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Maharishi celebrates first year anniversary of Invincible America assembly - Part 1
by Global Good News staff writer

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1 August 2007

Maharishi joyfully celebrated the achievements of one year of the Invincible America assembly as the first anniversary was announced to the global press. He began by congratulating Dr John Hagelin for his great accomplishments, proclaiming him to be 'the lighthouse of the world'.

Maharishi said that in sharing his knowledge of the Unified Field, Dr Hagelin is following a natural tendency of human nature to pick up what is good and share it with others. He likened this to the discovery of how to generate electricity and the subsequent rapid spread of power stations throughout the world.

Maharishi drew a parallel with the early days of his worldwide movement. Reflecting on the time spent with his spiritual Master, Maharishi said that he learned from Guru Dev* that: 'Deep within you is bliss consciousness—life is bliss. How to explore it? Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation.' Inspired to spread this knowledge and practical technique, Maharishi travelled around the world. Upon his arrival in America, the press reported Transcendental Meditation as a practice to bring 'good sleep'!

'In India, I taught people to get enlightenment', Maharishi recalled, 'but I said, ''Doesn't matter for what reason anyone starts Transcendental Meditation, he will get the whole benefit out of it. Doesn't matter for what reason he does it, but he will enjoy.''

'I continued, I continued, I continued, and then the scientists and engineers of America tried this . . . experiments came. Everywhere the experiments came out to be useful. So this is how it spread. It spread from human nature.'

Maharishi went on to discuss the advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation, particularly Yogic Flying. '. . . What is Yogic Flying? Mind has command over the force of gravity. Body lifting up in the air by a thought. Mind gaining conscious awareness of the force of gravity. And now we found that gravity is a force which, on one side, gravitates—puts things together—and on the other side, it repels. So, attraction and repulsion. . . Unifying and diversifying.

'This is how unity is gained by ''versity''. Universe is unified and diversified.'

Maharishi explained that all fields of science had been investigating how one thing could be found to be the basis of everything, and had found the one common element to be attraction and repulsion. 'This attraction and repulsion came out to be the experience of self-referral consciousness—Transcendental Meditation gave the people the experience of unity, Transcendental, no diversity there. The state of unity, unified wholeness, which is the result of all attraction—gravitation—came out to be the basis of all diversity . . . . So there is a level of intelligence where unifying and diversifying, two opposite values, meet together. The meeting point of two opposite values, Unified Field and diversified field, is a field of all possibilities.'

As Maharishi went on to explain, 'This (understanding) came out of direct experience of a programme from the world's oldest field of knowledge, Veda. In Veda, Total Knowledge of unity and diversity makes each other hidden. Unifying and diversifying: at a point, they both become unmanifest. Neither this is seen, nor that is seen. Neither unity, nor diversity, it is a unified state of diversity and unity. The unmanifest is the basis of all manifestations in their unified state and diversified state.' Maharishi added that this knowledge is nothing new, because it is a basic phenomenon of creation.

He described Dr Hagelin as 'the one scientist in the world who has located Unified Field from the approach of physical sciences.' By practising Transcendental Meditation, Dr Hagelin had also directly experienced the Unified Field, and had therefore located it both intellectually and experientially. 'So here is a perfect man, who is calling the people to rise to perfection.

'And when he heard . . . ''man is made in the image of God'', then he found religion is as true as science. Here is a person who sees that both science and religion have their origin, their reality, on one level of Total Knowledge—Unified Field. That is why his call is a clarion call for all mankind to be what they are expected to be. Every man is expected to be made in the image of God. Almighty. All capability. All possibility. Invincibility is the clarion call of Dr Hagelin today.'

Maharishi further commented that Dr Hagelin was now celebrating the first anniversary of the experiment to create invincibility for America, the reality of which was proven by positivity rising in every field of life. 'So his word today is the word of God. He is made in the image of God. And therefore he has a right to speak from his level, from the level of the will of God. From the level of religion. From the level of science. From the level of knowledge. From any level, he is the authority of the reality of life.'

Maharishi said that this message of perfection of life, would be brought to the world through a new communications system being established by Dr Hagelin, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, together with the Ministers of Communication and Finance. This news will be broadcast 'from the level of the subtle field of dynamism in the transcendental field that is called Devata. All Devatas are the expressions of the eternal silence—Shiva, and Vishnu and all that.

'So one communication will go around the world in those words, which are the words of silence. Rudra—this is a Vedic word: Rudra, Rudrabhishek—adorations to Shiva. Adorations to Silence. Adorations to Unified state. The silent state of life. Silent state of consciousness—the silent state of Being. That is made to reverberate in the language of the Veda, the transcendental language of the Unified Field. So the language of the Unified Field is broadcasting its value all the year round, around the world, every day.

'So here is a voice which is calling: ''The darkness of the night is over. The light of dawn is dawning.'' In the ancient words: Kali-Yuga is at the end. Sat-Yuga is dawning. A new time for the world is dawning. And Dr Hagelin says it is dawning in economics, dawning in politics, dawning in sociology, dawning in psychology, dawning in every field.'

Maharishi said, 'When the sun rises, it does not eliminate darkness only in some places, but in every place equally well. This is the first year of invincibility dawning in the U.S., and this is now being replicated in many places. On the full moon day, we are inaugurating this dawning of invincibility in 192 countries of the world.'

Maharishi observed that until now national sovereignty has been shaky and fearful. 'Everyone was fearful of their neighbour . . . like one animal running after the other animal in the forest . . . this was animal kingdom. From there it is coming up to human life, where man is made in the image of God. One source of all reverberating, diversified state of the universe. This meeting point of diversification and unification has been located, and . . . human consciousness can be the owner of that.

'And a few individual owners of that, practising that, in every country are good enough to radiate the same thing all over . . . . One little stick will create ripples all over the lake. Like that, one person here, and one person here, and one person here, so the formula was found many years ago: square root of one percent of the population will create coherence.

'The transcendental Self of one person is the transcendental Self of every person, because it transcends diversity. Self-referral, in the word of Veda; it is transcendental, and it is universal.' Maharishi further explained that the transcendental Self of everyone, the Being of everyone, is like a lamp at the door, which lights both inside and outside.

'In itself, there is no inside, there is no outside, but light is there . . . the same light, same Being. You close the eyes and let your awareness get to Transcendental Consciousness, self-referral consciousness—this is inside. Open the eyes, and the eyes open to outside, diversity. Inside unity, outside diversity, and the Self of everyone, the awareness of everyone, the consciousness of everyone, the intelligence of everyone, has a state in itself, self-referral Being, self-referral Transcendental Consciousness.

'There is the seat of God, which is uninvolved with in or out, but it is the light of in and out, the life of in and out, life of unity, life of diversity. This is the voice of Almighty, Merciful—merciful because it is inside light, it is outside light . . . . it doesn't distinguish, it is equally applicable all the time. This is the clarion call of Dr Hagelin.

'Dr Hagelin is celebrating the one-year experiment with so many people in one place on earth. Today is the ceremony that he has already described, how much light, how much light he is spreading in the black spots. There were black spots in economy, in politics, . . . and now they are becoming brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter. So thank you Dr Hagelin. Your voice is the voice of today, and you are the embodiment of the Unified Field from both levels, ancient science—Vedic Science—and modern science; physics and other disciplines of physical sciences. This is the reading of the one-year experimentation of the university in the U.S. where Dr Hagelin is the head of the science department.'

Continues in Part II. . . .

*Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

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