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The Human Body Is Made of Consciousness

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20 October 2015

Following is an excerpt, published recently in Enlightenment: The Transcendental Meditation Magazine, from a series of weekly global press conferences given by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation Programme.

Moderator: This question is on consciousness—primary or secondary? Most scientists today hold that consciousness is purely a byproduct of electrochemical processes in the brain and that without the body there is no consciousness, no awareness, no life. On the other hand, the scientific conclusion of Dr. Tony Nader* is that consciousness is primary and that physiology is secondary—that the human body is made of consciousness. Would Maharishi please explain how consciousness is primary and how, in fact, consciousness can actually create the human body?

Maharishi: One word would be the answer of it. The word is ''unmanifest''. There is the manifest, and the other thing is unmanifest. It's manifest and unmanifest; it's diversity and unity. Together they are reality. Together, not one, not the other.

Now, those who are practicing Transcendental Meditation know that there are moments in their awareness where consciousness is the only thing that there is. This is Transcendental Consciousness. There is no awareness of the body. So in that state, one is the other. It's a matter of where one's awareness is.

This is very beautifully explained in the Vedic literature. There is a section of Vedic Literature called Nyaya. Nyaya is the lamp at the door. You have a lamp at the door. What it does, it lights the inside, and it lights the outside. So there is light outside and light inside. There is a line of balance where outside and inside both meet together, and that is the reality.

So your argument is brilliant when you say one needs the other. Absolutely one needs the other. One is the other. And that gets settled in one word: ''unmanifest''.

Now this unmanifest is that level where silence and dynamism both are in harmony. Both are in harmony, silence and dynamism. It's not only the body, not only consciousness.

How to get to this level? When one is not meditating, then only the body is primary. When only the body is primary, then the other part—which is more quiet, more silent, more fluid—it is more basic we say, because consciousness is boundary-less. No space-time boundaries.

The body has boundaries. Consciousness is unbounded. So when the boundaries are there, you can move from boundary to boundary to boundary. Then you can come to the point value of the boundary. There you will have the boundary and the unboundedness, both together. So in this case, that law of administration comes that one is the other.

When only one is important—either body is important or consciousness is important—you can't function. It's not life.

So we say, ''What is life?'' It is Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness means consciousness in multiple ways and consciousness in its unified state, both together. So one cannot unglue one from the other because in the ultimate reality, the ultimate analysis, both are together. And that is total life. Consciousness and physiology together, both are total.

But in the world when the body is seen to be primary, we have to explain to the people that it is consciousness which is primary. And give them the experience of consciousness. And then one comes to a value where consciousness is physiology.

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* Dr Tony Nader, MD, PhD, is a neuroscientist who successfully correlated each aspect of the Vedic Literature to a specific area of physiology, with the conclusion that human physiology is the expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature. In appreciation for his achievements in illuminating Vedic Science in the light of modern science, Dr. Nader was honoured by Maharishi with the title 'Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam' and given responsibility for guiding the Global Country of World Peace.

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