more)

Transcendental Meditation is going corporate
23 August 2015 - The David Lynch Foundation, known for bringing Transcendental Meditation training to at-risk populations, is partnering with the New York City-based Center for Leadership Performance to bring the practice to corporate environments and workplaces nationwide. Executive director Bob Roth runs trainings everywhere from banks and hedge funds to schools, hospitals and professional sports teams. 'More and more companies are offering meditation rooms and allowing employees to meditate on company time. . . ,' Roth said. 'TM grants access to a level of the mind that is already calm and settled and silent yet wide awake and filled with creativity.' (more)

Pakistan Observer: Does meditation have benefits for mind and body?
22 August 2015 - 'I have been researching effects of meditation on health for 30 years and have found it has compelling benefits,' writes the author of a recent article in Pakistan's daily newspaper, the Pakistan Observer. 'Research on Transcendental Meditation (TM), for example, has found reduced blood pressure and insulin resistance (useful for preventing diabetes), slowing of biological aging, and even a 48% reduction in the rates of heart attack, stroke and death. I would consider those to be benefits. And so does the American Heart Association, which last year released a statement saying that decades of research indicates TM lowers blood pressure and may be considered by clinicians as a treatment for high BP.' (more)

College 101: Major in yourself with Transcendental Meditation
18 August 2015 - Students who regularly practise the Transcendental Meditation technique show significant improvements in brain integration, memory and IQ, academic performance, creativity, alertness, and self-esteem, as well as decreased stress, anxiety, fatigue, and substance abuse. Writer Linda Egenes reviews peer-reviewed research on TM, including a study published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology which found TM to be 'an effective non-medical tool for students to buffer themselves against the stresses of college life'. Linda's niece Carina, new to college, found that TM 'helps me feel more centred, more secure within myself, so I can enjoy experiencing new things without losing myself'. (more)

The centre of a wheel: Transcendental Meditation in a cancer survivor's life
16 August 2015 - Attorney, author, and wellness advocate Susan Wilking Horan describes the value of Transcendental Meditation throughout her battles with and victory over cancer. Using the analogy of a wheel, Ms Horan says, 'When we do TM, we are visiting that centre--that part of us that resonates in everything else we do--and everything else we are. It is that part of us that vibrates down every spoke--enhancing, resting, healing and enlightening every other part of our life.' She adds, 'Through the many years of my repeated recoveries, it has been TM that has: Enriched me. Energized me. Enabled me. And, allowed me to continue--in spite of my personal challenges--to live a wonderful, productive life.' (more)

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