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Quantum physics and consciousness: The ultimate theory of everything - An interview with Dr. John Hagelin

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15 October 2011

John Hagelin, Ph.D., is a world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace. After receiving his Ph.D. in physics from Harvard University, Dr. Hagelin conducted pioneering research at CERN (the European Center for Particle Physics) and SLAC (the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center).

His scientific contributions in the fields of electroweak unification, grand unification, super-symmetry, and cosmology include some of the most cited references in the physical sciences. He is also responsible for the development of a highly successful Grand Unified Field Theory based on the superstring. In recognition of his outstanding achievements, Dr. Hagelin was named winner of the prestigious Kilby Award, which recognizes scientists who have made major contributions to society through their applied research in the fields of science and technology.

Following are excerpts from a recent interview with Dr. Hagelin by
Enlightenment magazine, on the unified field and its relationship to human consciousness.

(This video features a 12-minute talk by Dr Hagelin several years ago about consciousness and the unified field.)

— — —

Enlightenment: How would you define the unified field?

Dr. John Hagelin:
The unified field is the scientifically discovered unified source of the diversified universe. It's the source of all the laws of nature. It's the ultimate source of the order displayed throughout the vast universe.

Modern science over the past quarter century has systematically explored progressively deeper levels of nature's functioning, from the macroscopic world of classical physics to the quantum mechanical world of the atom, nucleus, and subnuclear particles.

This inward exploration of deeper levels of nature's functioning has culminated in the discovery of the unified field, or superstring field, at time and distance scales ten million, million, million times smaller than the nucleus.

At this fundamental scale, all four forces of nature governing all phenomena in the universe, and all the particles of nature as well, are unified into one universal field of dynamic intelligence, the basis of all the diverse forms and phenomena in the universe.

Enlightenment: How is the unified field related to human consciousness?

Dr. John Hagelin:
Throughout time, certain civilizations have developed highly refined subjective technologies of consciousness—meditation techniques—to systematically explore deeper levels of mind, more fundamental levels of human intelligence. Meditation, properly understood and properly practiced, is a systematic procedure to turn our normally outward-directed attention powerfully within to experience and explore deeper levels of mind—quieter, subtler levels of thought. This inward flow of attention, achieved most effectively through the Transcendental Meditation technique, culminates in the experience of the most silent and expanded state of consciousness—pure consciousness.

In this maximally expanded state of awareness—in this unified state of consciousness in which the observer, process of observing, and observed are all united as pure, self-aware consciousness—individual awareness identifies with the unified field. In other words, in the meditative state—in the experience of pure consciousness—human awareness opens to the direct experience of the unified field at the basis of the entire subjective and objective universe.

While in recent times, the unified field has been theoretically derived and, to a limited extent, empirically confirmed through the objective approach of modern science, in ancient times it was directly experienced as the unity of life in higher states of consciousness. Of course, the ancient Vedic science of consciousness, from which the Transcendental Meditation technique is derived, is the most ancient and highly developed science and technology for the direct experience of the unified field at the foundation of the universe.

— — —

Global Good News will continue to feature excerpts from this recent interview with Dr Hagelin.

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