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New Sthapatya Veda Palace for the Raja of India inaugurated at MERU, Holland - Part IV - Dr Bevan Morris
by Global Good News staff writer

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22 May 2008

Continuing his talk about the new Maharishi Sthapatya Veda home of Raja Harris Kaplan, Raja of Invincible India, Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, spoke about the influence of the house and also honoured Raja Harris and his family.

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Dr Morris pointed out that, being such an auspicious Vastu for the Raja of Invincible India, Raja Harris Kaplan, this palace will add so much more power to his performance. Dr Morris said that Raja Harris has already been living in a Vastu house at MERU, Holland, but this new Vastu is on 'a very different scale of power'.

Dr Morris said that Raja Harris himself had expressed that feeling very strongly: he knew that for his great responsibility for the Land of the Veda, as Raja of Invincible India, he will have that much greater power to accomplish anything from this new house, and all he has accomplished so far came from the good fortune he found when already living in Vastu.

Raja Harris and his wife and daughter have all already 'become intimate with the Totality of Natural Law,' said Dr Bevan Morris, all three having participated in the special Enlightenment Conference under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, before their Raja Training course.

Raja Harris 'sees that there is enormous power in where he works,' said Dr Morris, 'and he really knows that now the great task he has undertaken for Invincible India will go much more easily with the support of all the Devatas [impulses of Natural Law] from this place.'

Dr Morris explained that the design of the palace is such that from the third floor, one can look out from the terrace over the whole MERU campus—to Maharishi's house directly to the east, and in a single glance Raja Harris can see everything from that highest point. Maharishi had said he 'should live up there and look out on everyone, and then like a father you'll be blessing everyone on the whole campus—looking after everyone.'

'So not only all of India, but all of us here would be in his paternal care,' Dr Morris said.

Speaking about Raja Harris, Dr Morris continued: 'Here is a great glorious golden life at the heart of the Global Country of World Peace . . . . We all know that the Raja of Invincible India has been given the most important responsibility of all the countries of the world. To be given responsibility for the Land of the Veda—the land of fullness, the land of the Devatas; for Guru Dev's land; for Maharishi's land; for the land of our Holy Vedic Tradition—Maharishi gave him that responsibility, which is an incredible honour in itself.

'Maharishi then made him a member of the Executive Council of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust, which is to have the Reserve Fund sufficient to support all the Vedic Pandits for thousands of years to come . . . . He was honoured by Maharishi again and again with his family as the founding contributor to the Reserve Fund to support the Vedic Pandits. . . . Maharishi was so proud of him, so thrilled by that. . . . ,' Dr Morris said.

'So this great enlightened family that Maharishi has given the task to bring Invincible India all that it needs for the Vedic Pandits to let the world enjoy Raam Raj [Heaven on Earth] for countless generations to come—this is our Raja of Invincible India, Raja Harris, and today Raja Harris is properly seated as the Raja of Invincible India, in that building from which he will accomplish every goal for India, and through India for the world.'

Dr Morris added that at the inauguration, the chief Vedic Pandit had also made an interesting remark that this building 'is not just the Raja's palace, it's really an Embassy of India to the world. This is the representative place of India to the whole human race. So it has that great significance.'

* Administrator of ladies' programmes for the Global Country of World Peace from the sovereign domain of consciousness.

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