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Musician Donovan Leitch talks legacy of 'Sunshine Superman' and importance of Transcendental Meditation
19 August 2016 - Donovan Leitch will perform at Fairfield, Iowa's music festival 'Fairfest' September 2-4 during this tour celebrating the 50th anniversary of his album and first world tour Sunshine Superman. A portion of the tour's proceeds will go towards the Donovan Children's Fund, a division of the David Lynch Foundation. The singer is passionate about the benefits children gain from practicing Transcendental Meditation. He speaks with enthusiasm about the idea that 'sleep is not the deepest form of rest.' Children who are introduced to TM find a refuge from the tension and friction of the world. Through TM, he says, they 'will feel a great sense of unity with all things, and compassion will arise.' He's not expecting an immediate panacea, but, he notes, 'These tiny beginnings create enormous things.' (more)

Maharishi Institute is building a new generation of leaders for Africa
18 August 2016 - The Maharishi Institute of South Africa combines modern academic knowledge and ancient wisdom to give new hope to impoverished young students. Over 1,250 unemployed youth have been educated through degrees, diplomas, and vacation training as of 2014 at Maharishi Institute, with a 95 percent employment rate. Attendance is supported by scholarships - often funded by South African businesses - and includes twice-daily practice of Transcendental Meditation. Students and faculty explain in videos the benefits they have gained from including the deep relaxation TM along with academic disciplines. Results show in student's creativity and memory improving steadily over the four year programme and even IQ levels raising by 9 to 14 points. (more)

PTSD Relief Now president meets with officials in Washington, DC area
14 August 2016 - PTSD Relief president David Shapiro recently met with a group near Washington, DC to present findings on relief from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder experienced by participants learning Transcendental Meditation. The audience included embassy officials, doctors, scientists, and other professionals. Mr Shapiro highlighted several research projects conducted among US veterans and on-site among highly-traumatized Congolese refugees - all experienced dramatically increased well-being after beginning TM. Facts presented showed that no other approach for any psychological disorder comes close to this type of rapid response. Expanding on how TM is the next-generation PTSD relief program, Mr Shapiro said, 'implementing the TM program in at-risk populations, can be considered a powerful strategy to reduce the risk of terrorism.' (more)

Maharishi University of Management makes sustainability its focus
13 August 2016 - The Excellence In Action page of Global Good News is featuring Maharishi University of Management's 'green' academic programs at their Sustainable Living Center, with a focus in the areas of building and construction. Students gain knowledge of green building methods that supplement healthier and more efficient materials and strategies throughout the construction process. Green building takes into account all impacts of the built environment, including consumption, environmental effects, and overall effects on the occupant and world. MUM's Sustainable Living programs enable individuals to be pioneers in this field, making real and lasting changes to buildings used for life, work, and play. (more)

The transforming experiences of women in Uganda who learned Transcendental Meditation
11 August 2016 - Brenda Nakalembe, founder of Uganda's United Women's Platform for Empowerment and Development recognized the potential for the Transcendental Meditation technique to help fulfill her mission to empower women. More than 600 women and 200 children have learned TM through the program at UWOPED. At one beginning phase of TM training for 80 UWOPED mothers, Leslee Goldstein, who has many years experience in educational administration and teaching TM, was excited to conduct her PhD research through the Uganda TM women's organization and evaluate the benefits of the TM training. Leslee's daughter Alena added a video component to the project. 'When my mother asked me to be her assistant and document the research project with a short film, I knew I had to say ''yes,''' Alena said. On the project's second phase, filming and evaluating the women's group after three months of practicing TM, Alena said, 'Something that struck me the second trip, was how connected, open and friendly these women had become with each other.' Brenda Nakalembe added, '. . . mothers are experiencing greater emotional stability, less anger, clearer thinking, happiness, and well-being, and they are more motivated and engaged in taking care of themselves and their children. It is quite remarkable, and they report that their families are more harmonious and that they have less conflict with their neighbors.' (more)

Singing the song of life
10 August 2016 - Valerie JanLois - musician, composer, and performer - remembers that when she was young, 'outside of singing, there were only tiny, tiny moments of happiness.' After beginning Transcendental Meditation 42 years ago, 'I could feel immediately that this was something that would make me happy for the rest of my life.' A teacher of TM since 1985, she outlines other benefits in her life: improved relationships and empathy, ease in fulfilling desires, and the 'sudden stepping up in quality in everything I did.' Valerie once approached a recording studio to record something for personal use, and still sounds amazed that she was not only invited to continue recording, but through the production of two more albums, 'With no effort, the top musicians in the San Francisco Bay area . . . galvanized around my two albums.' She identifies her effortless creativity as springing from the deepest levels of awareness available from regular TM practice, and says, 'When you have a desire and a path in life, even though you have the raw materials - the talent - nature has to support it. There may be many blocks there, but if you have a technique that consciously brings your awareness to the area where all the laws of nature reside, then they become tickled and thrilled to support you.' (more)

Invincible Defense Technology: A powerful, proven tool for police and military
8 August 2016 - High satisfaction rates seems to be the norm in police and military forces when reporting results from their practice of Transcendental Meditation. Members of high-stress professions find that TM provides an inner armor to protect their members from the noxious effects of stress and negative experiences. In a study conducted by Ecuadorian army psychologists, over 96 percent of the military police officer cadets found the TM technique to be a highly practical activity. Ninety-two percent found their performance in activity had improved and they were better able to deal with stress; 96 percent declared their relationships with others had improved; and 95 percent said their practice of the TM technique was completely satisfying. New York City's police force found that officers diffused situations with more calm, creative solutions. The practical and cost-effective nature of the technique attracts many police and military agencies, most recently, these findings were reported in Opinion Nigeria, Nigeria Politics Online, Nigeria Nation, World Stage Group, The Seoul Times, and Global Village Extra of Nigeria. (more)

The Mirror, UK: Manager of soccer/football team for England, Sam Allardyce, wants players to practice TM
7 August 2016 - The sports section of the Mirror UK, reported that soccer/football manager 'Big' Sam Allardyce would like his players to practice Transcendental Meditation, believing it will stop them from crumbling under pressure. He has practiced TM for 12 years now, and says 'it's very relaxing, very calming and you can do it anywhere.' He has long been an advocate of sports science and psychology and wants his stars to be more familiar with the mental side of the game. (more)

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