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Offering leaders of Europe and the world a scientific solution to terrorism and conflict
26 November 2015 - The Global Union of Scientists for Peace is sending 'an open letter to President Hollande, President Obama, President Putin, the leaders of all nations, and the philanthropic peace-loving citizens of the world'. The letter urges immediate implementation of a scientific solution to terrorism and conflict--which has been proven to rapidly and effectively defuse acute societal tensions through the use of powerful, stress-reducing, peace-promoting technologies by a small fraction of the population. To address the immediate crisis in Europe, 'all that is needed is that a government or military leader of any European country designates a group of participants (approximately the square root of 1% of the national population--800 people for France, for example) to be trained in these technologies.' The letter states that results will include a demonstrable, marked reduction in terrorism and social violence within 60 days. (more)

The Huffington Post: In dialogue with Bob Roth from the David Lynch Foundation
25 November 2015 - Huffington Post journalist Sharad Khare features his video interview with Bob Roth, Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, after attending the foundation's recent Change Begins Within benefit concert at New York's Carnegie Hall. The gala event was held to support Transcendental Meditation instruction for at-risk individuals such as inner-city school children and veterans suffering from PTSD. 'Bob and his team are first class people that do first class work,' Mr Khare said. (more)

Everyone can enjoy the practical benefits of the experience of transcending
24 November 2015 - More about the supreme value of the experience of transcending--the subject of Dr Craig Pearson's book, The Supreme Awakening: Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time - and How You Can Cultivate Them, now in an expanded second edition. Although rare until now, he writes, 'this experience can be systematically elicited' by anyone through the simple, effortless Transcendental Meditation technique--which 'enables the mind to settle inward, beyond thoughts, beyond perceptions, to experience the ocean of stillness that we all have within us'. The many practical, scientifically verified benefits of this experience include enhanced brain functioning, reduced stress, improved health, and increased intelligence and learning ability. (more)

Profile: Daniel Harvey - Changing the world with sustainable farming
23 November 2015 - Daniel Harvey grew up on large scale, industrial family farms in Nebraska, USA and was attracted to Maharishi University of Management's Sustainable Living degree programme. He soon found at MUM that his 'entire paradigm shifted' while taking courses in organic and biodynamic agriculture as well as soil biology. He created an individualized major in agro-ecology and sustainability. About learning Transcendental Meditation while at MUM, he says that the technique 'has given me incredible comfort in exploring areas of myself and my education. It broadened my vision about my future goals, wanting to influence and change the world.' (more)

Maharishi University of Management signs agreements with Bali's Warmadewa University
21 November 2015 - A delegation of nine officials from the Indonesian island of Bali visited Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, USA, recently--including the minister of education and the head of the 6,000-student Warmadewa University, dean of the medical programme, and head of the molecular biology laboratories. The delegation's visit resulted in a formal agreement that describes four areas of collaboration with Warmadewa University. MUM officials, who facilitated extensive talks with various departments and tours of the community, were very impressed with the educators' 'open-heartedness and clear appreciation of Consciousness-Based education' and the value it could have for their island. (more)

Enabling girls and women to enjoy freedom from self-doubt, stress, stereotypes
20 November 2015 - Transcendental Meditation 'provides such deep rest that it normalizes the nervous system so a girl or woman can be who she is out of strength and conviction rather than due to stress and abnormalities in blood chemistry,' writes Janet Hoffman, executive director of the Transcendental Meditation Program for Women Professionals in the US, commenting on recent New York Times articles on outdated stereotypes of girls and women. TM 'allows us to dive within, where we effortlessly experience deeper levels of our being--more expansive and free from the limitations of self-doubt, stress and fatigue.' The TM technique 'enlivens full brain capacity so a person can truly express their full potential.' (more)

Scotland: Plans move ahead for Maharishi Vastu building in Edinburgh
17 November 2015 - The City of Edinburgh Planning Council has granted permission to build a substantial Maharishi Vastu building with eight attractive apartments and a spacious ground-floor commercial space for the teaching and practice of the Transcendental Meditation programme. David Rae, national director in Scotland, says, 'This building, virtually a palace of peace, will generate a transforming influence of coherence, order, and goodwill at an important time in Scotland's history.' (more)

Preventing Paris type terrorist attacks by reducing stress
16 November 2015 - The military of any country can prevent terrorism by deploying a proven, advanced human resource-based military technology, an expert in this field explains. Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) is a statistically-validated approach. Military field tests and 23 peer-reviewed studies show it quickly, effectively, and efficiently ends turmoil--with measures including reduced conflict, terrorism, and crime rate. Specially trained IDT Prevention Wings of the Military function as societal coherence-creating military units, reducing national and cross-border collective stress through group practice of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programmes. (more)

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