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Celebrating the Vedic day of Hanuman, the source of all action, the dynamism of Totality: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's address, Part III
by Global Good News staff writer

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8 November 2007

During the recent global celebration of Hanuman Jayanti, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, gave a beautiful explanation of Kriya shakti, the power of action—the dynamism of Brahm, Totality. Continuing his address, Maharishi spoke about the three values of the directional content of the unmanifest.

Please see also Part I and Part II of this article.

Maharishi continued his talk saying: 'This field of the unmanifest has three values. That is why A, which is the sound of Atma, flows in terms of three values. Three values are there in the A that represents memory, Smriti. Smriti flows in three-dimensional, three-directional, three qualities inherent in one quality. It flows, it flows. Now here the direction is created within this memory. Direction is created from left to right, from right to left, left to right, right to left.

'So in the unmanifest—this is very important for us to understand: the unmanifest has directional content within its nature. Direction forward-backward, forward-backward. This forward and backward, if we put upwards and downwards, then upwards will be Brahm [Totality]. Downwards will be Veda. Upwards will be unity of three, downwards will be divergent quality of Unity, that is Trigunatmak Veda, three values in one Veda.

'Three values in one Veda—Rishi, Devata, Chhand. This is the expansion value. This expansion value gets into the Vishwa [the universe] value, expansion value of Veda brings out the physical concrete—triangular, we cannot say—we can say, three values in one. Samhita value, and then Rishi, Devata, Chhand value. They become four values. Downwards, they expand into physical creation, diversity, perceivable, experiencing level: diversity, cosmic creation. This is on the downward level of Smriti. Upward level of Smriti will be more unified and more unified, and ultimately, all unified. Brahm, Totality, Totality.

So Brahm, the Totality on the upward side of the Smriti. Downward side of the Smriti is Veda, and Vishwa, and Vishwa, and all that—Atma, Aham Atma, Aham Veda, Aham Vishwa, Aham Brahm [the Self, I am the Self, I am Veda, I am the universe, I am Totality]. In this picture we see on the top Brahm, on the bottom Brahm—we connect the two, Brahm Brahm, which is on the top, which is on the bottom. That has created a formula. That has created a formula, which describes what is there after all. It says: Adir antyena saheta. This is Vedic grammar. Adir antyena saheta. What is there in the beginning, this is on the top, if the same is on the bottom, then you think that everything in between is the same.

'So Brahm on the top, Atma in the middle, below on the expansion direction, Veda and Vishwa and Brahm. So top Brahm, bottom Brahm, everything in the middle is Brahm, Brahm, Brahm, Brahm, Brahm.

'Now Brahm has two values, knowledge and action combined, but one hides the other because they are in two directions. This hiding nature is appreciated when one is surrendered to one's Unity, wherever. And because everything is same Brahm, so Aham Brahm, so one ends up in, ending up with Brahm: identifying our awareness with the unified state of Brahm in the world of diversity, diversity.

'This is the unfoldment of what Puja has brought to us today, the total value of dynamism. The total value of action. Today was a special day, the Kriya shakti of Brahm. How Brahm is Atma we have seen. Smriti, just Smriti. Atma is all Smriti. A has Smriti of Ma, Ma has the Smriti of A. The whole thing is only Smriti, Smriti, Smriti, Smriti. Smriti on the upper level is unifying. On the lower level is diversifying.

'So here is a picture of Brahm—the action principle of Brahm: that knowledge is also unifying upwards; knowledge is also diversifying downwards. Action is also unifying upwards, action is also diversifying downwards. This is a very beautiful blessing of today's Puja. This is our awareness today—that it is pulsating in unmanifest dynamism.

'This is every offering of Puja today. This is our total Puja today. The day of Kriya shakti, demonstrated by a name—Hanuman, Hanuman-ji. All the glory of Hanuman is sung in the Ramayan. Ramayan is the Itihas of Veda. Ramayan is the Itihas, the last stroke of the AAAItihaaaasa. Last stroke of AA, that is SABrahm, action principle of Brahm. Action principle of Totality: Hanuman. This is the Indian Vedic calendar. Indian Vedic Calendar brings a day out of the 360 days, a day of this quality. A day of Kriya shakti personified, that has been sung in the character, in the activity of Hanuman-ji.

'Ramayan is the mirror where this light is available. That is the reason from times immemorial, the Vedic families from father to son, from father to son, from father to son, the line is set. Every year, out of all the days of the year, one day comes, and everyone has the same performance—Puja to Guru Dev. And who is Guru Dev?

'Gurur Brahma, the creator, sustainer, maintainer. Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnur, Gurur Devo Maheshwara, they are all the different aspects of the organizing power. They are all the different aspects of the administrative ability—of whom? Of Atma, which on one level is Brahm, which on the other level is, Veda, Vishwa, Aham. And Aham has Brahm, BrahmAtma, Veda, Vishwa, Aham. That Aham: A is the first letter, first letter of Veda, and HA is the last letter of the Veda.

'Aham, and the last letter ends up in the point of A. A and point of A. And the last is associated with the point. So A is infinity and point, infinity and point, infinity and point. This is Atma. Atma: infinity and point. Atma, from A to Ma, from Ma to A, Atma, Atma, Atma, Atma.

'This [is the] beautiful structure of the Vedic language, the perfect structure of the Vedic language, where every word is an indicator of Brahm. We see what we have learnt in the early days in India, A, AA, I, II, U, UU, E, AI, O, AU, AM, AHA [the Sanskrit vowels], Swara and Vyangan [consonants]. This tells the whole story of Gyan shakti and Kriya shakti together.'

Global Good News will feature Part IV of this article on 16 November 2007.

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