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Is it Salt Spring Island or Ganges Island?

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25 March 2008

Some of you may have been wondering whether the name of Salt Spring Island has been changed to Ganges Island. Others may have been searching maps for an island off the west coast of British Columbia that is named Ganges Island. A bit of history should clear this up for you.

For several years, Maharishi had been looking for the most beautiful properties on earth. He especially wanted land where there were expansive views of the ocean dotted with islands and with mountains in the distance.

This land was to be used for beautiful facilities where the Rajas, Ministers, Directors and other leaders of the Global Country of World Peace could come. In this glorious atmosphere they could enjoy the deep silence and beauty of nature as they rested. The magnificent views would parallel their experience of inner bliss consciousness—the outer vision matching the inner one, just as Maharishi desired.

The land search also included a quest for land where groups of Purusha and Mother Divine could come. Many people in many countries have been busily involved in this search.

In 2007, some land was found on Salt Spring Island that met Maharishi's requirements. The land had grand views of the ocean sparkling with many island jewels and was crowned by majestic Mt. Baker floating on the eastern horizon.

This land was presented to Maharishi along with a description of Salt Spring Island and its main town called Ganges. Maharishi immediately renamed the island 'Holy Ganges Island' and continued to refer to it as Ganges Island from that point on.

So if you are looking for Ganges Island on a map of the West Coast of British Columbia, you won't find it. However, you will find Salt Spring Island just to the east of Vancouver Island and you will find a picturesque town named Ganges.

Come and visit us! You may find, as we did, that you don't want to leave.

Global Country House

In 2007, the Global Country of World Peace purchased several pieces of land on Ganges Island, one of which already had a Vastu home on it. This home will serve as a residence and meeting place for those involved in organizing GCWP activities on the island.

The Global Country House has beautiful living and working spaces that are a joy to be in. The living room has glorious eastern views of Active Pass where the ferries wend their way between the islands as they travel between Vancouver and Victoria. The upstairs bedrooms and studios enjoy the same views.

Being able to purchase a home that already contains all the support of nature that is present in Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture has been a big plus for the Global Country of World Peace.

The planning which will take place in this centre of coherence, located in a perfect Vastu home, will be a key element in the creation of a world-renowned Vastu community on Ganges Island.

Since we have been referring to maps in this newsletter, we thought it might be a good time to show you where Vastu Forest Estates is located in relation to the rest of the island.

The map to the left [shown in the original article] is of the central portion of Salt Spring Island. The main town, Ganges, is indicated by the large black circle. The red X on the map indicates the location of Vastu Forest Estates, the neighbourhood of 12 lots developed specifically for the construction of Vastu homes. It is located just 4 km south of Ganges off of Blackburn Road.

The Global Country House is also located in the central portion of the island to the west of Vastu Forest Estates. Many other Sidhas* and Governors** also own land in this central area, each of them spontaneously picking land that has all ended up within a few kilometers of each other.

Three Vastu homes have already been constructed on the island and a fourth is nearing completion. Others are in the planning stages. At the moment, Ganges Island has the distinction of having the highest number of Vastu buildings in one location in Canada—with more on the way!

If you would like to visit the island and view the lots that are for sale on Vastu Forest Estates, contact us today. View the listings at and then contact our project manager, Ruth Anne Taves. We look forward to meeting you!

Contact: Ruth Anne Taves, Project Manager

Vastu Development Corporation

Cell: (250) 537-7117



Maharishi Invincibility Centre — Salt Spring Island

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Global Good News comment:

*Sidhas: Practitioners of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying.

**Governors: Teachers of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Technique.

For information about Maharishi's seven-point programme to create a healthy, happy, prosperous society, and a peaceful world, please visit: Global Financial Capital of New York.

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