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Maharishi's two 'advanced techniques' for action: Second Session of the Parliament of Invincible Nations, 16 November 2007, MERU, Holland - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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16 November 2007

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi gives his two 'advanced techniques' of action to consolidate invincibility for every nation.

Having said in Part I of this address that we have to have an eight times factor to ensure the invincibility of nations, Maharishi gives his 'advanced techniques' of action for achieving the consolidation of the success achieved so far:

'Just as we got the knowledge from Guru Dev*, and we have used it and used it and used it, it has taken us 50 years to use it so that we got our country on the level of invincibility. We will consolidate that invincibility with seven more countries rising to invincibility. And the formula of knowledge to raise your countries to invincibility, to bring it to this present level of invincibility, what was that?

'It was knowledge: how to initiate the people**, and how to take them from one initiation to ... all the advanced techniques. In each advanced technique, something new was there, and through all these advanced techniques, to our great happiness we have raised our country to the level of invincibility.

'So just as I passed on to you Guru Dev's blessings, [which] flowed onto you through me, today also I want to throw one more channel of, I would call it, the same way as advanced techniques, advanced techniques. So these advanced techniques I want to give you today now.

'These advanced techniques are in the field of knowledge on a different level. This knowledge so far was on the level of knowledge, and now I am giving you some techniques in the field of action. Action, action. For that, I want to give you my two, three experiences in all these years.

'One experience of mine was when I first landed in the western America from India, when I first landed in San Francisco, talked to some people, and I got the response from the press. The press said, ''What he teaches is a technique to rest. A technique to rest. You'll sleep well. You are not sleeping soundly, so that hampers your creativity during the day, and he comes from India to tell you how to sleep well. So go to him and take the technique of sleeping well.''

'This was the first response of the West, to my great surprise. When people told me, told that ''Your talk has been well-reported,'' I said ''What does it say?'' They brought the paper to me and read out that I came there to make them sleep well. It was a great shock to me. I thought I am bringing enlightenment, the technique of keeping awake, fully awake, enlightenment, and I am being welcomed as a messenger for bringing sleep.

'First thought that came to me was ''I should absolutely go back to India where enlightenment will be valued on the level of its value: enlightenment, fully awake.'' Enlightenment means you are awake, even in the deep sleep you are sleep-awake; you witness sleep, you witness dreaming, you witness waking. I thought I came then to give enlightenment, and I am being received as giver of sleep. I [thought] I should immediately go back. [There was] this feeling of ''completely leave off these people, I don't want to be in a country to be known, or I don't want to be alive, to be known as giving the technique of sleeping.'' This thought remained with me for about half an hour. And what came out of it is now useful that I want to tell you.

'What came out of it after half an hour? I [thought] I can go back, but I have abandoned a place that I came to without giving my benefit to them. So what came to me is a secret that I want to share with all my family now. The thought that came to me, that ''No, doesn't matter, for whatever reason they take the techniques from me, for whatever reason, but they will get the desired advantage of waking up.''

'So just this thought that for whatever reason they came to me, I should give them the result will be the benefit of the programme. So this thought, that ''for whatever reason they are attracted to me, I should give them; whether they come to sleep, to dream or whatever, I should give them the technique, and the technique will have its own effect, and they will begin to appreciate, appreciate.''

'So this one technique, this one technique, I want to give to my, to my family members. This is the technique that they will use for consolidation. For whatever reason the people come to you: somebody comes to you for health; somebody comes to you for wealth; somebody comes to you to reject you—in so many places later on, I was called a Devil. ''A Devil has come. The life is full of suffering. And the Devil says 'Life is bliss. Life is Bliss.' Don't go to him, he's a Devil.''

'I thought in my mind the same formula that I developed the second day in my thought in San Francisco—that ''no matter for what reason they come to me, they come to me to oppose this thing, this thing, this thing. But doesn't matter for whatever reason they come, I should be available to give them, give them, for whatever reason, even for opposite reasons, they come to me, I should give them, give them, give them.''

'This is one technique that I'm giving to my family today on my experience. This is on the worldly level. My message to you on the Divine level, on the level of Guru Dev's blessing, you have used it, you have enjoyed the benefit of it. But now, when we are on the level of consolidation, if [there is] anything new we have to use, we have to use this technique—for no matter what reason people come to us, we should give them our technique. No matter. Someone comes to remove his poverty, we take him on his level. Someone comes to remove some other thing, something; no matter for what he comes, we have our door open to him. This is one worldly technique. This is the technique in the field of action.

'Until now, you had the technique in the field of knowledge; for what level of success you have been able to use it, you have used it, you have used it well. Now in the consolidation, what new you have to do? This technique. For whatever reason people come to you for invincibility, welcome, welcome, welcome.

'This is one technique. This is one formula. This arose in my mind on the first day when I stepped in the western world. San Francisco, I found a different world, different way of thinking, different way of doing... But this is the first technique on a practical level.

'Second technique, after how many months, when I landed in England, I don't remember all the details, but some day somebody brought to me some paper, and he was opposing the whole thing. He attacked me from this side, this side, this side. He opposed me. ''That is not right, not right, it can't be,'' and all that. This was another thing that [my] first reaction was, ''I should go away from this country; this is not my country.''

Again the second thought came, the same thought came here, that ''no matter what reason they come to me, I should teach them, teach them, teach them.'' So in England, it came in different words. Next day when I spoke in England, I said, ''One in One Hundred.'' [a plan teach one in one hundred people Transcendental Meditation ]. I just spoke out.

'One in one hundred. I said, ''I know I am being opposed. I am prepared to take and swallow and digest ninety-nine people opposing as long as I have one person to follow me.'' The formula was in terms of one in one hundred. In San Francisco, the formula came, for whatever reason they come, I should not reject them. In England, the formula came, in whatever way they oppose me, I should not deter. I remain firm. One in one hundred, one in one hundred. And I was repeating that I am prepared to have 99 oppositions, as long as there is one word through him that we will rise up to the goal.

'Ninety-nine people oppose me, [but] as long as there is one man. Now this is the second thought. That I am whispering to all of you who have been working with me on the techniques of knowledge. Now these are the two formulas, the techniques of action.'

Global Good News will feature Part III of this address on 21 November 2007.

* Guru Dev: Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

** Maharishi is referring to instruction in the Transcendental Meditation Technique and its advanced techniques.

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