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'From the vibrations of consciousness, the human physiology has come up': Maharishi
by Global Good New staff writer

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30 May 2009

Please see Part I of this article.

Continuing his address on 'In the beginning was the Word', from the Bible—responding to a question in his Global Press Conference on 12 February 2003—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explained that, thanks to the research of the great physiologist of this scientific age, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam—now First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace*—it has been shown that human physiology is the expression of consciousness. From that field of Total Knowledge, we want to reconstruct our society; we want to reconstruct the life on earth. Human life on earth is a very precious, total expression of Natural Law.

Maharishi said that the whole Vedic Literature is imprinted in the nervous system. All the nerves and all the structures of the physiology are the physical expressions of the verbal sounds of the Vedic Literature. 'This is what is meant by ''Veda is Nitya and Apaureshya.'' It is not manmade, it is eternal. This is what the Bible says—if it says there that it is not made by anyone, it is not made by anyone, it is eternal.'

Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam has shown that the human body is the expression of consciousness. 'It is not a myth; it is not a faith,' Maharishi said. 'It is a tangible reality. It is a tangible physical reality. This is the reality whose knowledge is very clear to us—Totality.'

'And from that field of Total Knowledge, we want to reconstruct our society; we want to reconstruct the life on earth. The life on earth, human life on earth, is a very precious, total expression of Natural Law. It's a total expression of Natural Law—it is not the result of a myth.

'That is why I have heard Christians telling me, ''Man was made in the image of God.'' That is also somewhere in the Bible. ''Man was made in the image of God.'' It is the God—the Word was with God and the Word was God

Maharishi then explained that it is from the word [or the vibrations of consciousness], that the body has come up. 'It is from the vibrations of consciousness that the human physiology and the physiology of any creature has popped up,' he said.

'We are in the grip of Total Knowledge of Natural Law—from unmanifest to its manifest creation, to ever-manifesting, ever-evolving, physical galactic universe. Veda is the basic reality which for its meaning is also true, as it is true for its existence. Consciousness is true; its expressions are true for its meaning.'

When we say Vedic Literature, Maharishi said, we have the knowledge with ultimate authenticity of its reality, total reality. 'And we have not made it up,' he continued. 'It is there in the Bible. It must be in the Koran. It must be in every religious text. And all these religious texts have sprung two thousand years ago, or sixteen hundred years ago, or ten thousand years ago—they all are the expressions of the eternal reality of Being. Say God. The unmanifest total reality.

'God stands for the ultimate; why not God? Whether you say God, or say Will of God, Natural Law, Constitution of the Universe, regulator of the universe, creator of the universe, maintainer of the universe—all, you can attribute everything to it. That is not manmade, it's not manmade.

Maharishi explained that the textbooks of religions have their own time—2,000 years, 10,000 years, 500 years or 1500 years or what. Religions keep on 'popping up' in time. 'The source of religion is Veda, pure intelligence, that silence and dynamism together expressed by the word [syllable] A, the first syllable of the Veda. . . .

'It is a very systematic thing,
' Maharishi continued. 'It is not a matter of faith, whether you believe it or not. If you believe, believe; if you don't believe, don't believe. If you believe in light, you will be in light. You don't have to face darkness. If you don't believe in light, it is your choice. Remain in darkness.

'Complete knowledge is there, and man is born to enjoy the total invincibility, infinity, diversity and unity together. What a beautiful creation of the Almighty, Merciful God.

'Every man has an inborn right, it is his heritage. . . . So the knowledge is there absolutely within the Self of everyone. The knowledge in which we take pride is the birthright of everyone in his own existence, something separate, nothing far away from him. What can the knowledge do if you don't use it? It is there within you.

'If your education does not unfold it, it is not its fault. Your Self is divine. Your Self is that source of all Laws of Nature. Your Self is that almighty power. Your Self is all that. If you don't use it you don't use your own treasury

* Maharishi has explained that the functioning of Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam's administration of the Global Country of World Peace, supporting the creation of invincibility in 192 countries of the world, is that of administration through silence—the full awakening of total Natural Law and its infinite organizing power in the consciousness of every individual and in the whole collective consciousness of every nation and the entire world.

For a complete replay of Maharishi's address, please visit archive and click May 18th.

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