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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi celebrates the Vedic day of Hanuman, the source of all action, the dynamism of Totality - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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8 November 2007

During the global celebration on 8 November 2007, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, gave a beautiful explanation of Kriya shakti, the power of action—the dynamism of Brahm, Totality. In Part II, Maharishi spoke about the quality of memory contained within Atma, the Self, and about Purusha [infinite silence] and its inherent dynamism, Paraprakriti.

Please see also Part I of this article.

Maharishi's address continues: 'Veda is Shruti, that is heard. Shruti that is heard is a reality of the sensory level of perception. Basic to that is the non-sensory, mental level of perception, and more basic to that is the intellectual level of perception, and more basic to that, Being level of perception: one's own existence, one's own existence, Aham level of perception, Aham level of perception.

'Aham level of perception is a field of all possibilities. So from the level of all possibilities Brahm to Aham Brahm [I am Brahm], from Aham [I]—for the sake of intellectual understanding, the levels are counted from Aham, Ahamkar [individual ego] level, Ahamkar level. Emerging from that—intellectual level, and emerging from that—mental level, and emerging from that—sensory level, and emerging from that—behavioural level.

'All these different levels, the power of action, the power of Dharma of each of these levels, from one level of Dharma to the other level of Dharma, to the third level of Dharma, to the fourth level of Dharma, to the fifth level of Dharma, as from the unmanifest creation emerges, it emerges by this field which is the field of action, Kriya shakti, Kriya shakti. Prakriti of Purusha [infinite silence], divided Prakriti of united Prakriti. Unity Prakriti. All the eight Prakriti* in the unified state, and this unified state of Prakriti is called Paraprakriti—unified state of Prakriti. Unified state of action; unified state of dynamism, power of dynamism, which is one with the power of silence. Silence, the Purusha.

'So this is the dynamic picture that is always sustained in the reality of Unity. The Indian Calendar rejoices, makes this unity level of dynamism a living reality by today's Puja. It's beautiful, scientific. That means ''total''. Scientific means ''total''. It doesn't leave any discrepancy. It's all sequentially evolving from infinity to point, from point to infinity. From infinity to point, from point to infinity. What is this? The vision, the picture of At-Ma. From A to Ma, from Ma to A, from A to Ma, from Ma to A. A, infinity, Ananta Akhanda. A to Ma, point value. From infinity to point, from point to infinity, from infinity to point, point to infinity. This is Atma.

'What is this? Infinity has memory of its point. The point has memory of infinity. There is circular motion. [Of] what? Infinity. A, infinity, has memory of MMM-Ma, point. And point has memory back to infinity. This is Atma. Atma is a unified state of memory. Memory means from one point to the other, from other point to the first point, from one point to the other, from other point to the first point.

'Atma, Atma, A to Ma, Ma to A, A to A, Ma, Ma to A, this is Atma. What is Atma? Atma is a total reality of memory, memory of infinity to point, point to infinity. This is Atma, Atma. A is the sound of Atma, from A to Ma, from Ma to A, this is Atma, from Ma to A, A to Ma, Ma to A—this is pure memory, and memory is dynamism within itself.

' ''Within itself'' means, A has Ma in it, Ma has A in it, on the level of memory. A has a memory of Ma. That means, infinity has a memory of point, point has a memory of infinity. This infinity to point—one way, the other way—back from point to infinity. So these two memories are two memories, only by virtue of dynamism, and dynamism in the opposite direction. From infinity to point, one direction, from point back to infinity, the other direction.

'So dynamism back and forth. Dynamism in one direction, dynamism in the other direction, both directions of dynamism keep the dynamism neutralized. That is the reason the Atma is only on the level of memory. It can be grasped by memory. And memory, we have seen, is the level of mind. It's not the level of senses, because one-directional activity is neutralized by the other-directional activity. Activity is there, but two-way activity has a junction point. Again the word ''lamp at the door''—inside, light, outside light. In the middle, the light is pure light, non-directional. It is light that has two directions, outward-inward. So outward-inward, and no direction. Three values come up in one value of memory.

'Atma is all made of memory. We can say ''made of memory''. Atma is made of memory, and this memory is open to itself, and this opening to itself is the field of unmanifest. Atma is the field of unmanifest. Atma is the field of unmanifest.'

Global Good News will feature Part III of this article on 15 November 2007.

* The eight manifest elements in nature, the infinite diversity of Natural Law.

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