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Future results predicted for the Invincible America Assembly currently taking place in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, USA
by Global Good News staff writer

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31 August 2007

Speaking recently to a Global Press Conference on the rise of positive trends throughout the United States, Dr John Hagelin, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, predicted future results that would arise from the coherence produced in collective consciousness by a large group of Yogic Flyers practising the Transcendental Meditation, and the TM-Sidhi Programme together in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, USA.

Please see Part I and Part II of the article on actual results achieved so far.

Having given the results of the Invincible America Assembly, Dr John Hagelin then said he would like to make 'a few brief predictions for next year.'

'Firstly,' said Dr Hagelin, 'predictions for between now and 23 July 2008. We're going to see a continued rise in the Dow Jones, to achieve 17,000 points. Now this assumes of course that the number of advanced Yogic Flyers will also rise from its current level of about 1,800 to its desired level of 2,500. That will put us safely within the domain predicted to create an invincible country, really an increasingly problem free nation.

'These numbers will rise,' Dr Hagelin said. 'Maharishi University of Management, and Maharishi Vedic City, USA, are completely dedicated to increasing the number of Yogic Flyers there by the end of this calendar year. This is well in advance of July of next summer, so it is certainly in time to achieve all of the predictions that I am laying out now.

'Secondly, the other major market indices will also continue to set new record highs. At the same time, we're going to see more selectivity in the markets. This is important. . . . Ultimately the markets are driven by the profitability of the company, and therefore the return on the stocks that are held by the investor.

'Where do we expect to see the greatest increase in profitability of companies? These will be in select areas, like the Domini 400 index, which is an index of socially responsible companies . . . . Some degree of selectivity is already entering the market, and people are beginning to support companies that support them—companies that are good for the country, good for the health of the country, and for the world. So, there will more selectivity in the markets in addition to an overall rise in the markets,' said Dr Hagelin.

'Next [will be] continuing low unemployment rates, as low as 4%, even below the current level of 4½%.

'[There will be a] further reduced budget deficit, as the expensive cost of crime and other problems goes down, and as revenues from taxes continue to go up, as people enjoy more and more income and companies are more profitable.'

Dr Hagelin said that there will be continued improvements in our relationships with formerly hostile countries such as North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia, due to improvements in the US positivity, optimism, and peace from within itself affecting its relationships with neighbouring and distant countries.

'We're also going see reduced conflict in Iraq in the following 12 months,' Dr Hagelin said. 'The ground work has already been laid for this in the past year, and there is increasing demand on the part of the people and the Congress for a peaceful resolution, and non-military, peaceful approaches to the prevention of conflict.

'Finally, defying all predictions again, we are anticipating a mild hurricane season, similar to the one we had last year. Now again, it was only three months ago that CNN and other major news agencies reported and predicted a catastrophic hurricane season this summer. And yet what has happened since then has been completely unexpected and very profound.

'It was reported that the 2007 hurricane season may be less severe than forecast up until now, due to cooler than expected weather temperatures in the tropical Atlantic. This prediction was launched by a private forecaster, and this is exactly what saved the country last year. It was a Kavach, a shield or buffer, of cool water around the coastal areas of the southern United States, which acts as a repelling unit against hurricanes.

'This is an exact analogy of what is called the Meissner Effect in physics, where internal coherence of a system, a superconductor in particular, spontaneously expels and repels potentially disruptive external elements. Similarly here, with increasing coherence within the country, we've developed a natural buffer around the United States, which repels and expels potentially disruptive elements of hurricanes in the country. So this we've predicted again for this year as well,' concluded Dr Hagelin.

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