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UK: Community shop opens to sell surplus food from supermarkets to poor
20 December 2014 - Britain's first 'community supermarket' opened for business allowing hundreds of struggling families to buy surplus food donated by shops including Marks and Spencer and Ocado at 70 per cent discount -- with 20 more planned across the country. The Community Shop will sell low-cost, high-quality surplus food to residents on income support while helping them back into work. (more)

Global population living six years longer than in 1990: study
18 December 2014 - Global life expectancy has risen by more than six years since 1990 thanks to falling death rates from cancer and heart disease in rich countries and better survival in poor countries. (more)

US: New York will move to prohibit fracking
17 December 2014 - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration will move to prevent fracking in the state, citing unresolved health issues and dubious economic benefits of the widely used gas-drilling technique. Environmental Commissioner Joe Martens said Wednesday that he was recommending a ban, and Cuomo said he would defer to Martens and Acting Health Commissioner Howard Zucker in making the decision. Zucker and Martens on Wednesday summarized the findings of environmental and health reviews that concluded that shale gas development using high-volume hydraulic fracturing carried unacceptable risks that haven't been sufficiently studied. (more)

US teens' use of alcohol, cigarettes at 40-year low, study finds
16 December 2014 - Fewer US teenagers are consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes than at any time in at least 40 years, according to a national study released on Tuesday. Growing peer disapproval may be a top factor in the drop in drinking and smoking in 2014, according to the study by the University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future programme. (more)

Arab woman aims to blaze a trail in Israel's high-tech sector
15 December 2014 - Israel is proud to call itself a 'Start-up Nation', with more tech firms listed on Nasdaq than any other country outside the United States and China. But two elements are often missing from that success story: women and Arabs. Doctor Amal Ayoub is hoping to change that. An Arab-Israeli from the town of Nazareth, Ayoub is the founder and chief executive of Metallo Therapy, a biomedical start-up that has developed technology to better monitor the development of malignant tumors. (more)

People who feel younger may live longer
15 December 2014 - A new study says feeling sprightly might suggest a person has more time left than people who feel their age or older. 'Perhaps the beliefs and feelings that people have tell us something that our other measures of health and wellbeing do not capture,' said study coauthor Andrew Steptoe of the epidemiology and public health department at University College London. (more)

EU seeks to end misleading food labels from Saturday
12 December 2014 - EU shoppers and restaurant-goers should know more about what they are eating under EU labelling law that takes effect from Saturday to protect allergy-sufferers, promote healthier eating, and give consumers an informed choice. Members of the European Parliament from across the political spectrum welcomed the rules as marking the end of misleading information. (more)

United Nations declares 21 June International Day of Yoga
11 December 2014 - The United Nations on Thursday declared that21 June will be International Day of Yoga, adopting a measure proposed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who said yoga lets people 'discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world, and the nature.' (more)

Older women who exercise outdoors more likely to stick with it
5 December 2014 - Outdoor workouts left women in a better mood and kept them exercising longer than counterparts who exercised indoors, according to a small study from Canada. The study team found that on average, the women who exercised outdoors had a greater sense of tranquility after working out and attended more sessions. The outdoor exercisers also showed decreased depressive symptoms and increased activity levels outside of the workout sessions, compared to the women who exercised indoors and whose general activity level didn't change. (more)

Scotland: Official figures show significant drop in smoking
2 December 2014 - Less than one million adults now smoke in Scotland -- the lowest level since before the Second World War. Official figures revealed in the Scottish Health Survey 2013 show a significant drop in the percentage of adults reporting that they smoked. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
10 Short Summaries of Top Stories

Brain signatures of meditators similar to top-performing athletes and CEOs
20 December 2014 - Maharishi University of Management (MUM) researchers Fred Travis and Harold Harung are featured in a Forbes article about success habits of top performing athletes and CEOs. The article states that meditation is one of the top four habits for achieving peak performance and refers to brain wave research by the MUM researchers. An excerpt from MUM Executive Vice President Craig Pearson's new book, Supreme Awakening is also featured in the article. (more)

My story: Breaking down barriers for women and children
15 December 2014 - Tish Lara was ready to walk away from her career as a social worker when she joined the David Lynch Foundation's Women's Initiative division. She began Transcendental Meditation after listening to the experiences of people who had just begun the practice and found that, 'clients share their struggles and explain how Transcendental Meditation supports their healing process; they experience a reduction in post-traumatic stress symptoms and feel hopeful, happy, and empowered'. (more)

Staff Sergeant Todd Knauber on his road to recovery with Transcendental Meditation
11 December 2014 - In an article published on the US Army homepage, Staff Sergeant Todd Knauber described advances in rebuilding his life and recovering from injuries after learning Transcendental Meditation. Beginning the practice through the David Lynch Foundation, he reported after four months, ''It was not a branch for me to grab hold of but rather a taproot under my feet. A stable platform which gives me a moments respite so I can put my pain into perspective enough that I can reattempt the climb.'' Doctors promised him that through drugs and hard work he could potentially heal over the course of years. But since beginning Transcendental Meditation he has moved closer to achieving his recovery in months, 'It is our greatest weapon in helping to combat the scars of conflict,' he said. 'This programme provides the grounds to reestablish hope; and begin to truly heal.'' (more)

Huffington Post: David Lynch's mission to change the world
9 December 2014 - In a rare, feature-length interview, Huffington Post editor Marianne Schnall delved deeply into filmmaker David Lynch's personal experience with Transcendental Meditation and his successful mission to bring the technique to those who need it most. (more)

Good news for nurses in the USA
5 December 2014 - Since nurses often work in a stressful environment and Transcendental Meditation (TM), is a technique for stress relief, it seems logical that one would benefit from the other. Now they can. Recently, the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) approved this beneficial programme. The AHNA is an accredited approver of the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation. (more)

Interview with Supriya Vidic, Transcendental Meditation teacher
5 December 2014 - Supriya Vidic's every word and gesture radiate joy and serenity. Just as her presence is impressive, so is her past. Currently studying Strategic Communications at Columbia University, this young woman also has on her resume six years of service in the United States Army, including deployments in Iraq, Kuwait and South Korea. On top of her other admirable feats, Supriya not only practises but also teaches the Transcendental Meditation technique. (more)

Sharing the Transcendental Meditation technique with my family
1 December 2014 - Jose Gutierrez tells his story of 30 years practising Transcendental Meditation and the health and happiness benefits experienced by himself and family members. Today, at age 77, Jose has 18 members of his extended family practising the Transcendental Meditation technique with him. With so many close family members meditating, he has lots of turning points to share. (more)

When and why I decided to prioritize my daily meditation
1 December 2014 - Harper Spero is a certified professional coach and graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. But while helping others rise to their full potential she was creating stress in her own. 'I never really paid attention to meditation until the David Lynch Foundation come into my life,' she said, 'and it quickly transformed my every day.' Spero has found that her twice-daily practice of Transcendental Meditation has helped lower her blood pressure and given her 'a general sense of clarity'. She noted, 'In my afternoon meditation, I typically feel revived, awakened, and more apt to productivity for the remainder of the day.' (more)

Soccer coach uses Transcendental Meditation for stress relief
30 November 2014 - Because Spanish football (soccer) coach Alejandro Altamirano Sandroni is in a high-stressed, rapid turnover profession he turned to Transcendental Meditation for peace of mind. 'I decided to look for some effective tools to help me rediscover the joy in my profession,' he said. 'Transcendental Meditation brings peace of mind to deal with situations under high stress and tension. And it gives a much broader view on all the moments you live through as an athlete.' (more)

United Kingdom: Maharishi Ayur-Veda website offers a quiz to determine your body type
29 November 2014 - A delicate balance of the body's doshas exists in everyone, in fact, it exists in all of nature. The ancient science of Maharishi Ayur-Veda tells us that at the finest level of creation - finer than even the atomic level - Vata, the Ayurvedic principle associated with wind or motion, Pitta, the principle of fire or heat, and Kapha, the principle of earth or inertia, exist in many combinations with one dosha usually predominating over the other two. Knowledge of simple Ayur-Vedic principles such as our basic dosha-type allows us to maintain balance and comfort in our constitution. (more)

10 Short Summaries of Top Stories

'Super bacteria' found in Rio's Olympic waters
15 December 2014 - A drug-resistant 'super bacteria' that's normally found in hospitals and is notoriously difficult to treat has been discovered in the waters where Rio de Janeiro's Olympic sailing events will be held, scientists said Monday. The Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil's most respected health research institute, said it has discovered bacteria that produce an enzyme that make it resistant to most forms of treatment in water samples taken from various spots along the Carioca River. Among the spots is where the river flows into the city's Guanabara Bay, site of the 2016 sailing and wind surfing events. Even if they don't immediately fall ill, those who come into contact with the bacteria run the risk of becoming carriers of the microorganism, the institute said in its statement. 'Carriers can take these resistant bacteria back to their own environments and to other people, resulting in a cycle of dissemination,' said the institute, which is affiliated with Brazil's Health Ministry. (more)

Indoor tanning can lead to burns, fainting, eye injuries
15 December 2014 - Indoor tanning can send people to the emergency room for burns, eye injuries, and losing consciousness, according to US health officials. 'It's important for people to understand both the long-term and the short-term risks of indoor tanning,' said Gery P Guy Jr of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. The CDC recommends people avoid indoor tanning. Indoor tanning devices tend to emit much more intense ultraviolet radiation than people get from sun exposure, Guy said. In 2007, a working group affiliated with World Health Organization found that people who used tanning beds before their 30th birthday were 75 per cent more likely to develop melanoma. (more)

Prenatal exposure to chemicals tied to lower IQ at age 7
10 December 2014 - Children whose mothers were exposed to higher levels of phthalates, common chemicals in consumer products, in late pregnancy tend to score lower than other kids on intelligence tests at age seven, according to a new study. Some soaps, nail polish, hairspray, shower curtains, raincoats, car interiors, and dryer sheets contain phthalates, which are used as so-called plasticizers, or softening agents. There are no regulations on a pregnant woman's exposure to the chemicals, and phthalates are usually not labeled on products in the United States. 'I would characterize this study as thorough and high quality, and the results concerning,' said Stephanie Engel, associate professor of epidemiology at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who was not involved in the work. It might be prudent for everyone, not just pregnant women, to take note of these chemicals, said lead author Pam Factor-Litvak, a professor at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health in New York. 'Because they are so ubiquitous it's very hard to avoid right now but you can reduce your use of those products as much as possible,' Factor-Litvak told Reuters Health. Researchers have several theories about how phthalates might affect development, including disrupting sex hormones, thyroid hormones ,or dopamine-sensitive activity in the brain, Ms Factor-Litvak said. (more)

Sierra Leone diamond zone hit by largely hidden Ebola outbreak
10 December 2014 - Health officials in Sierra Leone fear a major Ebola outbreak may have gone largely unreported until now in a remote district where the World Health Organization (WHO) said scores of bodies piled up in a hospital. The WHO said on Wednesday that it had sent a response team to the diamond-rich Kono district following a worrying spike in reported Ebola cases in the district, which lies along the country's eastern border with Guinea. 'They uncovered a grim scene,' the UN health agency said in a statement. (more)

Methamphetamine use soars in Iran as lifestyles speed up
8 December 2014 - Women in headscarves and men in tatty clothes puff on a glass pipe as smoke swirls around their faces. The pictures published by Iranian media and blogs in recent months are a sign of a new drug epidemic: shishe, or methamphetamine. In less than a decade, methamphetamine use has skyrocketed in Iran to the point where now about 345,000 Iranians are considered addicts, according to official statistics. Struggling university students have begun abusing it to stay up longer and try to boost their performance in school. Women have been sold the drug in beauty salons with the promise that it will help them lose weight, according to local media reports. (more)

On American dairy farms, sharp rise in the misuse of a potent but risky drug
4 December 2014 - The strength of the antibiotic ceftiofur -- and the frequency with which it's being misused on farms across America -- has created a threat to human health that may overshadow the drug's effectiveness, a Reuters examination shows. The US Food and Drug Administration cautioned in 2012 that ceftiofur could pose a 'high public health risk', in part because the drug belongs to a class of antibiotics considered critically important in human medicine. The warning is the FDA's strongest kind. The concern is that ceftiofur in animals could spawn antibiotic-resistant bacteria, superbugs that can infect people and defeat conventional medical treatment, even when the drug is used as directed. A Reuters analysis of government data indicates that the risks to human health may be more significant than previously known. (more)

Hormone-mimicking chemicals cause hundreds of millions of euros of damage
2 December 2014 - The hormone-mimicking chemicals used routinely in toiletries, cosmetics, medicines, plastics, and pesticides cause hundreds of millions of euros of damage to EU citizens every year, according to the first estimate of their economic impact. The new report, from the Nordic Council of Ministers, focuses on the costs of these on health and the ability to work but warns that they 'only represent a fraction of the endocrine-related diseases' and does not consider damage to wildlife. The Nordic Council represents the governments of governments of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Professor Andreas Kortenkamp, a human toxicologist at Brunel University London in the UK, said the epidemiological work needed to prove causation is very difficult. For example, he said, analyzing links to birth defects would having taken tissue samples from mothers before they gave birth. (more)

Obesity-related cancers on rise, especially in developed countries -- UN
26 November 2014 - Being overweight or obese have become major risk factors for developing cancer, particularly among women and in more developed countries, the specialized cancer agency of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has reported. Overweight and obesity are responsible for an estimated 481,000 -- or 3.6 per cent -- of all new cancer cases in 2012, and reducing such health issues at the population level could have significant health benefits, according to a new study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). The study, which was published in The Lancet Oncology on 26 November, also shows that one quarter of all cancers attributable to overweight and obesity worldwide -- 118,00 cases -- could have been prevented if populations had simply maintained their average body-mass index of 30 years ago. (more)

Air pollution costs EU up to 189 billion euros - EU agency
25 November 2014 - Air pollution, chiefly from coal-fired power plants, cost society up to 189 billion euros ($235 billion) in 2012 -- equal to the gross domestic product of Finland, the European Environment Agency (EEA) said in a report published on Tuesday. The agency provides research to guide EU policymakers, who are reconsidering proposals put forward last year by the European Commission, the EU executive, to tighten laws on air quality. (more)

Trafficking in children on the rise, says new UN report
24 November 2014 - One in three known victims of human trafficking is a child, and girls and women are particularly targeted and forced into 'modern slavery', according to the 2014 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, released on 24 November by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna. 'Unfortunately, the report shows there is no place in the world where children, women, and men are safe from human trafficking,' said UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov. 'Official data reported to UNODC by national authorities represent only what has been detected. It is very clear that the scale of modern-day slavery is far worse,' he added. (more)

Global Good News reviews the impact of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation on health

Raising health standards is a global challenge which transcends national, racial, and gender boundaries. With rising health costs threatening the economies of even the wealthiest nations, medical news repeatedly demonstrates the urgent need for a prevention-oriented approach which looks beyond specific treatments for disease to promoting good health in a holistic way.

Current health news also illustrates the inextricable relationship between individual health and the collective health of society.

Global Good News presents health news for today that looks beyond the current fragmentary and incomplete approach to health care, highlighting positive health news based on approaches that incorporate holistic knowledge of Natural Law.

Global Good News focuses on positive health news in the fields of both individual and collective health, including health news articles relating to the programmes of the Global Country of World Peace. These scientifically-validated technologies derived from the world's most ancient and complete system of natural health care, have been revived in recent decades as Maharishi's Vedic Total Knowledge Based Approach to Health. These technologies include approaches to promoting good health for the mind, body, behaviour, and environment.

Recent health news on this comprehensive system centres on its unique technologies of consciousness—Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme. Scientific research on these techniques comprises more than 600 studies conducted at over 250 independent universities and research institutions in 33 countries. These studies demonstrate a wide range of benefits for individual and collective health, and have appeared in many leading, peer-reviewed journals.

For example, in recent years, a multi-centre medical research team in America has attracted grants totalling over $24 million, principally from the US National Institutes of Health, for research on Transcendental Meditation and prevention of cardiovascular disease. These investigations have been published in prestigious medical journals such as American Journal of Cardiology, Archives of Internal Medicine, American Journal of Hypertension, Stroke, and Hypertension. Results show that Transcendental Meditation leads to sustained reductions in high blood pressure comparable to those commonly found with medication, but without adverse side-effects.

These and other well-controlled studies further demonstrate that Transcendental Meditation reduces atherosclerosis ('hardening of the arteries'), improves cardiac functioning and well-being in people with heart disease, reduces mortality from cardiovascular disease and all causes, decreases hospital admissions and health care costs, reduces smoking and alcohol consumption, and improves psychological health and well-being in both children and adults, including elderly people.

A growing number of physicians worldwide recommend Transcendental Meditation to their patients. The website: sponsored by The American Association of Physicians Practicing the Transcendental Meditation Program', provides an opportunity to ask questions of leading doctors who utilize Transcendental Meditation in their clinical practice.

In offering these Vedic technologies to the world, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, has revolutionized our understanding of health and established development of higher states of consciousness as fundamental to the creation of perfect health.

In reporting on health news, Global Good News is pleased to note indications of growing interest in the applications of TM and the TM-Sidhi Programme among major health-care providers and policy makers.

© Copyright 2014 Global Good News®
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