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Koalas can predict and prepare for the hottest days of summer, study finds
18 June 2024 - For the first time, free-ranging wild koalas have been observed regulating their body temperatures ahead of the hottest days of summer, by lowering their temperatures well below average during cooler morning conditions. The research has been published in Conservation Physiology. Research lead Dr. Valentina Mella said, 'This strongly suggests koalas predict the hottest days from morning conditions and adjust their core temperatures accordingly. We have never seen this type of behavior before in koalas.' (more)

The next full moon is the Strawberry Moon
18 June 2024 - The Next Full Moon is the Strawberry Moon; the Flower, Hot, Hoe, or Planting Moon; the Mead or Honey Moon; the Rose Moon; Vat Purnima; Poson Poya; and the LRO Moon. The next full Moon will be Friday evening, June 21, 2024, appearing opposite the Sun (in Earth-based longitude) at 9:08 PM EDT [US]. This will be Saturday from Greenland and Cape Verde time eastward across Eurasia, Africa, and Australia to the International Date Line in the mid-Pacific. Most commercial calendars will show this full Moon on Saturday, June 22, the date in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from Thursday evening through Sunday morning. (more)

Upcoming June 2024 full moon will look unusually big and colorful
18 June 2024 - June's full moon will include several special treats for skywatchers: Not only will the moon be unusually low in the sky, it will also appear quite large and could even be rather colorful, astronomers say. On Friday, June 21, the day after the summer solstice, the strawberry full moon will appear in the evening skies over America. Alas, it won't look like a strawberry, and it probably won't be red, astronomers say, although it may have a golden color. (more)

Scientists may have found an answer to the mystery of dark matter. It involves an unexpected byproduct
17 June 2024 - For about 50 years, the scientific community has been grappling with a substantial problem: There isn't enough visible matter in the universe. ll the matter we can see -- stars, planets, cosmic dust, and everything in between -- can't account for why the universe behaves as it does, and there must be five times as much of it around for researchers' observations to make sense, according to NASA. Scientists call that dark matter, because it does not interact with light and is invisible. (more)

African elephants call each other by unique names, new study shows
16 June 2024 - African elephants call each other and respond to individual names -- something that few wild animals do, according to new research published Monday [10 June]. The names are one part of elephants' low rumbles that they can hear over long distances across the savanna. Scientists believe that animals with complex social structures and family groups that separate and then reunite often may be more likely to use individual names. (more)

Massive cradle of baby stars revealed in new space telescope images
16 June 2024 - A massive cradle of baby stars has been observed in new detail by a European space telescope, adding to its celestial collection of images. The European Space Agency released the photos from the Euclid observatory on Thursday [23 May]. They were taken following the telescope's Florida launch last year as a warm-up act to its main job currently underway: surveying the so-called dark universe. (more)

Scotland's remote land of bogs and bugs in line for world heritage status
15 June 2024 - t is a land of mire, mist ,and midges that could soon be awarded a special status among the planet's wild habitats. In a few weeks, UNESCO is set to announce its decision on an application to allow the Flow Country in north Scotland to become a world heritage site. ...The Flow Country straddles Caithness and Sutherland in the most northerly part of the British mainland and is the largest area of blanket bog in the world. (more)

Green, green seagrass of home: Welsh nursery growing to save marine habitat
14 June 2024 - Between Dylan Thomas's boathouse home at Laugharne and the natural fast track of Pendine Sands in south-west Wales, an ambitious project is under way to try to help restore one of the world's most important and threatened habitats: seagrass meadows. Two species of seagrass, flowering plants that live in shallow, sheltered bays and provide a vital habitat for species including seahorses, octopuses, and cuttlefish and are an important carbon sink, are being grown in ponds fed with seawater pumped in from Carmarthen Bay. (more)

US: All the buzz! Florida Bee Rescue dedicated to saving the bees for more than 40 years
13 June 2024 - Florida Bee Rescue specializes in swarm removals from homes and businesses. They are experts in transporting and saving the bees. Florida Bee Rescue owner, Victor Gonzalez, said that his family has dedicated more than 40 years to beekeeping, care, and protection of bees. Gonzalez transports the bees to his family's Florida Bee Rescue farm where the honeybees are cared for by an experienced beekeeper and the bees can continue to thrive, pollinate and contribute to the local ecosystem. (more)

The largest solar power plant in the world is now switched on
12 June 2024 - The world's biggest solar plant has come online, according to Chinese media. Covering 13,333 hectares (32,947 acres) in the desert of northwest Xinjiang and capable of powering a small country on its own, the facility was reportedly connected to the grid last week. The installation comes amid a surge of investment into renewable energy in the country -- one that the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently described as 'extraordinary'. (more)

New energy source powers subsea robots indefinitely
11 June 2024 - Power modules driven by ocean temperatures save money and reduce pollution. No one has mapped more territory than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration known as NASA, which is a U.S. government agency that is responsible for science and technology related to air and space. The agency not only charts stars and other planets but also maps Earth from orbit. Now a NASA invention could let robots map our planet's entire seafloor, helping to unlock resources while protecting habitats. The sonar devices for such an operation are not new, but they're hampered by battery limitations. (more)

People are embracing the 'no-buy year' to save money and the environment
10 June 2024 - The no-buy challenge is resolving to spend money only on necessary purchases. The self-imposed rules of the challenge are simple: participants pledge to stop buying non-essential items, be they unneeded shoes, additional beauty products or other impulse buys for a set amount of time, usually 12 months. While the challenge is meant to last for one year, people trying it say they are learning new techniques to help them avoid overspending in the future. (more)

Canada: Indigenous communities make clean energy drive work for, not against, them
9 June 2024 - Indigenous peoples have been steadily warning about the impacts of renewable energy development on their lands and communities, but some see a way to harness this trend for the positive. Provinces like British Columbia are now implementing new renewable energy policies similar to Ontario's FIT program (feed-in tariff program,) that would see a requirement for Indigenous equity participation, as well as favorable loan and financing conditions for Indigenous projects. (more)

India: He frolicked in forests as a child. Now he's saving them from a coal mine plan
9 June 2024 - Alok Shukla has led a decade-long grassroots campaign against some companies seeking to develop coal mines in forested areas in Central India. Shukla became an environmental activist and in 2011 confronted big mining companies planning to raze forests to mine coal. In May, 43-year-old Shukla was declared as one of the six winners of the 2024 Goldman Environmental award for his successes. (more)

Bison return to Portugal
8 June 2024 - A herd of eight bison was last week transferred from Poland to the Greater Coa Valley in northern Portugal where, after a period of acclimatization, they will eventually be set free on the 7,600-hectare Termas de Monfortinho, and Herdade do Vale Feitoso estate. Once the bison are settled into their new home, people will be allowed to view them as part of a wildlife tourism initiative set up under the guidance of the Wild Coa Network, a network of more than 50 nature-based businesses in and around the Greater Coa Valley. (more)

James Webb Space Telescope chief scientist Jane Rigby receives highest US civilian award
8 June 2024 - On May 3, 2024 Jane Rigby, senior project scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope, was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States' highest civilian honor. ''The Presidential Medal of Freedom,'' according to the White House website, ''is the Nation's highest civilian honor, presented to individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the prosperity, values, or security of the United States, world peace, or other significant societal, public or private endeavors.'' (more)

Your plastic-free kitchen: First steps in getting PFAS 'forever chemicals' out of your diet
7 June 2024 - Reducing plastics in your kitchen is easier than you think. With a little ingenuity and a lot of flexibility, it's possible to find substitutes for the plastics that are leaching into our food and bodies and clogging our oceans. The goal, says Erika Schreder, science director at the environmental health research and advocacy organization Toxic-Free Future, is to reduce our exposure to plastic chemicals. Food storage is a great place to start. (more)

UK: Extinct 'mountain jewel' plant returned to wild -- in secret location
6 June 2024 - A plant that went extinct in the wild has been re-introduced to the UK mainland in a secret location to keep it safe. It's just one small plant but with one in six species in the UK endangered, you've got to start somewhere. The BBC was there the moment pioneering horticulturist Robbie Blackhall-Miles returned it to its native soil. (more)

The Cleveland Museum of Art is set to return a 2,200-year-old statue to Libya
5 June 2024 - A statue of a bearded man striding forward was crafted from black basalt over 2,000 years ago during the Ptolemaic dynasty. Now, it's finally set to return to Libya, where it was looted during British occupation in World War II, according to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Mohamed Faraj Mohamed, head of Libya's Department of Antiquities, said in the news release the department appreciated ''the willingness of the Cleveland Museum of Art to work with the department in accomplishing the transfer of this important work.'' (more)

How Ecuador's birding boom is benefiting wildlife
4 June 2024 - Birding tourism is thriving in Ecuador, with increasing numbers of specialist tour groups, local bird guides, and wildlife lodges. The country boasts more than 1,600 different species -- almost twice as many as the whole of Europe -- in an area only slightly larger than the UK. As the business of birding grows, more and more subsistence farmers are transitioning their land from agriculture to bird reserves, benefiting not just the birds, but the country's economy, too. (more)

June 3rd is World Bicycle Day
3 June 2024 - World Bicycle Day draws attention to the benefits of using the bicycle -- a simple, affordable, clean, and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation. The bicycle contributes to cleaner air and less congestion and makes education, health care, and other social services more accessible to the most vulnerable populations. (more)

UK: Beckham swaps beekeeping tips with the King
3 June 2024 - David Beckham has said he swapped 'beekeeping tips' with King Charles at a recent meeting. Beckham's passion for beekeeping was shown in the recent Netflix documentary about the footballer, which shows him walking in full apiarist attire to his beehives. The former England captain said the pair met at the monarch's Highgrove home in Gloucestershire to discuss the work of the King's Foundation. The foundation runs educational programs and training, while also aiming to revitalize communities through urban regeneration and planning and supporting sustainability. (more)

Peru approves the creation of long-awaited marine protected area
2 June 2024 - In April, after 10 years of negotiations, Peru's Council of Ministers approved the creation of the Grau Tropical Sea National Reserve. To Peruvians, it is a much-awaited marine protected area, as it's one of the most biodiverse stretches along the country's coastline. Experts have called the creation of the Grau Tropical Sea National Reserve a milestone as it is rich in biodiversity. (more)

2024 Winners of Europe's top heritage awards announced by the European Commission and Europa Nostra
1 June 2024 - The European Commission and Europa Nostra have announced the 2024 winners of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. This year, Europe's most prestigious awards for heritage go to 26 outstanding winners from 18 countries across the continent. (more)

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