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Global Memorial for His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 7 February 2008, MERU, Vlodrop, Holland: Dr Bevan Morris - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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7 February 2008

From the World Congress of Rajas (Administrators), held recently in at MERU in Holland, in the presence of Ministers and leaders of the Global Country from all over the world, Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, presented the achievements of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi during the Global Memorial for Maharishi on 7 February, 2008.

Having been introduced by Dr John Hagelin, Dr Morris responded by saying that Maharishi loved to listen to Dr John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and Raja of Invincible America for the Global country of World Peace. Maharishi had said Dr Hagelin was 'able to speak Totality'; Maharishi considered him, to be 'the voice of the Unified Field' in the world, and the source of what Maharishi was teaching in the world.

'The greatest achievement of Maharishi,' Dr Morris continued, 'was the attainment of the state of supreme enlightenment—Unity Consciousness—as a young man at the feet of his spiritual master, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math.' Dr Morris explained that this pinnacle of human experience is the seventh and highest state of human consciousness.

'In this state, Maharishi was living the reality, ''I am the Unified Field, I am the Totality of everything,'' experiencing life as the ocean of bliss, and everything in the universe in terms of unity with the reality of his own Self.'

In that unbounded and liberated state his every impulse of life was for the benefit of every human being on earth all of whom were as near and dear to him as the most intimate member of his own family. This was the status of the great saint of the Vedic Tradition, Dr Morris said.

Instead of living a recluse life, Maharishi was spontaneously impelled to teach what he had learned from his master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati; and became a Maharishi, a great sage or seer. Someone with that title is not only the seer of the unified reality of everything, experiencing that level on the basis of which anything could be known, but for 53 years he was also the extremely skilled teacher of that Reality, so that other people also should have that experience.

When Maharishi began to teach in 1955, the common understanding throughout India and the world was that to meditate was a very difficult thing, that it required such feats of concentration, that it was only practical for recluses who had withdrawn from life, and a result was produced only after decades of diligent trying.

Dr Morris noted that 'In a single stroke, Maharishi reversed all of this wrong understanding about meditation that had been going on for centuries, and brought out . . . the principle of Transcendental Meditation. . . . Maharishi gave immediate, instant experience to the world—that to transcend, to come to the state of transcendental silence, which is one's own Self, the state of pure bliss consciousness within—to experience that is not difficult. It is simple. It is the birthright of every human being in the world—even a 10-year-old child—to have that experience, and it is easy to attain,' without being highly educated, being a certain religion, or believing anything particular.

'This single achievement alone,' Dr Morris added, 'was enough to transform the whole nature of human life on earth. Maharishi, by virtue of introducing to the world again these simple mechanics of Transcendental Meditation, gave an open gate to enlightenment to anybody in the world who would like to obtain it.'

Maharishi went on to unfold seven advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation, and then some twenty years after he began teaching, another very powerful programme from the Vedic Tradition's Patanjali Yog Sutra which he entitled the 'Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme'.

This is a set of techniques that allows the individual, having gained Transcendental Consciousness—their silent, self-referral bliss consciousness within—to begin to think or function from that level, to actually live at that level—functioning and operating in that Unified Field level, the unbounded consciousness of their own Self.

'With these techniques, and particularly the most powerful of all called 'Yogic Flying', Maharishi gave a great, powerful fertilizer to accelerate of human life towards the state of enlightenment.'

Dr Morris continued, 'With all the experiences that came out even from the first days of his teaching, Maharishi was able to distinctively define seven states of human consciousness for the world—the regular three: waking, sleeping and dreaming and four higher states: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness.

'Maharishi said, ''Another level is, do these techniques together in a group. If you do it in a group, the power will be even much more. It will be the n-squared effect: ten people doing it together is like ten squared or one hundred people doing it alone''.

'The power of group practice also leads to great effects on the whole society and the whole nation, because Maharishi, in doing all of this from the very beginning, had not only the goal of enlightenment of the individual in mind. As he said when he began his whole world organization on the 1st of January, 1958, his goal was to spiritually regenerate the whole world.

'The short cut to this he found in groups practising these advanced techniques including Yogic Flying together—not a difficult thing, but a joyful thing. It's wonderful to practise these techniques in groups. And now Maharishi has organised worldwide such groups to create waves of coherence that will make the national consciousness of any nation integrated and invincible in their character.'

Global Good News will present Part II of this talk in the coming days.

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