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Global Memorial to Maharishi, 7 February 2008, MERU, Vlodrop, Holland: Dr Feldman - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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18 February 2008

Continuing his talk—reported in Part I of this article—for the Global Memorial honoring the extraordinary life and unprecedented global achievements of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi held on 7 February 2008 in MERU, Holland, Dr Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace discussed Unified Field-based economy.

Dr Feldman said, 'When we talk about economy what comes to my mind are two things. One is that Maharishi-ji has given us the source of all the creativity in nature—the source of all manifestations in nature—the source of all abundance in nature; and therefore he can speak, and he has spoken with great authority, with great knowledge, with great insight in the field of economy. And we can talk for a few minutes about that. The other thing that comes to my mind is that economy is at the very surface of life. When Maharishi speaks about economy it reminds us that we are really dealing with the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.

'It is not that Maharishi thought ''Oh well, now we have spoken about Transcendental Meditation and transcending, what else shall we talk about? Let's talk about economy.'' It's not like that. It is that because we are really dealing with the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature then its expression is a natural consequence, and to find its expression on the very surface of life is most natural because our knowledge is most profound.

'So when talking about economy, the joy of it is that along with that, all of the aspects of life have already been accounted for. They have already been penetrated by the radiance of the light of God. And now we can see it even on the surface of life.

'Maharishi-ji approached economy in different ways. On the one hand, Maharishi-ji, from a very simple practical point of view, proclaimed and recognized—in a world where perhaps one billion people could be said to be affluent and five billion can be said to be in different degrees of non-affluence, with perhaps one third of the population being in extreme poverty—we cannot talk about peace. Where is the peace of the people who don't know where the meal is going to come from, or if they will be sheltered from the wind or from the rain that evening? How can we think that there's going to be world peace?

'So Maharishi . . . very earnestly approached the elimination of poverty. And when approaching it, Maharishi did it in the same way that he approached everything else—he did it from the resourcefulness that is available in Nature itself. Why would a country need to be dependent on loans? Why would a nation need to be dependent on aid? Why would a nation need to be dependent on aid-particular currency? All those are only concepts after all. The wealth of the nation lies in its people, in every human brain that resides within a certain geography—and in the geography itself—in the land, in the sun, in the soil, in the seeds. All of that is the actual wealth in the country, so why should there be any delay? Why should we wait for anything?

'And from that inner resourcefulness, from that deep insight into the mechanics of Natural Law, Maharishi inspired a currency. A currency that is backed by Total Natural Law, the Raam—a currency that would act as a catalyst to materialize the wealth that would be available latent everywhere. And it's so beautiful how the Raam got minted, and printed, and approved, and today . . . it's circulating. It's started its second year in Germany, and it's practically ready to circulate in most countries in Europe as an example for the developing countries of a currency that can draw from within, that can draw from the infinite organizing power of Natural Law represented by Maharaja Nader Raam* treasury for the materialization of all the wealth for everyone in the world.

'We have therefore the policies, the programmes, to actually allow any nation to become affluent and invincible. And day by day the communication is continuing. . . . It will not be very long before we can offer to the world, a fully blossomed economy without poverty.

'Maharishi said all good things in nature happen naturally. The sun rises naturally, and the darkness of the night disappears naturally. The people of the world do not have to make an effort for the sun to rise, but the dawn every morning is a natural phenomenon. Disappearance of the darkness and the night is a natural phenomenon. In the same way, I am inviting the world to witness the removal of poverty in the world—a natural phenomenon. Poverty removal in the world is going to be a natural phenomenon. We have the miraculous turnkey operation from Guru Dev**, where everything good is going to be a natural phenomenon.

'The vision of Maharishi-ji in terms of economy contrasts with that of any financial institution very much in the way that his life contrasts with any leader. Maharishi's daily life was not divided into private life and public life. His microphone was always open to us. Even in his last few weeks he called the whole world to his side. And when he would talk and give his words, his parting words, he would give them to the whole world. In the same way as he would everyday of every week of every month of every year.

'There was nothing but the benefit . . . of every human being on earth. . . . . It was there every day completely fresh, with the knowledge that it could be accomplished that day. It never mattered what had been done yesterday or a month before. It was always, ''Here we are, we have the knowledge, let's do it today.'' And that gives us such great confidence. Maharishi never really looked back.

'I remember when some students came from some trip from India and they said, ''Oh Maharishi we were here where you did this on this date, and we were there when you did that, and we wanted to ask you a question: How did this thing happen . . . from here to there?'' Maharishi-ji said something like ''maybe you have time, but I never look back. I've only looked forward.'''

'And we can only begin to imagine—we cannot begin to imagine what would be the experience of having received the blessings of Guru Dev and then not having Guru Dev in the physical form. But Maharishi emerged from that to proclaim one thing: Life is bliss.

'And we never detected any melancholy, we never detected any reminiscing even. And there was no time for reminiscing. We only detected one thing—that he had something that he very well knew was special for everyone, and there was no time to be lost. And there was no reason to lose time. And with complete bliss and complete strength, Maharishi went ahead and blessed all our lives.

'And in the same way, the Global Country of World Peace with Maharaja Nader Raam and all the structure that Maharishi-ji has given will move ahead, and [it] will happen naturally. Nobody will need to make an effort. It will just happen naturally. And the blessings of Guru Dev will fill the whole world, and Maharishi's love will fill the entire earth, and everyone will enjoy Heaven on Earth.

* Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First ruler of the Global Country of World Peace

** Guru Dev: Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

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