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Victory: Unity of life with the potential of infinite diversity - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
by Global Good News staff writer

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22 October 2010

Continuing his address from Victory Day in October 1999, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explained that Victory Day celebrates invincibility; the reality of the eternal victory is unity, the fullness or unity of life that has the potential of infinite diversity. The practical value of Victory Day is 'the day of eternal silence and eternal dynamism', which is the nature of our own self-referral consciousness.

Maharishi's historic address was highlighted recently, on the first full moon day following this year's Victory Day celebration by the Global Country of World Peace.

Maharishi gave the example of the silent ocean in which all the activity of the waves has settled down. Every point of the silent ocean has the potential of infinite dynamism. 'Every point of the silent ocean can rise up in a wave,' Maharishi said. The whole ocean could rise up in a wave: the entire infinity could be in the dynamic state from the point of eternal silence. This is the picture of victory, invincibility, Totality, fullness, fullness of life, unity of life, 'but unity with the potential of infinite diversity—this is victory', Maharishi said.

The practical value of Victory Day is 'the day of eternal silence and eternal dynamism'. It is the day of Veda, the day of Atma [the Self], self-referral, Maharishi said. Self-referral means completely silent, fully awake within itself—but that silence is self-referral dynamism. This is what Veda is. Veda is togetherness, unified wholeness, Unity with potential diversity because the whole diversity emerges from unity.

'This beautiful display of the reality of the eternal victory is available very delightfully—and it's such a delight to say this—this whole eternal field of victory between silence and dynamism, it is displayed in the first syllable of Rk Veda, which we count to be the Constitution of the Universe.'

Maharishi went on to explain that everyone, in his own Self, in his own Transcendental Consciousness, is a lively field of the total Veda. 'So the victory is there, described in Rk Veda in very beautiful words—where it is says that this field of victory is . . . in the Transcendental Consciousness, where abide or reside the administrators of the universe.

'If you want to shake hands with the administrator of the universe, transcend—practise Transcendental Meditation,' Maharishi said, 'and in this transcendental field, where your mind is self-referral state of pure awakening, all the activity of the mind is settled down, and the mind is like the settled state of the ocean.'

Like the fish and other things that exist in the ocean, in the transcendental field, which is the field of eternal silence, that silence is eternally dynamic within itself. 'That marvellous, unaccountable, indescribable totality of intelligence has structures of intelligence, and these structures of intelligence are the different structures of the Vedas—Rk, Sama, Yajur, and Atharva Veda'—these syllables, verses, and ten Mandalas [major sections] of Rk Veda.

Maharishi explained that when he says 'Total Knowledge', he is referring to the total collection of the Laws of Nature that create and continue to evolve creation eternally. So this theme of creation and evolution is an eternal theme of life that is endowed with silence and dynamism.

'This is victory of silence over dynamism, and it is the victory of dynamism over silence. This is just the absolute victory, we can say, incarnate on the eternal self-referral dynamism of the Veda in the self-referral consciousness, self-referral intelligence, in one's own Atma. In one's own Self is the eternal structure of eternal silence and dynamism.'

Maharishi said that today we are celebrating the reality of life. 'Through Transcendental Meditation we celebrate the details of our own personality, Transcendental Consciousness, and there is the whole Veda, Totality.

'We are not celebrating an unknown entity, we are celebrating our totality. Today is the joy of the waves of eternity, waves of invincibility, the waves of one's own cosmic nature. . . . In celebrating victory today, what we are celebrating is eternal, total light of life. In this what we are celebrating is the disappearance of ignorance, disappearance of the darkness.

'When we are celebrating light, and when we are celebrating the eternal light of life, then we are perpetuating eternity, we are perpetuating enlightenment.'

Maharishi's complete address from Victory Day 1999 was webcast on 22 October.

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