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From Shanghai to Maharishi School
27 April 2015 - Queena Zhou left Shanghai in search of an extraordinary high school experience and she found it at Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. When asked what was the greatest thing she would take from her experience there she said, 'It's about knowing myself, connecting with deeper levels of myself.' Queena says her parents are now confident to let her make her own decisions and adds, 'I now know the reason for my existence, what I want to accomplish in my life and also as a part of society. I have the desire to give back and help make some contribution of my own. I want to be a social entrepreneur and make a positive impact by supporting good business practices such as fair labor, sustainability, and green initiatives.' (more)

Turning fear into love: A mother tells her story
26 April 2015 - When you meet someone as happy and radiant as Flavia Finnegan, wife, mother and career woman, it's hard to imagine that she ever felt fear or trauma. Flavia felt safe and secure in her life until an internship brought her to live and work in the financial district of New York City just in time for the terrorist attacks of September 2001. After that she lived in constant anxiety and fear. Learning Transcendental Meditation a few years later in her native Brazil, she says, 'took me to another level. I'm very grateful. I started to experience an untroubled state of mind, an inner security and freedom from anxiety. I started to feel that whatever happened each day, the big and the small, I could be happy for being alive and experiencing the sun and wind and the people around me that contributed to that moment. TM gave me the inner calm to enjoy every moment.' (more)

Tuesday 28 April: Voice of America hosts interview with African PTSD Relief
25 April 2015 - On Tuesday, 28 April, Voice of America 'Health Chat' will feature the African PTSD Relief project. Hosted by veteran reporter Linord Moudou, Health Chat is a live call-in programme that addresses health issues of interest to Africa. Congolese refugee Esperance Ndozi will tell her story of recovery from PTSD after learning Transcendental Meditation. Experts will discuss recent research studies documenting the rapid and cost-effective approach offered by African PTSD Relief--teaching Transcendental Meditation to those suffering from PTSD. The programme begins at 1:30pm US Eastern Time. (more)

'Women in the Media Who Meditate' luncheon raises funds to teach TM to at-risk women and children
24 April 2015 - An audience of 450 women business leaders attended a luncheon roundtable on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation on 16 April in New York City. In addition to Arianna Huffington, the chair, president and editor-in-chief of Huffington Post, the event featured a panel of women leaders from the media who meditate, including Robin Roberts, anchor of ABC's Good Morning America; Patricia Harrison, president and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; Cynthia McFadden, senior legal and investigative correspondent for NBC News; Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, Lenox Hill Hospital heart specialist and host of 'Focus on Health'; Dr. Jennifer Ashton, senior medical correspondent for ABC news; Lesley Seymour, editor-in-chief of More magazine; and Perri Peltz, award-winning HBO producer and director. Proceeds from the event will help provide the TM technique to women and children in New York City who are survivors of violence and abuse. (more)

The science of learning and art of teaching: How the TM technique is transforming the way children learn
22 April 2015 - For the school administrators and teachers who have seen their schools transformed with Quiet Time, it's a program that holds great promise for educating children and providing them with an immensely valuable tool for life. In research on students with ADHD who practised Transcendental Meditation, after six months 'the brain functioning of the meditating students had moved from being solidly within clinical ADHD symptoms to just within normal brain functioning,' said leading brain researcher Dr Fred Travis. He explained that integrated brain functioning results in improved focus on schoolwork, organizational abilities, ability to work independently, level of happiness, and quality of sleep. One urban school reported an increase in attendance to 98.6 percent, an 86 percent drop in suspension, and a 42-point gain in academic performance on state tests. (more)

New MA in Sustainable Living at Maharishi University of Management oriented toward change makers
21 April 2015 - A hands-on approach and an orientation toward those who want to make a change in the world are prominent and unique features of a new MA in Sustainable Living at Maharishi University of Management that will begin this fall. During the first year students will spend half their time in class and half in the community addressing challenges. The second will be entirely devoted to going out and working on a major project wherever there is a need (one option is a 25-month hitch in the Peace Corps). In every case, the goal is to create 'deep sustainability'--which includes 'going beyond efficiency and substitution when necessary to radically re-design systems from the ground up', said department chair Dr David Fisher. (more)

Enlivening the nourishing power of nature in oneself and the world through Transcendental Meditation
20 April 2015 - 'Within ourself, in our own consciousness, we can enliven what is sometimes called the creative, nourishing, feminine aspect of nature,' writes Lesley Goldman, Director of Transcendental Meditation for Women in Long Island, New York, USA. 'But what does it mean?' During the TM technique, she explains, we can transcend concrete mental activity and delve into the field of Being, or pure existence, pure consciousness, the silent source of all creation, the unified field of physics. It is the nature of this field--the infinite dynamism within the silent unified field--which creates and administers the whole ever-expanding universe. 'This is the feminine aspect, the creative principle', Ms Goldman explains. This nourishing principle in nature, described by quantum physics as the Hamiltonian, can also be called the force of evolution, or 'Mother Nature'. Through daily direct experience of 'this inner field of universal love, we spontaneously radiate that love to the whole world'. (more)

Transcendental Meditation combats stress: National Stress Awareness Month in USA
19 April 2015 - Doctors often recommend Transcendental Meditation because it helps patients react to stress in a calmer, healthier way. For example, research shows that during 20 minutes of TM practice, levels of the stress hormone cortisol drop by 30 per cent. Reducing cortisol levels in the body is important for physical and mental health, and TM has also been found to improve many of the negative effects of prolonged high levels of stress hormones -- including heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and diabetes. (more)

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