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Perfection awaits mankind through the discovery of Veda in human physiology - Maharishi
by Global Good News staff writer

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12 January 2012

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's historic address from 12 January 1994, which was played during new year celebrations on 12 January 2012, continued as Maharishi explained that 'every government is full of problems because they have not known how efficient, how perfect is the inner administrator of life. What is inside the physiology, it has not been so far known. Today we are declaring the discovery of the Veda . . . that functioning of Natural Law which maintains infinite order in the universe,' which is available to everyone.

Please see Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV of this series, in which Maharishi said that through the complete knowledge and experience of Veda in human physiology, ideal administration can be created in every country, based on integrated national consciousness; the behaviour of the people 'will spontaneously be cultured through that education of Vedic Science where consciousness will be the predominant value'.

Maharishi continued:

'I say consciousness-dominated life, rather than physiology dominated life. Physiology is the expression of intelligence, or expression of consciousness. Consciousness is the most fundamental level of life, and structured consciousness is the structure of the Veda. Veda is the structured consciousness. Structured consciousness means all the laws that create the unmanifest level of consciousness to manifest. The mechanics of transformation of the unmanifest to the state of manifest; and the different levels of manifestation from the whole stream of evolution, [and] then the world. So creation and evolution, all the mechanics are now clear to us with this discovery of Veda in human consciousness.

'It's a very great thing, but the courses have been developed and more courses will come along to let the people know and understand and demonstrate the infinite organizing power of consciousness through their daily activities, where their activities will spontaneously be law abiding, and no more law enforcement. There are so many different aspects in the field of politics, in the field of education, in the field of health, in the field of defence—invincibility. Nothing other than invincibility, nothing less than invincibility is the offer of this discovery of the Veda in human physiology. Invincibility to everyone.'

Maharishi said that concerns and fears within and between nations 'and all these talks will become children's talks tomorrow, as soon as this inner administrator wakes up, as soon as Veda wakes up through this knowledge. It will not be necessary for any government to [be concerned] about themselves or about others. . . . All these arms-producing nations will have to give up their trade and that'll be fortunate. Efforts are constantly being made by these arms-producing countries, to undermine anything that will maintain peace in the world. But those days are over.

'There will be peace and happiness, and there will be perfection in the field of administration in every country, and power will be understood, not in terms of destructive power, as it has been until now. Power will be in terms of nourishing ability. The government's energy and resources of the nation, any nation, all nations, will not be wasted in dwelling with problems, in dabbling with problems.

'All the countries, every government is full of problems because they have not known how efficient, how perfect is the inner administrator of life. What is inside the physiology, it has not been so far known. Now today we are declaring the discovery of the Veda, discovery of the organizing power of nature, that functioning of Natural Law which maintains infinite order in the universe. That we are declaring today is available to everyone, it's just a matter of a few lessons on consciousness and Vedic Science and technology.

'It's a very great discovery, we are very proud of this, and we are very happy about what we are doing today . . . we are declaring the discovery of the most perfect organizer of inner life within everyone's body, the intelligence of every body itself. Discovery of that in a perfect, systematic, scientific manner, we are declaring to the world today. It's a very great joy that we are doing this.

'Now as I said, this is an open door of perfection in life, throughout the world. It's on the same basis that we have been teaching for the last 36-37 years—Transcendental Meditation, TM Sidhi Programme, Yogic Flying, bubbling bliss, and now one word for all these beautiful things that people have been experiencing in the world: perfection in life. Fruit of all knowledge, mistake-free life, mistake-free individual, mistake-free society—perfect organization of the government.

'Every government has to be just the replica of the administrator in the Veda, which is there in everyone. It has to be enlivened, and all the procedures of enlivening are all contained in this Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme, and bubbling bliss and having these groups of Yogic Flyers everywhere.

'Perfection awaits mankind, perfection at the door of mankind. This is today's inauguration of the twentieth year of the Age of Enlightenment.'

Global Good News will continue to feature Maharishi's address from 12 January 1994.

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