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Announcing revised live broadcast schedule for the concluding three days of the ten-day Coronation of Rajas
by Global Good News staff writer

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29 October 2007

The Maharishi Channel—Channel 3—is pleased to announce the revised live broadcast schedule for the concluding three days of the historic Coronation ceremony of six new Rajas—Administrators of Maharaja Nader Raam's Global Country of World Peace.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, has been presiding over this grand, ten-day global celebration, which began Sunday 21 October.

Starting Sunday 28 October, there has been a change of the Maharishi Channel broadcast schedule in Europe and all countries where the time change went into effect. There is no change in India or in the United States. Therefore, for the Coronation ceremony:

Revised Daily Schedule—Sunday 28 October to Tuesday 30 October

Part I begins at 10:00 AM Central European Time (4AM Central Time in North America).

Part II will begin daily at 2:30 PM Central European Time (8:30 AM Central Time in North America).

Replays will begin at the conclusion of the daily live broadcast of the Maharishi Global Family Chat, which starts at 8 PM Central European Time (2 PM Central Time in North America).

NOTE: Please visit the Maharishi Channel home page at for schedule updates and replays for the final, tenth day of the Coronation ceremony, Tues 30 October.

These two Coronation Ceremonies will continue to be broadcast live twice a day, via satellite in North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia and Pacific region, and they can also be seen all over the world via the Internet on the Maharishi Channel, Channel 3.

Peace Government leaders around the world have been joining Maharishi in this auspicious Coronation of the Rajas, who have been undergoing a year-long training programme under the direct guidance of Maharishi.

In his address inaugurating the ten-day Coronation ceremony on Vijaya Dashami, Victory Day in the Vedic Calendar, Maharishi said, 'This is the one thing whereby we are going to establish Raam Raj dukh kahu na vyapa—suffering belongs to no one. . . .

'Very fortunate to have this on the first day—Vijaya Dashami—Coronation of Raja Raam. This is how we are going to establish a very solid foundation, not only the foundation, but the working of the administration of Natural Law, which involves the whole of the Constitution of the Universe—whole of the Veda. We are very fortunate to have had this day Puja* to Guru Dev** and with the blessings from him we are coronating Rajas. And we would continue the ceremony for ten days. . . .

'Our ceremony is blessed by the presence of the greatest scientist of today [Maharaja Nader Raam] who has assumed the role of administrator to the Constitution of the Universe—the Veda. Veda is what has expressed itself in different species, and ultimately the supreme quality of mankind. Just a few people in every country, from this Vijaya Dashami Day, a few people in every country, hundred, two hundred, five hundred, one thousand, two thousand, depending on the population. A few countries acting on themselves—Self-referral rule. It is Self-referral rule. It is a Self-referral rule being established by the Vedic hymns.

'All the Rajas are here. They are all full of light of the rays of Raam, which is spontaneous, because Raam being omnipresent is present everywhere. So the Kingdom of Raam is a spontaneous phenomenon of perfect order. We have been desiring for this day in life and we feel we are blessed. Great blessings from Guru Dev. . . .

'Pandits from India are thrilling the atmosphere of the globe with those supremely endowed with the natural ruling power in the world. We are sending forth today and from the past so many years, all the Rajas (who) are reigning in their territories with their most natural, perfect, supreme order where suffering belongs to no one. Very soon, very soon, the history of the world will be different.'

Later on that 'most fortunate day', the first day of the Coronation, Maharishi said, 'We feel fulfilled. Today's Puja has opened for us the door of Heaven on Earth. . . .

'We are fortunate to have the torchlight in our hand. We are fortunate that we are the engineers of creating the powerhouse. We create the powerhouse and light will be enjoyed by all the people. This is the Grace of Guru Dev, and this is the day we are imbibing ourselves in the light of Guru Dev. Beautiful forthcoming ten days . . . .'

Maharishi concluded by saying, 'This is the Vedic Tradition of imparting the rulership in the Rajas. So we will be doing Puja to Guru Dev and then there will be the Vedic recital of the Coronation of our ancestry, ancient Rajas—starting with Raja Raam today, and then ten days there'll be recitations of the Coronation. And this will impart the ruling authority, the advanced state of Total Knowledge and organizing power lively in all our Rajas, and we'll bask in the sunshine of that radiance—every day Puja and every day listening to the coronation of our tradition of the past, Vedic tradition. All Glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.'

The ten-day Coronation ceremony is for:

1. The crowning of Raja Steven Rubin, the Raja of China for the Global Country of World Peace;

2. The crowning of Raja Emanuel Schiffgens, the Raja of Germany for the Global Country of World Peace;

3. The crowning of Raja Bruce Plaut, the Raja of North West Vedic America;

4. The crowning of Raja Rafael David, Purusha**** Raja with universal domain;

5. The crowning of Raja Richard Ross, Purusha*** Raja with universal domain.

6. Also present is Raja John Fagan, with special responsibility for food purity and for the nourishment of invincibility for the whole world.

* Vedic ceremony of gratitude.

** Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

*** The term Purusha Raja refers to those taking part in the Maharishi Purusha Programme. Please visit for further information.

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