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Webb Space Telescope rewrites the rules of galactic evolution
23 May 2024 - Advanced observations by the JWST indicate that early galaxies matured faster and were less chaotic, challenging previous theories of galaxy evolution. New research has revealed that the Universe's early galaxies were less turbulent and developed more rapidly than previously believed. This research, led by an international team from Durham University [Durham, England], utilized the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) to find evidence of bar formation when the Universe was only a few billion years old. (more)

UK: Borrowdale rainforest in Lake District declared national nature reserve
22 May 2024 - A temperate rainforest in the Lake District has been declared a national nature reserve in a move that will protect the rare ancient habitat for future generations. The Borrowdale rainforest is one of the few surviving examples of a 'mysterious and untouched' landscape that covers less than 1 percent of the UK. (more)

Study proves black holes have a 'plunging region,' just as Einstein predicted
19 May 2024 - Albert Einstein was right: There is an area at the edge of black holes where matter can no longer stay in orbit and instead falls in, as predicted by his theory of gravity. (more)

Amazing winners of the GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2024
18 May 2024 - A dreamy winter scene has earned Dieter Damschen the title of GDT Nature Photographer of the Year. The competition is run by the Germany Society for Nature Photographers to highlight the talent of its members. This year, 481 members from 13 countries entered just under 8,000 images. (more)

Newly mapped lost branch of the Nile could help solve long-standing pyramid mystery
17 May 2024 - Egypt's Great Pyramid and other ancient monuments at Giza exist on an isolated strip of land at the edge of the Sahara Desert. The inhospitable location has long puzzled archaeologists, some of whom had found evidence that the Nile River once flowed near these pyramids in some capacity, facilitating the landmarks' construction starting 4,700 years ago. (more)

Scientists find buried branch of the Nile that may have carried pyramids' stones
16 May 2024 - Scientists have discovered a long-buried branch of the Nile River that once flowed alongside more than 30 pyramids in Egypt, potentially solving the mystery of how ancient Egyptians transported the massive stone blocks to build the monuments. (more)

Vegetarian and vegan diets linked to lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and death, large review finds
16 May 2024 - A plant-based diet is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, and death, according to a large-scale review published Wednesday [15 May]. The research, which appears in the journal PLOS ONE, analyzed the results of nearly 50 studies published from 2000 to 2023. (more)

As Zambia schools take on climate change, one teen is spreading the word in sign language
15 May 2024 - Bridget Chanda, 18, is intent on helping educate Zambia's deaf community about climate change. As the southern African nation has suffered from more frequent extreme weather, including its current severe drought, it's prompted the Zambian government to include more climate change education in its school curriculum. (more)

Certain vegetarian diets significantly reduce risk of cancer, heart disease, and death, study says
15 May 2024 - Eating a vegan, vegetarian, or lacto-ovo vegetarian diet significantly reduces the overall risk of developing cancer, heart disease, and dying early from cardiovascular disease, according to a new 'umbrella' analysis of more than 20 years of research. (more)

Stunning image shows atoms transforming into quantum waves -- just as Schrodinger predicted
13 May 2024 - A new imaging technique, which captured frozen lithium atoms transforming into quantum waves, could be used to probe some of the most poorly understood aspects of the quantum world. (more)

A Puerto Rico community pushes for rooftop solar as fossil-fuel plants face retirement
10 May 2024 - Land for large solar arrays is limited on the island [of Puerto Rico]. Rooftop panels can provide electricity during blackouts and bring the island closer to its clean energy goals. (more)

Using algorithms to decode the complex phonetic alphabet of sperm whales
8 May 2024 - Researchers from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Project CETI (Cetacean Translation Initiative) recently used algorithms to decode the 'sperm whale phonetic alphabet,' revealing sophisticated structures in sperm whale communication akin to human phonetics and communication systems in other animal species. (more)

What are sperm whales saying? Researchers find a complex 'alphabet'
8 May 2024 - Sperm whales don't sing in the melodious way humpback whales are known for. Instead, they make clicks in long exchanges that sound like a blend of Morse code and popcorn popping. For decades, scientists have recorded their conversations in the hope of teasing out their patterns. Now, a new study finds that sperm whales have far more nuanced communication than previously thought. (more)

Renewable energy passes 30 percent of world's electricity supply
7 May 2024 - A report on the global power system has found that the world may be on the brink of driving down fossil fuel generation, even as overall demand for electricity continues to rise. Clean electricity has already helped to slow the growth in fossil fuels by almost two-thirds in the past 10 years, according to the report by climate thinktank Ember [headquartered in the UK]. (more)

Scientists are learning the basic building blocks of sperm whale language after years of effort
7 May 2024 - Scientists studying the sperm whales that live around the Caribbean island of Dominica have described for the first time the basic elements of how they might be talking to each other, in an effort that could one day help better protect them. (more)

'I'm a blue whale, I'm here': researchers listen with delight to songs that hint at Antarctic resurgence
6 May 2024 - Centuries of industrial whaling left only a few hundred Antarctic blue whales alive, making it almost impossible to find them in the wild. New research suggests the population may be recovering. Australian scientists and international colleagues spent two decades listening for their distinctive songs and calls, and have found the whales -- the largest animals ever to have lived -- swimming across the Southern Ocean with growing regularity. (more)

To keep whales safe, US Coast Guard launches boat alert system in Seattle
6 May 2024 - The U.S. Coast Guard has launched a pilot program to alert ships to whale sightings in Washington state's Salish Sea. The goal of the agency's 'cetacean desk' is to keep the marine mammals safe from boat strikes and reduce noise in the highly transited inland seawaters by collecting sightings from civilians and mariners. (more)

400,000 'solar balconies' boost German home energy harvesting capacity
5 May 2024 - Plug-in solar systems on balconies are becoming increasingly popular among Germans living in smaller apartments. So far, more than 400,000 such systems have been installed, with over 50,000 units sold in the first quarter of this year alone. (more)

Solar balconies are booming in Germany and you can plug in and install them yourself
4 May 2024 - Solar panels are finding their way onto all sorts of surprising surfaces, and now Central Europeans are beginning to line their balcony rails with them. ...Data acquired by Euronews claims that 400,000 German households have already connected their verandas and balconies to solar panels. (more)

Orangutan in the wild applied medicinal plant to heal its own injury, biologists say
3 May 2024 - When a wild orangutan in Indonesia suffered a painful wound to his cheek, he did something that stunned researchers: He chewed plant leaves known to have pain-relieving and healing properties, rubbed the juice on the open wound -- and then used the leaves as a poultice to cover his injury. (more)

A wild orangutan used a medicinal plant to treat a wound, scientists say
2 May 2024 - An orangutan appeared to treat a wound with medicine from a tropical plant -- the latest example of how some animals attempt to soothe their own ills with remedies found in the wild, scientists reported Thursday [2 May]. ...The orangutan's intriguing behavior was recorded in 2022 by Ulil Azhari, a co-author and field researcher at the Suaq Project in Medan, Indonesia. Photographs show the animal's wound closed within a month without any problems. (more)

US: A second solar project takes off at JFK airport
1 May 2024 - TotalEnergies began construction of an onsite solar-plus-storage system, providing energy to Port Authority and Con Edison, as well as community solar for area residents. TotalEnergies is constructing a 12 MW solar canopy in a long-term parking lot at John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport in New York. ...The project is expected to be placed in service in phases during 2025 and 2026. (more)

US: Philadelphia begins powering City Hall and the airport by a solar array 100 miles away
1 May 2024 - Philadelphia has begun pulling large amounts of power for city-owned buildings from a solar array on farmland near Gettysburg. The project, begun nearly six years ago under former Mayor Jim Kenney, started producing electricity specifically for the city a few weeks ago in Adams County after testing was complete. It is expected to provide up to 25. percent of power consumed by municipal buildings, including City Hall, Philadelphia International Airport, and the Water Department. (more)

Bangladesh: Olive ridley turtle breaks 4-year record with 53 percent increase in eggs
30 April 2024 - This year, Bangladesh has seen its highest number of olive ridley turtle eggs, thanks to extensive conservation actions, including building awareness among local people and the vigilance of local conservation groups to ensure favorable conditions for the species. (more)

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