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Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam: How to 'Know Thyself'
by Global Good News staff writer

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13 July 2009

Continuing his address to the Global Celebration of Guru Purnima Day on 7 July 2009 in MERU, Holland, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, explained the stages of development in the unfoldment of the Self in the higher states of consciousness described by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in his Vedic Science: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness*.

Having reflected on the 'gift of the Guru'—Total Knowledge, 'Know Thyself'—Maharaja went on to explain how to know oneself. He said that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought out the technology that allows the individual to transcend,** and from the Transcendent know the Self. He explained that all the senses, drawn inwards, go through the mind, the intellect, the ego and the Self, 'and then find the true total Reality of what the Self is, in a very simple, most efficient, most practical way to achieve the goal of ''Know Thyself''—as Maharishi has taught us, and as we have been practising throughout these years, and we are teaching to the world.'**

Maharaja said that in Maharishi we have a revival of Total Knowledge. 'We have Total Knowledge available in the experience of the Self, and Maharishi has shown us how this experience progresses first from transcending, going through these steps: first the ego realizes it is the Self, and that is Transcendental Consciousness.

'Then as we become familiar with transcending, with Transcendental Consciousness,' he continued, 'that gets established on the level of Cosmic Consciousness, where the intellect realizes that there are two realities. It realizes its own reality of being the Self, because it has transcended and repeatedly transcended.

'Usually the experience has been in the outer, dynamic, changing field. Now the experience is established in the inner field of pure Being, and therefore the intellect recognizes that there is a reality which is also myself. When that gets established in a permanent way on the fine level of intellectual activity, there is a recognition of my Self and the dynamic, outside, changing field—and that we say is the level of Cosmic Consciousness.'

Maharaja explained that the intellect then goes through further refinement and starts to acknowledge that the outer field is also subtle; it is also coherent, is also intelligible; it is also part of Natural Law. 'It is part of a design,' he said, 'part of a wholeness. Therefore [the intellect] becomes more and more attracted to it; and Maharishi says, on the fine feeling level, the finest level of the intellect, the outer values of life get adopted, get taken in as something very glorious—and that is God Consciousness, the realization of the Creator in his creation.'

In that reality there is a further step of understanding of our nature and the nature of the outer world, Maharaja explained: as God Consciousness gets totally glorified, totally achieved, and even transcended in terms of the outer field—then comes Unity Consciousness. 'Unity Consciousness is that reality where the outer expressions, the dynamic changing field, are recognized as the silent reality, the silent field, the silent Self—and therefore dynamism and silence become experienced as one reality—outer and inner as one reality.

'That is the achievement of the finest level of intellect and ego, merging every other expression in the outer field with the inner reality of Unity Consciousness,' Maharaja said.

Maharaja said that in this Guru Purnima a very special value has been brought to light by Maharishi—that is the reality of Brahmi Chetana, Brahman Consciousness (the highest state of human development), the experience of Totality.

Global Good News will feature Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam's explanation of Brahmi Chetana in the coming days.

* Maharishi explains that beyond the familiar states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping are four higher states of consciousness—Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness—each bringing a new dimension of physiological functioning, experience, knowledge, and fulfilment.

** Transcend: go beyond the finest level of thinking to experience pure awareness, Transcendental Consciousness. Maharishi's Technologies of Consciousness, including the Transcendental Meditation Programme, allow the individual to experience the effortless process of transcending in a systematic, reliable, repeatable manner.

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