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Scientists unlock mysteries of world's oldest 'computer'
12 March 2021 - A 2,000-year-old device often referred to as the world's oldest 'computer' has been recreated by scientists trying to understand how it worked. The Antikythera Mechanism has baffled experts since it was found on a Roman-era shipwreck in Greece in 1901. The hand-powered Ancient Greek device is thought to have been used to predict eclipses and other astronomical events. (more)

DIY education: Greek teacher creates TV classes for inmates
18 February 2021 - Setting up a television channel from scratch isn't the most obvious or easiest thing for a math teacher to do -- especially without prior technical knowledge and for use inside a prison. But that is exactly the task Petros Damianos, director of the school at Greece's Avlona Special Youth Detention Center, took on so his students could access the lessons that coronavirus lockdowns cut them off from. (more)

Greece, Germany working on climate investment package: Mitsotakis
29 August 2019 - Greece wants to draw up a major investment program with Germany, especially focused on climate protection, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday [29 August] during a visit to Berlin. (more)

Pakistan's street cricketers bring game to life in Greece
4 July 2019 - In football-loving Greece, cricket is an alien concept. But for its migrants from Pakistan, one of the world's most cricket-crazy nations, it is a way of life. ... With the Cricket World Cup under way, they compete in local tape-ball tournaments, and homes and restaurants are abuzz with fans. ... Mehdi Khan Choudhry, a mechanical engineer and cricket coach, has long campaigned for a ground in Athens and wants to open a cricket academy. Beyond the enjoyment the sport brings, he said, it helps forge camaraderie with migrants from other cricket-playing nations including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and even India, Pakistan's archrival on and off the pitch. (more)

Remote Greek isle switches off power cuts, lights up green energy
25 July 2018 - Residents of Tilos hope a new system to produce electricity from renewables will lower costs and put an end to frequent power outages. An effort is underway to turn the remote Dodecanese island, 78 km (48 miles) from Rhodes, from an importer of dirty diesel power into a largely self-sufficient energy hub capable of exporting clean electricity to neighbouring small islands. Using a grant of 11 million euros ($12.9 million) from the European Commission, as part of the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation push, the plan is to transform Tilos into one of the Mediterranean's first green energy islands. (more)

Greece: Superfood berry producer ready for new markets
24 May 2018 - Superfoods, especially berries like goji, sea buckthorn, aronia, Cornelian cherries, and organic blueberries, have been all over the news in recent years and, what some people may not be aware of, is that Greece is one of the few countries in Europe who are able to produce all of these berries. (more)

The mystery behind Greece's temples
7 July 2017 - Studies show that the ancient Greek temples could have astronomical intentions -- but on what scale? Some feel the placement of Greece's temples was not random. Manolo Fernandez, a Spanish language teacher and amateur astronomy enthusiast, is sure that the perfect isosceles triangles made by the sites reflect the movements of different celestial bodies such as the sun, moon, or planets and stars in relation to the Earth's surface. George Pantazis and Evangelia Lambrou, associate professors at the National Technical University of Athens, recently used rigorous geodetic methods to determine the astronomical orientation of Ancient Greek temples. They found an extraordinarily symmetric positioning between the temples of the Parthenon and Hephaisteion, ensuring both had the same view towards the east. ... And there are a slew of other studies indicating that classical temples were built to align with the stars ... (more)

Tilos, Greece: the first island in the Mediterranean to run entirely on wind and solar power
15 June 2017 - Tiny Tilos, in the Dodecanese, is a pioneering nature reserve. Now, Greece's 'green island' is set to be powered by renewable energy. Tilos owes its extraordinary biodiversity to a network of underground springs that feed five wetlands -- but also to the late mayor, Tassos Aliferis, a committed environmentalist who earned Tilos its reputation as 'Greece's green island'. The current mayor, Maria Kamma, continues to champion sustainable development, and human rights. She has extended an open invitation to refugee families to settle on Tilos, working with the NGO SolidarityNow and the UNHCR to establish sheltered accommodation, language classes,and mentoring schemes to help asylum-seekers set up organic farming businesses in partnership with locals. (more)

Ancient Greece's restored Tower of Winds keeps its secrets
25 August 2016 - It is said to be the world's first weather station, to date back more than 2,000 years, and to have been used by merchants to tell the time -- even in darkness. The Tower of the Winds, still standing on a slope on Athens's ancient Acropolis hill despite attempts by Lord Elgin to move it to Britain, has been restored and re-opened to the public for the first time in nearly 200 years. It is credited to the architect and astronomer Andronikos of Cyrrhus, but all these years later no one knows exactly how it worked. (more)

From wooden glasses to honey, some Greeks start innovative new businesses
12 July 2016 - From the island of Syros, handmade wooden spectacle frames are proving a hit with hipsters in Europe and beyond. Gold-infused organic honey from the rolling hills of Evoia in the east is finding favor with upmarket clients in the United States, London, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. Last year Stayia Farm sold 60,000 jars of organic honey. Production has already exceeded 70,000 jars for the first half of 2016. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

Greece: Bringing the knowledge of Maharishi Ayur-Veda to the source of Western medicine
28 January 2013 - After giving presentations in India and Nepal, Robert Schneider, MD, FACC, went on to Greece, concluding the first stage of his Total Health World Tour. Dr Schneider, who is Director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention at Maharishi University of Management in the USA, was invited to return to the University of Athens as a visiting professor in a postgraduate programme on stress management. He spoke on how Maharishi Ayurveda health care and Transcendental Meditation are very effective in reducing stress and improving health. (more)

Groundbreaking new book illuminates unity of ancient Greek and Vedic knowledge
1 October 2012 - In an acclaimed series of public lectures in Greece earlier this year, Dr Ken Chandler, a distinguished scholar of both ancient Greek philosophy and Maharishi Vedic Science, discussed principal themes of his new book, Veda and Greece--that the knowledge the pre-Socratics, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were offering was fundamental, eternal wisdom of the ages and that it was parallel to the teaching of the Veda and Vedic literature. (more)

Distinguished scholar sheds new light on Greece's ancient heritage of wisdom
28 September 2012 - A speaking tour by Dr Ken Chandler in Greece this year stirred great interest in the subject of his new book, Veda and Greece: Foundations of Knowledge in the Experience of Higher States of Consciousness. Dr Chandler, adjunct professor of philosophy at Maharishi University of Management, gave well-attended public lectures in Athens and Thessaloniki and also appeared on national television. (more)

New perspectives on ancient heritage of Greece
26 September 2012 - During the visit of Dr Bevan Morris to Greece earlier this year, Dr Ken Chandler arrived from the United States to promote his new book, Veda and Greece: Foundations of Knowledge in the Experience of Higher States of Consciousness. Dr Morris is president of Maharishi University of Management, and Dr Chandler is an adjunct professor of philosophy at MUM. Describing the profound significance of Dr Chandler's visit and his research, Dr Morris also gave his reflections on visiting Delphi. (more)

Greece: Dr Bevan Morris visits land planned for Peace Palace
24 September 2012 - Following his 14-country tour of Africa earlier this year, Dr Bevan Morris, president of Maharishi University of Management, went on to visit several countries around the Mediterranean, including Greece. Near Athens he visited land where local architects and developers, together with Maharishi Vastu experts, will design a Maharishi Peace Palace. The Peace Palace will be a great centre of coherence for Greece, he said, offering courses in Transcendental Meditation and many other programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for development of consciousness, good health, success, and invincible peace and progress for the nation. (more)

Greece: Graduate students learn firsthand about Transcendental Meditation and stress management
3 July 2012 - Twenty-three women students at a medical university in Athens, Greece, recently learned the Transcendental Meditation technique. As part of a master's degree programme on 'Stress Management and the Promotion of Health', they also learned about the extensive body of scientific research showing Transcendental Meditation to be a highly effective stress-reducing approach. (more)

Greece: Academic community inspired by potential for reduced stress, improved brain functioning
11 July 2011 - In the last several years university professors and students in Athens have been inspired by lectures given by three eminent professors from Maharishi University of Management in the United States--world-renowned quantum physicist Dr John Hagelin, Dr Robert Schneider, dean of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health, and Dr Fred Travis, director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition. After hearing about research showing reduced stress, better health, and development of total brain functioning through the Transcendental Meditation Programme, many have learned the technique. (more)

Greece: Maharishi Peace Palace planned
11 July 2011 - In Greece, plans are developing to build a Maharishi Peace Palace in the eastern part of the country, which will offer courses in Transcendental Meditation and its advance techniques, and programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to promote good health, reduced stress, and other benefits. Plans also include building a Maharishi Tower of Invincibility in the area, with two adjacent universities offering Consciousness-Based Education, one for women and one for men. (more)

Greece: Transcendental Meditation courses promote reduced stress, improved brain function, better health
11 July 2011 - The Transcendental Meditation Programme in Greece serves the country's 11 million people through offering programmes developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi -- to promote reduced stress and better health; improved brain functioning, academic achievement, and business success; decreased crime and increased social coherence and harmony; among many other benefits. (more)

International expert brings Consciousness-Based Education to Greece
11 July 2011 - Dr Ashley Deans, an international expert in research and application of Consciousness-Based Education, visited Greece in May as part of a ten-country tour of Europe. As Global Ambassador for Consciousness-Based Education, Dr Deans has traveled to many countries around the world, addressing educators, government leaders, and students. He is also executive director of the award-winning Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Greece faces 'disaster of unprecedented proportions' as wildfires ravage the country
9 August 2021 - Greece is facing a 'natural disaster of unprecedented proportions,'' as 586 wildfires burn in 'all corners' of the country, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in a televised address on Monday [9 August]. (more)

'Medicane,' a rare, hurricane-like storm, is on track to hit Europe
28 September 2018 - People in Greece and Turkey are bracing themselves for a rare and powerful hurricane-type storm in southern Europe's Mediterranean region, due to hit this weekend. The storm, often called a 'Medicane' (Mediterranean + hurricane) has features similar to hurricanes and typhoons. The current storm, called Zorba, triggered flash flooding across Tunisia and Libya over the past few days before moving north over the Mediterranean towards Europe. (more)

Dozens dead as wildfires near Athens force people to flee into the sea
24 July 2018 - At least 50 people have died in the worst wildfires to hit Greece in more than a decade, with some residents forced to flee into the sea to escape the advancing flames. ... More than 150 people have been injured in the blazes, which are burning in three main fronts in the Attica region, including one that is currently out of control near the seaside resort village of Mati. The area is popular with Greek tourists, in particular pensioners and children who go to holiday camps there. (more)

Greece: Heatwave closes Acropolis, ancient sites
12 July 2017 - Greek authorities closed the ancient Acropolis in Athens to visitors for several hours Wednesday [12 July] along with other popular archaeological sites around the country due to a heatwave. During the heatwave, the Culture Ministry said main archaeological sites will open between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. (0600-1100GMT) and again from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (1500-1800GMT). The Acropolis and other ancient sites are major attractions for the country's vital tourism industry. (more)

Greek island overwhelmed by stranded migrants, despair
7 September 2015 - It was supposed to be the first step on their journey to Western Europe. But now thousands of migrants are mired in despair, anger, and frustration on a scenic Greek island. After perilous sea voyages from neighboring Turkey, they have been stranded here for days, some for nearly two weeks, running out of money and desperate to get to mainland Greece and continue their route. The island of some 100,000 residents has been transformed by the sudden new population of some 20,000 refugees and migrants, mostly from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan -- and the strain is pushing everyone to the limit. (more)

Greeks hit by closed banks, warnings from eurozone
29 June 2015 - Anxious pensioners swarmed closed bank branches Monday and long lines snaked outside ATMs as Greeks endured the first day of serious controls on their daily economic lives ahead of a July 5 referendum that could determine whether the country has to ditch the euro currency and return to the drachma. Following a breakdown in talks between Greece and its creditors, the country is in the midst of the one of the most acute financial crises seen anywhere in the world in years. It's running out of time to get the money it needs to stave off bankruptcy. (more)

Greek court ruling on migrant shootings causes outrage
31 July 2014 - A Greek court acquitted two men accused over the shooting of migrant farm workers who were demanding unpaid wages and gave two foremen suspended sentences in a ruling that prompted outrage from unions and rights groups on Thursday. Twenty eight migrants, mostly Bangladeshi, were wounded when foremen at a strawberry farm opened fire on about 200 immigrant workers who were protesting for back pay in the southwestern town of Manolada in April last year. 'This shameful ruling stops people who are in a similar situation from fighting for their rights; stops victims of human trafficking from fighting for dignity, freedom and their lives,' said lawyer Moses Karabeidis, who represented 35 migrant workers, including the wounded. The court in the southern city of Patras on Wednesday acquitted the farm owner and a supervisor and handed down prison terms of seven and 14 years for two foremen on charges of causing grievous bodily harm. The sentences will be suspended pending an appeal hearing, court sources said. The ruling in favour of the owner and supervisor cannot be appealed. Anti-immigrant sentiment has surged in recent years in Greece, where a six-year recession has wiped out a quarter of the economy and left one in four jobless. (more)

Greeks fear more violence after Golden Dawn members shot
2 November 2013 - A brazen drive-by shooting that killed two young members of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party has shocked Greeks and prompted soul-searching about whether the crisis-hit country is slipping into a 'cycle of violence'. Greece's anti-terrorism force is investigating whether Friday's rush hour shooting outside the party's offices in Athens was retaliation for a fatal stabbing of an anti-fascism rapper by a Golden Dawn supporter in September, police said. Greece is in the sixth year of a recession that has fuelled anger against its foreign lenders and the political class, blamed by Greeks for bringing the country close to bankruptcy. Golden Dawn, which rejects the neo-Nazi label but uses a swastika-like emblem and its leader has denied the Holocaust, stormed into parliament last year on an anti-immigrant agenda. Small-scale bomb attacks against police, politicians and businessmen are frequent in Greece, which has a history of leftist violence. A prominent fatal shooting like Friday's attack was last seen in 2010, when a Greek journalist was shot dead outside his home. 'Yesterday's killing marked a continuation of political uncertainty and instability in the country,' said George Tzogopoulos, analyst at the Athens-based ELIAMEP think-tank. (more)

Greeks 40 per cent poorer than in 2008
22 October 2013 - Greeks are on average almost 40 per cent poorer than they were in 2008, data indicated, laying bare the impact of a brutal recession and austerity measures the government may be forced to extend into next year. Gross disposable incomes fell 29.5 per cent between the second quarters of 2008 and 2013, statistics service ELSTAT said on Tuesday. Adding in cumulative consumer price inflation over the same period takes the decline close to 40 per cent. Propped up by international aid since 2010, Greece is at loggerheads with its lenders from the European Union and International Monetary Fund over the size of its 2014 budget deficit. The discrepancy has prompted talk that Athens -- which has ruled out across-the-board cuts in wages or pensions -- might have to adopt new austerity measures. (more)

Anti-fascist protests across Greece turn violent
18 September 2013 - Violent clashes broke out in several Greek cities Wednesday after a 34-year-old musician described as an anti-fascist activist was stabbed by a man who said he belonged to the far-right Golden Dawn party. The death of Pavlos Fyssas drew condemnation from across Greece's political spectrum and from abroad. While the extremist Golden Dawn has been blamed for numerous violent attacks in the past, the overnight stabbing is the most serious violence so far directly attributed to a member. Golden Dawn, whose senior members have expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler although they deny being neo-Nazi, won nearly 7 per cent of the vote in 2012 general elections. Recent opinion polls show its support has since risen to around 12 per cent. Party members and supporters, often clearly identifiable in black T-shirts and combat pants, have been suspected of beatings and stabbings across the country, usually of dark-skinned migrants. In January, two men identified as party sympathisers were arrested for the fatal stabbing of a Pakistani migrant worker. The rights group Amnesty International called on authorities to prevent any further incidents. 'Politically motivated violence of this kind is unacceptable anywhere, and history has shown the grim consequences if it goes unchecked,' said Jezerca Tigani, Amnesty's deputy Europe and Central Asia program director. 'The Greek authorities must send a clear message that attacks like this will not be tolerated.' (more)


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