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Dr John Hagelin and Dr David Lynch comment on Maharishi's renaming of his Centres worldwide - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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4 May 2007

Following a recent address by Dr John Hagelin, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, on poverty removal through the complete scientific understanding of the Unified Field from modern physics, and through all the programmes of the Global Financial Capital of New York, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, proclaimed that this was an important new step of intellectual understanding for the whole world. Maharishi announced that all the Centres for teaching his Transcendental Meditation Programme worldwide would now be known as 'Centres of Invincibility' (please visit: Maharishi bestows a new name).

Following this announcement, Maharishi asked Dr Hagelin and others to comment on this new name and inform all the leaders of the Global Country everywhere.

Dr Hagelin commented on the source of this new impulse, and on the fact that collective invincibility is both a side-effect of, and structures, individual enlightenment. Dr David Lynch, renowned filmmaker who is also founder and chairman of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace, spoke of the invincibility of bliss.

'When I heard of Maharishi's remarkable new impulse,' Dr Hagelin stated, 'I was filled with joy—the elevation of all our Maharishi Enlightenment Centres and our Peace Palaces to Maharishi Centres of Invincibility.'

First, Dr Hagelin commented on the source of this new title. 'This is a very profound and significant development. Everything that bubbles up like this so strongly in Maharishi's awareness represents a whole new guiding principle to guide the destiny of the human race. Maharishi is the voice of Natural Law in our time—the speech of Brahm (total Natural Law), the speech of Veda. And Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, is always the source of all the guiding principles that are appropriate to any age, coming from the source of all principles,' he said.

'In our generation there has been a rapid upgrading evolution of principles governing humankind and our civilization. And Maharishi is coming out with principle after principle—new principles to govern life on earth, appropriate for this time.

'So now Maharishi is giving voice to something completely fresh and new, and yet cosmic even in comparison to all that has come before. This is a sign of the rapid emergence of a new dawning civilization of Heaven on Earth.'

Noting the change in point of attention of Maharishi's centres around the world, Dr Hagelin pointed out, 'The Maharishi Enlightenment Centres and Peace Palaces had been focusing on the enlightenment of the individual. And this of course already is an extraordinary achievement of Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technologies of Consciousness, which have been hidden for thousands of years and are now fully available to the whole of humankind for the upliftment of everyone, any person at any level of life, to the divine! It is unprecedented in the known history of humankind that such a revival of knowledge has taken place.' He said that the most precious, cherished secrets of life, techniques of total Natural Law for the transformation of life, transformation of physiology, transformation of brain functioning, transformation of the individual, have been made available globally through these Centres.

'Now these Enlightenment Centres have risen in stature to Invincibility Centres, from raising individuals to enlightenment to creating the invincibility of the whole society—a collective effect.' Pointing out that this effect is unprecedented probably even in the whole of Vedic history, Dr Hagelin explained that not since the ancient times of Raam's rule in Vedic civilization has a revival of Total Knowledge reached that degree of penetration of an entire nation—the enlightenment of an entire nation, not just on the individual level.

Dr Hagelin said that this can be achieved by relatively small groups of Yogic Flyers that can elevate a whole society from a chaotic national consciousness to an invincibly strong, integrated, coherent national consciousness. He called national invincibility 'the inevitable side-effect of individual enlightenment. So inevitably these Enlightenment Centres have risen to that level where enlightenment becomes invincibility.' He pointed out that, because enlightenment is indomitable peace, unshakable unity, complete coherence of consciousness on the individual level, it translates into an integrated national consciousness that is impervious to attack or disruption, and that is beyond time and space, as a side-effect of individual enlightenment.

Because enlightenment is the enlivenment of the invincible qualities of the Unified Field that maintains itself eternally, absolutely impervious to disruption, Dr Hagelin continued, it is beyond time and space, universal. Its laws of nature are inviolable—upheld everywhere in all times and all places. So the Unified Field is the source of the entire universe. Enlightenment is enlivening this in individual consciousness, and because the individual is the unit of the society, it is enlivening those qualities in the society as well.

Dr Hagelin pointed out that, although enlightenment has been a rare feature of society in the past, this is something completely new in the history of humankind. Individual enlightenment has become a collective phenomenon—producing the inevitable side-effect of invincibility. This is the reality and power of Maharishi Peace Palaces and Centres. The time has come to recognize the power of these Centres to achieve for the whole nation what they have been achieving for the individual.

Part II of this Global Good News series tomorrow will feature the conclusion of Dr Hagelin's remarks, and also the comments of Dr David Lynch.

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