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Raj Rajeshwaris of the Global Country of World Peace honoured as 'nourishers of life on earth' - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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17 September 2007

The highly auspicious Coronation of new Raj Rajeshwaris of the Global Country of World Peace, took place recently at MERU in Holland, and in Maharishi Vedic City, USA. During the cermonies, which were broadcast live on the Maharishi Channel, the three new Raj Rajeshwaris were honoured and their many years of dedication and service to creating world peace and invincibility were celebrated—now to be fulfilled through their new role of inspiring the enlightenment of the mothers of the world.

Please see also Part 1 of this article.

The three new Raj Rajeshwaris were introduced and lauded by the assembly of Raj Rajeshwaris in both locations, connected via videoconference. In honour of the new Raj Rajeshwari in Holland, it was said that 'the life of the Raj Rajeshwari is the life of ''Mother at home'' . . . at home in Self-referral consciousness; at home in transcendental pure consciousness, the softest, most tender field of life, from where all creation is nourished. When ''Mother is at home''*, all the children are happy. When ''Mother is at home'' all the children are nourished. When ''Mother is at home'', the whole family feels secure.

'With the Raj Rajeshwaris being at home in the transcendental field, all the countries, the whole world family is nourished. The whole world family is secure. The whole world family is crowned with invincibility.'

The celebration continued in Maharishi Vedic City, where the assembly paid tribute to the two new Raj Rajeshwaris they were preparing to crown, 'who have really been at the transcendental centre of our Raj Rajeshwari life for the past year.

'For many hours each day, they have been delving deep into their Self-referral consciousness, their own Atma, through their own practice of Transcendental Meditation, the TM-Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying, with the express purpose of culturing the full blossoming of Raja Consciousness, Raj Rajeshwari Consciousness, the full integration of that most delicate balance of silence and dynamism in one single awareness.

'Every dynamic impulse of thought, soaked in the silence of Being, every desire immediately fulfilled, the living reality of Aham Brahmasmi, Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm. Tat Twam Asi and Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm [''I am that Brahm, Totality''; ''Thou art That, and all this is That.'']

'Today it is the great joy of all the Raj Rajeshwaris here and around the world, that our new Raj Rajeshwaris of the Global Country of World Peace, will be crowned. Having completed their course under Maharishi's direct guidance at MERU, Holland, and here at Maharishi Vedic City, they will be taking up their role as the nourishers of life on earth, guiding the life of all the mothers of the world present and future to enlighten life, and crowning every nation with invincibility, with the blessings of Guru Dev** and Maharishi. . . .

'Our new Raj Rajeshwaris are long-time Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Programme, who have been extremely valued, brilliant, and cherished members of the Mother Divine programme for many years. We all congratulate them on their great achievement today, and wish them the greatest good fortune as they take up their role as Raj Rajeshwaris of the Global Country of World Peace.'

The ceremony also featured the reading of a Coronation Proclamation from Maharaja Nader Raam, first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. This text will be featured in Part III of this article on the Coronation, in the next few days.

* 'When Mother is at home:' This is an expression of Maharishi's that is an analogy for when the experience of Transcendental Consciousness is well known to the individual. One feels 'at home with everything' because one has become familiar with one's own source, the Self, the Unified Field of Natural Law, the unmanifest and infinite source of all creation.

**Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

The global broadcast of the Raj Rajeshwaris' Coronation ceremony is currently being replayed on the Maharishi Channel—please see for schedule and updates.

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