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Celebrating 'Victory before war': Rising success of Maharishi's programmes to create world peace
by Global Good News staff writer

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13 October 2013

On 13 October organizations of the Global Country of World Peace* in many countries participated in the festival of Victory Day, which celebrates the victory of administration based on total Natural Law to promote an ideal state of life in every country in which 'suffering belongs to no one'.

On the occasion of Victory Day in October 2005, in his weekly press conference Maharishi Mahesh Yogi emphasized the principle of 'Victory before war'—commenting on the rising momentum of success of his programmes to create world peace through the application of coherence-creating technologies of consciousness.

One of Maharishi's primary initiatives in his 50 years of teaching throughout the world was to establish large groups of peace-creating experts practising Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying. Scientific research on such groups in different parts of the world has found a measurable influence of coherence and harmony created in society, seen in decreased crime, violence, and war, and increased positive trends such as improved economic indicators.

Following are highlights from Maharishi's address during the press conference on 12 October 2005:

'It is a great day of satisfaction—complete satisfaction—because I see the goal is visible. I am stepping onto the goal of world peace; we are about to step onto it. Even though it is a joy to speak about it, when we were speaking about it in the past, we had to show to the listeners, and they had to see at a distance. . . . Now we can say it has almost come to the door. The achievement is quite at hand. All that was theoretical before is now taking a practical shape—that is all.

'It is not that science is separate, and technology is separate, which means that the principles are separate and the practice is separate—no. They are not two things. Both the principles and the practice, science and technology, are the same thing. As it comes to be understood, it gets applied automatically. So as people are understanding more and more, the application of it is completely spontaneous.

'Today, on Victory Day, when we reviewed how much has been achieved, we found that we are already at the door, we are at the door. It is great that on this Victory Day we can announce that the door we have been knocking on has opened. It is a matter of entry into it. It is an open door now. Enter who wants to enter. Simply enter who wants to enter.'

Maharishi went on to describe the automatic, instantaneous effect of rising coherence in world consciousness through peace-creating groups of Yogic Flyers in terms of the 'press-button operation' common in the scientific age.

'The scientific age is the age of the press-button operation. Now you can actualise by pressing the button, and what you actualise is your objective, your goal, your purpose. It is a very beautiful thing. . . . You press the button, and then you have achieved the goal. There is no time lapse between pressing the button and achieving the goal. . . .

'The Constitution of the Universe is the administrator of the universe. The ''Constitution of the Universe'' means the knowledge of the laws of nature. Where is total Natural Law? It is evident in the operation of gravity. In our Yogic Flying, it is this gravity that is demonstrated. The gravity is commanded by the mind. Then the effect is instant—immediate. It is not that you know the thing today, and then you will achieve it tomorrow—no. It is instant; knowing is Being. Knowing is Being in this case, always.'

Maharishi explained more about the mechanics through which 'knowing is Being' brings immediate results in the field of action, referring to a well-known expression from the Vedic literature: 'Yogasthah Kuru Karmani' (Bhagavad-Gita, II.48).** Maharishi's programme to create world peace is successful not through waging war, he said. The technologies of consciousness create peace from the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law identified by modern science at the basis of the physical universe. They do so through direct experience and enlivenment of the Unified Field in the state of pure, transcendental consciousness, the self-referral state of Being*** in the Self of everyone.

'It is a very beautiful thing. Today's voice is the voice of the press-button operation. The voice is ''Yogasthah Kuru Karmani''. ''Yogasthah Kuru Karmani'' means ''being in the self-referral state, perform action''. Being in the self-referral state, you are already in the state of Being, and then perform action. Action performed on the level of Being is Being performing, and Being getting the result. The result is instant. That is what we say: the command over gravity is instant. Within just a few days or a few weeks of practising, then it becomes completely automatic, press-button, and the result is there.

'All the big, huge complications and suffering and difficulties and negativities and all these different enemies seem to be so difficult and impossible. For these one prepares big, giant counteracting military procedures—all those big, destructive values. All that is not necessary. The man of the scientific age is a capable man. It is not a man who was thrown out of balance due to either this or this or this or this—no. It is not due to the action process that the man of the scientific age can be thrown off. This is the advantage of this scientific age. . . .

'The very special feature of the scientific age is that the goal is no more to be sought. The Unified Field, which was to be sought before, is found to be omnipresent, omniscient, everywhere, all over, inside, outside, here, there, everywhere. And then it is found to be the Self of everyone. So what is there to seek? It is a matter of using it. That is why we say, ''By knowing it, you be it. By being it, you are a lively field of all possibilities—Being, omnipresent, omniscient.'' . . .

'It is a very beautiful day today—especially beautiful—because we feel so relaxed after this Victory Day. Victory is victory—that is all. We say, ''Victory before war''. We did not have to go to war in order to be victorious. We do not have to wage a war to be victorious. We are victorious because there exists no enemy for us, either front, back, or sides. Enemies are not there.'

* The Global Country of World Peace was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a consortium of educational organizations in more than 100 countries working to create a new era of peace, progress, and prosperity in our world family. It is a 'nation without borders', a home for peace-loving people everywhere. The domain of the Global Country of World PeaceĀ is consciousness—the prime mover of life—the ground state of Natural Law, the field of all possibilities. It is a non-political, non-religious global organization and does not usurp or replace any of the functions of existing governments.

** Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Bhagavad-Gita: A New Translation and Commentary, Chapters 1-6. The English-language edition of Chapters 1-6 is available through Maharishi University of Management Press (

*** In Maharishi's Vedic Science, Being is described as the infinite field of pure intelligence at the basis of the entire universe, described by modern science as the Unified Field of total Natural Law, and accessible to direct experience in the state of pure or transcendental consciousness, the Self—the simplest form of human awareness at the basis of all the mind's activity, through the Transcendental Meditation technique.

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