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Global Memorial for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, MERU, Holland, 7 February 2008: Colonel Gunther Chasse - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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27 February 2008

Colonel Gunther Chasse, a retired German Army officer with 40 years of decorated military experience and founder of Invincible Germany, honoured Maharishi's achievement in the field of defence by expressing 'the deep gratitude of all military leaders around the world, whether they know it already or not. Soon they all will know.' He then explained in detail Maharishi's Vedic system of defence and the effect it has, as verified by scientific research.

Colonel Chasse said that Maharishi has brought a revolution to defence. 'He has put defence on a completely new strategy, which is to avert the danger of military conflict and war before it arises. This new strategy is based on Invincibility. It is based on strength, coherence, a strong integrated national consciousness,' said Colonel Chasse, 'because wars are the result of national weakness. So therefore we aim for nothing less than invincibility in our defence strategy.'

Now we are finally able to protect and defend our nation because so far all our fellow military officers have to admit, so far we have not been able to really protect our nation if the enemy wants to attack. Dr John Hagelin, Raja of Invincible America, and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, has shown us so beautifully, in his scientific terms and complex formulas, that the Unified Field—which is the basis of our defence—is the fundamental, holistic unity in nature; it is the fountainhead of all the laws of nature; and it is the only invincible level that exists in nature.

'Since we want to base our defence on invincibility, this is the level we must use,' said Colonel Chasse. 'It is the most powerful level in nature, and as Raja John Hagelin described to us, it is millions upon millions times more powerful than even the nuclear force.'

Fortunately with Maharishi's Vedic Defence system—Unified Field-based defence—we can utlize this power and overwhelm all other levels of defence technologies.

Colonel Chasse said that Raja John Hagelin has also shown us so beautifully that the quality of the Unified Field is self-referral, self-interactive intelligence, and it is described—and Dr Hagelin derives this from the Lagrangian formula of the Unified Field—as harmonizing, integrating, pacifying, and unifying.

By this description, compared to the description of Transcendental Consciousness by Maharishi's Vedic Science, Dr Hagelin concluded that the Unified Field is identical with pure, Transcendental Consciousness, which can be experienced by the use of the Vedic technologies of consciousness, the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying.

Raja Hagelin has also shown so beautifully that the human brain, the human nervous system, is literally wired to experience this unity of the Unified Field and all it's qualities, Dr Chasse continued. And he has shown us that with the Transcendental Meditation Programme, any individual can access this unified field, and with the use of the advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation, especially Yogic Flying, these qualities of the Unified Field can be enlivened in the collective consciousness of the whole nation.

'Now how can we practically use this technology in the armed forces?' asked Colonel Chasse. 'It is very simple. Every soldier has a brain and a central nervous system, so just a few soldiers are necessary to be trained in this technology, Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying. Two to three percent of the armed forces are enough.'

This percentage is about the square root of one percent of the whole population, and this the formula given to us by the scientists [known as the Maharishi Effect]. This is the number we should have: the square root of one percent of the population of a nation to gain the effect of invincibility.

'When these soldiers come together and practice together Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, they unite with the Unified Field; they become the Unified Field and they enliven the evolutionary qualities, the enriching life-supporting qualities of the Unified Field in the whole population. They create a strong coherent integrated national consciousness,' Colonel Chasse explained.

'This consciousness is able to eliminate any negativity, any disharmony and enmity within the nation—any source of stress, which is the root coause of conflict and violence and war.

'They [the soldiers practicing together] create the Maharishi Effect, the field effect of collective consciousness, and then something so beautiful happens,' said Colonel Chasse. The whole creation starts to radiate this quality of consciousness beyond the borders to our neighbours, eliminating enmity, hostility in all our neighbours. Any fear, any threat, is eliminiated and cordiality and friendship develop. 'They win the victory before war and they change the enemy into friends inside and outside the nation.'

Global Good News will feature Part II of Colonel Chasse's talk on 22 February, 2008.

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