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Maharishi addresses the Global Financial Capital of New York's conference: 'A Unified Field-Based Approach to Architecture'
by Global Good News staff writer

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22 May 2007

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has revived the ancient science of Vedic Architecture, Sthapatya Veda. Commenting on Dr John Hagelin's keynote address to the Conference in New York on Vedic Architecture, Maharishi said:

'I am reminded of a proverb, ''the taste of pudding is in the eating''. We cannot describe, what is indescribable, and what is indescribable is the benefit of Vastu-structured buildings, Sthapatya Veda. I am living in a Sthapatya Veda building... and I don't feel I am living inside the walls, the walls are as transparent ... This is cosmic living.'

Maharishi endorsed Dr Hagelin's advice to builders to start building Vastu homes, pointing out that, 'It doesn't cost much to properly orient a house. It will cost the same thing, but you will be blessing the buyers of your homes, giving (them) fortune-creating homes instead of dumping their fortune into limitations.'

Maharishi continued: 'Vastu buildings, this architecture of Sthapatya Veda, who has projected it? Constitution of the Universe, Veda. It is a part of Vedic design. And what is Vedic design? Ever-expanding universe. There is no limit to the expansion of the universe.... Like that, I am living within the walls, but the walls are transparent for me. That is the experience... Such freedom, such abundance, such enormous authority over space and time, such reality of living in cosmic magnitude. This is living in Vastu building.'

'So the builders of the world, listen to the talk that Dr Hagelin has just spoken for you and for all time until the world is structured in terms of heaven ... Sthapatya Veda is that section of the Constitution of the Universe, Veda, that stabilizes individual in terms of his cosmic status.'

'Therefore, a new world will be lived in by the same people and what they will be? They will never be sick, they will never be shrouded with small things. There will be peace unbounded, prosperity unlimited, coherence unimaginable. This is Vastu living.... It is a very great gift, very great timely call to the builders of the world to reconstruct the world. We are inviting the builders of the world to build Heaven on Earth. It will be the same bricks, the same wood, and the same marble and stone with which the walls and ceilings will be built. But just the orientation, laying out the building according to proper directions of East, West and all that, that makes a big difference.

Referring to Dr Hagelin's address, Maharishi said that, 'all the builders of the world owe their gratitude to the greatest scientist of the world who is advising them to build on the scientific level. He is teaching to the builders the technology of building. The technology of building is go to the Constitution of the Universe: take from the Vedic literature what the law says (about) how to build.'

Maharishi explained that, 'The law says the house should face the sun. Sun is the giver of health. Houses facing the East, facing the sun, are healthy... morning rays of the sun, are healthy. And those who are living in the South or the West entrances, they should verify their families, the children are sick, crying all the time, there are fights in the family, all kinds of misfortune. You can verify. You don't have to ask anyone. You can verify. Those who are with the entrance in the West or South, they should see how sick is their family. Don't ask anyone, examine your own value. Examine your own value. I am giving you an acid test. You can see how is your family. Peaceful, harmonious, healthy, wealthy, and wise in every way, and then you will see that you are living in proper oriented house.... Now you can verify whether you are living in hell or in heaven.

Maharishi recommended that those living in houses with Southern entrances should leave them in the same way they would if an earthquake had demolished the house. He said, 'You have a choice. You have a choice. You can have your cosmic potential as a living reality if you live in a proper house, or if you continue to live in bad fortune, choice is yours, ... you live the way you like. ... Your destiny is in your hands and here is a certificate of your destiny; look to your house. We are saying so emphatically because we have the experience'.

'So Vastu house is an aspect of the knowledge of total Natural Law. It is promoted by the Constitution of the Universe, it is promoted by the will of God who is responsible for creation.... I would only say, the taste of pudding is in eating. All life long I had the experience, those who heard, and followed the words they are better off today, they will be better off for whole of their life. We have no other interest except we want to see the people healthy, happy, and prosperous. I want to see every nation invincible and I am going to make it. I am going to make every nation invincible'.

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For information about Maharishi's seven-point programme to create a healthy, happy, prosperous society, and a peaceful world, please visit: Global Financial Capital of New York.

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