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The importance of maintaining the field independence quality of consciousness in the current 'information overload': Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam
by Global Good News staff writer

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25 July 2010

Concluding his address to the recent global Guru Purnima celebration, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, spoke about the importance of maintaining the 'field independence' quality of one's consciousness, the Self, in the midst of the current 'information overload' promoted by the Internet.

Speaking on 25 July in MERU, Holland, Maharaja continued to comment on the theme of unity and diversity, explaining that diversity or specificity is a part of Natural Law. In context of the current situation of constant flood of information through the Internet, he said that uniformity, homogeneity, can be a danger, because a misguided information system can lead the entire system from one goal to another in a way that is not controllable or beneficial.

This is the beauty of the great knowledge that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has offered to the world, Maharaja said. Through its ministries, the Global Country of World Peace assumes responsibility for uplifting every field of life, including agriculture, health, architecture, the world economy, politics, etc. 'We have those responsibilities of specific nature. But ultimately our responsibility is to bring the collective consciousness of the world to the Self, so that information and specific values do not overshadow the field independence quality' of consciousness.

Maharaja explained that in the world today it is the written word or visual expression with which everyone is bombarded. In the past, the oral tradition was used for giving knowledge. 'Research has shown that when you read something, or you see it in a picture, it leaves an impression on you and you can remember it six times more than something you have heard.' Eighty-three per cent of learning happens through visual images, Maharaja said.

The written word has a different impact than the spoken word. 'The spoken word is much more gentle,' Maharaja continued. He explained that it was much more familiar to the brain than the written word, which historically was very expensive to produce. 'You had to take a piece of stone and write on it. They used to write only the most important things, because it was costly. It remains in the consciousness—that writing is so important that it's really a definitive truth; it's something very solid; it's ''written in stone''.'

Maharaja said that, aside from Maharishi's Technologies of Consciousness, there is no other technology in the world that allows individuals to be exposed to a lot of information, yet remain free, established in their own Being (the field of pure consciousness)—so that some of the forms of information that proliferate in society do not create mass hysteria and catastrophe for the world.

Bringing out this understanding today, Maharaja said, was a 'refreshing remembrance of the power of the knowledge that we have—its always true influence, importance, and balance in the creation of a world that is able to have invincibility with harmony, balance, and exchange of knowledge . . . yet at the same time diversity, individuality, and the ability for everyone to be truly themselves, and to live the fullness of life that they are able to live.'

We are aware of no other knowledge that can achieve this, Maharaja said. 'We know from our experience and our knowledge of what's available in the world, that we really have something so precious in every area.'

Maharaja said that he had been inspired by the video replay, earlier in the celebration, of Maharishi's historic Guru Purnima address from 2005, in which Maharishi discussed Natural Law and the Constitution of the Universe, to bring out the profound importance in today's world of establishing coherence-creating groups of Yogic Flyers; and of inspiring people to learn Transcendental Meditation. Through practising these technologies, people gain the ability to maintain the Self (Transcendental Consciousness) in the midst of an information overload that can sometimes be very useful, but can also be very damaging, creating 'highly excited minds', Maharaja said—particularly when the media are mainly reporting crimes, catastrophes, and problems; or may be promoting a particular perspective which attempts to guide the knowledge and the information into one direction or another.

'The only solution to that,' Maharaja said, 'is go back to the Self; you can read [the information], but maintain your Self' through practising Transcendental Meditation. 'Be in a field independent state, and uphold the true Total Knowledge that is available in the unmanifest Unified Field, which is the source of all other aspects and which maintains all other aspects in perfect balance.'

Maharaja again expressed his infinite gratitude 'for enlightenment, the Unity value that we have understood on a theoretical level, and have been able to directly experience' through the technologies Maharishi brought out from the Vedic Tradition, including the great fullness of knowledge he made available for everyone 'to understand it on the direct experience level, on the feeling level, on the intellectual level, and [in] all the applied sciences.' Acknowledging the great responsibility of the Global Country of World Peace, Maharaja expressed great joy in having these technologies to preserve, protect, and raise everyone to the ideal state of life 'that we truly are born to live on the individual level and for the whole society'.

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