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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi celebrates the Vedic day of Hanuman, the source of all action, the dynamism of Totality - Part IV
by Global Good News staff writer

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8 November 2007

During the recent global celebration of Hanuman Jayanti, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, gave a beautiful explanation of Kriya shakti, the power of action—the dynamism of Brahm, Totality. Continuing his address, Maharishi spoke about the different qualities of time, the four Yugas, and how they are expressed in the qualities of the four classes of Vedic society.

Please see Part I, Part II, and Part III of this article.

Maharishi continued his address saying: 'This is the tradition of education, Vedic Education. A section of the Vedic world is only devoted to this knowledge. There has become a class of society, Brahmin. Brahmin. Brahmin. Vedic Brahmin and Kshatriyas. Brahmin section is dominated by pure knowledge. Kshatriya section is dominated by pure dynamism, the pure action principle. Society as a whole has a scientific structure: one section completely dedicated to knowledge, the other section completely dedicated to the Kriya shakti of the knowledge, the Devata values of the knowledge: Veda—recitation, recitation, recitation, recitation.

'There is a saying—Path matrena siddhiyati—only by recitation Siddhi [perfection] is gained. Recitation, that is the Brahmin class—they recite the Veda, recite the Veda, recite the Veda. In the recitation, there is the action principle. The action principle is possessed by the Kshatriyas: action, action, action. The knowledge and action, knowledge and action, knowledge and action. Both combined on the physical level—comes the Vaishya. It's a section of society, a section of society, Vaishyas.

'Shudras serve each of these three in order to not allow them to waste their life outside the value of their essential quality. Brahmin, Kshatriyas: pure knowledge, pure action, and knowledge and action, knowledge and action together. Knowledge and action together. And the third [is] to serve all these in order that their time is not wasted out of their essential nature. This is Vedic society. This is the Vedic world.

'Kali Yuga [the age of ignorance, time of darkness in the world] is a time when all this is disturbed, but the tradition of the Brahmins, tradition of the Kshatriyas, tradition of the Vaishyas, tradition of the Shudras, these four qualities of life continue from generation to generation to generation to generation.

'When these four values are perfectly significant in the life of the four classes of people, the time, the total time value is called Sat Yuga. And when one quarter is less lived, then it is Treta Yuga. When one half again is less, it is called Dvapara, and when the whole thing is mixed up, it is called Kali Yuga. The four values get mixed up: one gets interchanged and all that, all that, but the cycle of four, Sat Yuga, Treta, Dvapara, Kali Yuga, the cycle of four continues.

'When it gets disturbed it doesn't disappear. The four remain, but they get mixed up one with the other, one with the other. But again the time sorts them out into their purity, and the time has a name—Sat Yuga back—Sat Yuga, Kali Yuga, Dvapara, Treta; Sat-Yuga, Dvapara, Treta, Kali Yuga; Sat Yuga, Dvapara, Treta, Kali Yuga—this is the picture of time value on the collective level.

'A man here, a man there, a man here, a man there, in whatever time—Sat Yuga, Kali Yuga, Dvapara, Treta—according to the time value, he lives his reality: either pure completely, or mixed up a little bit, or mixed up a little bit more, or mixed up completely. So we are in the Kali Yuga section of the cycle. Fortunately for Kali Yuga, the reversal is the time now. From completely chaotic state back to purity state, and that is the role we are playing in the world.

'The world is getting back to administration, and from administration, a better administration, better, and better. Administration will be such that Brahmins will be properly Vedic, Kshatriyas will be proper Kshatriyas, Vaishyas will be proper Vaishyas, Shudras will be proper Shudras.

'Reversal time, we are on the reversal time. This reversal back has taken 50 years. Guru Dev has created [brought] some people back to the source, back to the source, back to the source. Now what we have realized—even a few people out of a million population of a country, open to their awareness the source of diversity on both levels, knowledge and action. Knowledge—intellectual understanding, and action is practice for experience.

'A few people opened themselves to the practice of Yogic Flying, and the total national consciousness arises to be pure, integrated, fulfilled, affluent, invincible. Today, we are in this role, naturally brought to us, or opened to us as our yearly commitment to do Puja and associate our single selves into pure Self—pure Self, which is Brahm.

'Very fortunate we are today to have this glimpse of Reality on the basis of our Being. We find in our Being, Being of all time, of all space, of all diversity, in a single unified state, which is a field of all possibilities. Glory to Guru Dev.

'Today's Puja: Hanuman-ji is symbolic of pure activity, symbolic of Parashakti, the power of action of Purusha [infinite silence], the ruler of the infinite diversity, the ruler established in his own personal Being, which is the Being of collective consciousness, Brahm, Brahm, Brahm. Brahmananda Rupa Brahm, flowing in the pure Saraswati. The river of Saraswati [is] flowing into the ocean of pure knowledge, Saraswati. Glory to Guru Dev, glory to the day today. . . .

'The path is Puja. Today's power of action—Puja to Hanuman-ji is that which is sung for its total value in the text of Ramayan. Raam Brahm Paramarath Rupa*. In order to distinguish ourselves from the people of any time, any generation, it's our proud privilege to be on a level of Being singing in the words of Ramayan, the whole story of Veda. The whole Constitution of the Universe is sung in the Ramayan on two levels included one with the other, completely integrated—the knowledge aspect and the action aspect. Today is the aspect of action. We got into it.

'All glory to Guru Dev, Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev Vijayante Taram. In the person of Hanuman-ji, in the action of Hanuman-ji, in the silence of Hanuman-ji, in Hanuman-ji as he has been, in whatever state, day or night, here or there or everywhere, Hanuman-ji, that is the attention of today. One day out of the 360 days of the Vedic calendar, in the land of the Veda, Bharat. Bharat means Pratibharat; Pratibharat means completely one, soaked with dignity, Pratibha, Totality, pure knowledge. No field of ignorance, no field of weakness: all possibilities in the field of knowledge, all possibilities in the field of action. . . . Jai Hanuman, Jai Guru Dev, Jai Guru Dev.

'Dr Feldman invite the Vedic Pandits of India, the custodians of this precious knowledge of this day, and the custodians of the Total Constitution of the Universe personified in the character and the play of Hanuman-ji, in the light of Raam Brahm Paramarath Rupa. Invite the Vedic Pandits to bless us with the recitation of the glory of Hanuman in the administration of Maharaja Raam. Raam Brahma Paramarath Rupa.

'Invite the Vedic Pandits to bless us with their traditional treasure of Total Knowledge and its organizing power, total Constitution of the Universe played in Ramayan. All space and time is played in Ramayan. From Ramayan, from Veda, whatever is the tradition of Vedic Pandits, to actualize the characteristic quality of Brahmi shakti, Kriya shakti, ask them to bless us with their traditional songs. Jai Guru Dev. With their blessing, today's Puja will be really complete, so invite them to bless us, Dr Feldman.'

* Raam Brahm Paramarath Rupa: The rule of Raam is the rule of Brahm—the Totality of infinite silence and infinite dynamism altogether in one grand Unity.

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