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Using the 'magic wand' of Vedic performance to assist us in creating invincibility: Second Session of the Parliament of Invincible Nations, 16 November, 2007, MERU, Holland - Part III
by Global Good News staff writer

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16 November 2007

Maharishi continues his address on the three 'advanced techniques of action': it does not matter for what reason a man comes to us or that 99 oppose us, as long as one comes along with us. The Vedic Pandits will also come to help us by doing Vedic performances that can create an effect in any part of the world. This will further fructify our consolidation.

Please see Part I and Part II of this article.

Maharishi continued:
'Invincibility is a word that is out of comprehension of any wise man in the world; in the eyes of any wise man we are dreamers. Invincibility. Where is invincibility? Invincibility. Invincibility. No-one can forecast invincibility for anyone or for himself. But we say, ''Doesn't matter that ninety-nine people don't believe, as long as one comes with me.''

'And there will not be one now. There'll be 99, and one would quietly oppose here and there, some press man may oppose here and there, some press man may oppose. There are religions in the world that thrive on suffering, suffering, suffering. We don't come up to them and clash with them. Let them do if they like to suffer; they can continue [to] suffer, but our consolidation will be on our firm basis in ourselves. Ninety-nine oppose, one will propose, and [to] one, zeros will be added. This is the second formula.

'Doesn't matter who comes. Doesn't matter how he comes as a supportive friend, or as an opposing enemy. We don't mind friendship, we don't mind enmity, we remain completely invincible on our own value. Invincible on our own value. And we are now today taking seven other countries with us; we are taking seven other countries with us, and we will [get] help from Indian Vedic Pandits.

'Indian Vedic Pandits will come to help us, because, because, because, just simply because, we have stood on our own feet. We have that number of required people to have invincibility as our basis, to have invincibility as our firm stand. So Indian Pandits will be there, and Indian Pandits they have a choice.

'This isn't another secret—just know about it—that the Indian programme for invincibility to every nation in the world, far or near, they can do in India the Yagya ceremonies, the Yogic value, the Yagya values [Vedic performance to create specific life-supporting effects]. They have their programme whispered to them from their fathers, their forefathers, and from their family tradition—that, if you do like that, like that, you can create an effect in any part of the world, at any time, in any space.

'They have those formulas. They can turn the magic wand we would say. Yagyas are done for people far away, but they are done in the convenience of the Vedic Pandits and they produce the effect. It's a big well-known feature of Vedic performances that they make the resolution that ''I am doing for that country, and that country is going to suffer from rains and now rains will come in time.'' They don't have to come to that country, they can do their Vedic performance in India conveniently, comfortably according to their own tradition, and that help can come to us. With this help available to every country our consolidation word will fructify in this week, next week, this month, next month, this year, next year.

'So these are the three things: support from that formula that came from the first landing there—a formula of ''No matter who comes what, as long as he doesn't know, at least he has come, and he will get the full benefit from it. We remain with our knowledge, we remain with our charitable giving. We don't withdraw ourselves.'' Second formula is one in one hundred. One in one hundred. This gives us great stability. Many, much more than ever needed.

'These are the practical experiences that I have gone through, and there'll be a thousand many other things, but these are the two things, I wanted to whisper to you to use, as a technique of consolidation. These two values we take, and we take seven other countries with us [See Part I of this article], because we have made our national consciousness integrated; our national consciousness is more than seven times more integrated through our required number of Yogic Flyers. That is in our possession. On that ground we can have seven countries, seven countries, seven countries.'

After requesting Dr Feldman [Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace] and Dr Morris to invite the National Leaders of European countries to choose seven countries that they will take care of for their safety factor, Maharishi continued:
'That will be a joy and a help to all the Rajas [Administrators of the Global Country of World Peace]. Help for all those 192 countries will be shared by the Rajas we have; that will be their choice, and this will be a great wave of delight, a wave of fulfilment of whatever level of achievement we are [on]. That will be a great satisfaction to Guru Dev, that we have established now a systematic programme, where from invincibility, we'll go beyond return.

'And from where the speech returns—this everyone knows by now in the field of knowledge, that Brahm [Totality] is there ''from where speech returns''. Yato vacho nivartante, aprapya manasa saha, ''My supreme abode is from where the speech returns''—which is on the transcendental field, and you are achieving in the Second Session of the European Parliament of Invincible Nations that which is beyond speech, from where the speech returns. So my speech is returning from there, and you give it a speech, because you are established, invincible.'

* Guru Dev: Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

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