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Maharishi brings to light the most delicate level of the Constitution of the Universe on the third day of the global celebration of Raam Nomi
by Global Good News staff writer

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8 April 2007

The third and concluding day of the global celebration of Raam Nomi—the birth of Lord Raam, and the dawn of Raam Raj—was an historic occasion, which will be remembered throughout time as the day of Maharishi's revelation of the most delicate level of the Constitution of the Universe, as brought to light by the performance of the Vedic Pandits.

Following Puja (a Vedic ceremony of thanksgiving) to Guru Dev, Maharishi's Master, and the Invocation of Raam, Maharishi said that in their three days of performance, the Vedic Pandits were 'celebrating the dawn of Raam Raj in our world. In adoring the birth of Raam, they have adored the birth of the Constitution of the Universe from Raam, from Brahm: Raam, the ruler of the universe; Brahm, the ruler of the universe.'

Maharishi gave particular significance to the first word that the Pandits said in describing Raam—Komalangam—meaning 'delicate body, delicate physiology'. Maharishi identified the supreme level of Komalangam in that most delicate physiology of the Constitution of the Universe—the Veda.

Maharishi explained that Veda is expressed in the orderly sequence of Shabda (sounds) and Sandhi (gaps). Komalangam—the supremely delicate quality of Veda—was worshipped by the Pandits on two distinct levels: one level, Shabda Brahm, represented by the continuous sound of the conch used in the ancient Vedic ceremony; and the other level, Sandhi Brahm, expressed by the intermittent sound of the bell.

Maharishi concluded: 'The Constitution of the Universe, the entire Brahm, in its total personality, is a blending of infinite flow and intermittence in order that the flow could be felt. Otherwise, if it is always a flow—like a conch—there is nothing other than sound, Shabda Brahm. But it must be made intermittent, so that one sees the birth of it, the growth of it, the birth of it, the growth of it. And that becomes the ruler of the world—the delicacy of birth and growth, the most delicate level of existence, which is the level of Brahm.'

Maharishi went on to explain how different aspects of Veda and Vedic Literature reveal the delicate mechanics of Veda and how it expresses itself as, and administers, the entire universe in perfect order and harmony.

Maharishi brought to light for the first time how the Brahma Sutras are a commentary on the Sandhi (gaps) of the Veda, expressing the dynamism of Natural Law present in the gaps, and forming the thread (Sutra) which links together all the Shabda (sounds) of the Veda as one infinite, unified whole—Brahm.

Maharishi further identified two aspects of the structure of Brahm—Gyan Shakti (non-expressed Brahm), and Kriya Shakti (expressed Brahm)—and explained how the delicate balance between the two is the subject matter of the six Vedangas and six Upangas. These aspects of Vedic Literature describe not only the entire movement of Natural Law as it evolves in both forward and backward directions, but also the non-moving junction point around which all movement takes place. It is at this junction point, located in the unmanifest, transcendental field, that the supreme governing intelligence of Natural Law—Raam—resides.

Maharishi further explained how the moving and non-moving aspects of Veda express themselves in two distinct modes: in mathematical terms as the number system (which is static, non-moving), and in the flow of language (which moves).

'So what we got today in the third day of Puja to Guru Dev? The origin of the Constitution of the Universe—whether we take the Constitution as expressed in the mathematical language of numbers and equations, or take it in the language level which flows. Who does this demarcation? The question is this: Who is that intelligence? From where all this is organized? There is one word: Raam. And Raam Brahm Paramarath Rupa' (Raam is Brahm—Totality, embodiment of Transcendental Reality). At this point in his discourse, Maharishi reminded everyone that with the Grace of Guru Dev, we have the gift of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme, which reveal this Raam, this Brahm—Totality—on the most delicate level of individual awareness, Transcendental Consciousness.

Maharishi emphasized that the Constitution of the Universe—Veda—is not man-made: it is 'Nityaeternal; and Apaurusheya—not influenced by any individual'.

Maharishi also recounted how, during the Puja performed by the Vedic Pandits, he had realized the true meaning of a saying that he had heard long ago from a saint in India: 'Dashamas Tvam Asi—Thou art the Tenth'. Maharishi explained that 'the Tenth' refers to Purusha—the Totality of Natural Law, which transcends and simultaneously encompasses the fundamental aspects of the manifest universe (known in the Vedic Literature as the eight Apara-prakriti and, beyond the eight, the ninth—Para-prakriti). Marvelling at how he had recalled this saying all his life, only for its true meaning to be revealed on this beautiful occasion, Maharishi commented: 'This is Vedic civilization. Some word will click sometime and it will give the Totality just as today, this Dashamas Twam Asi, Thou art The Tenth. I was talking of Purusha and all that, but today it clicked.'

Reflecting on the significance of this revelation of pure knowledge during the Vedic performance on the third day of Raam Nomi, Maharishi said: 'So today we got the instrument to administer our world as efficiently as our ever-expanding universe. Unbounded, unlimited, ever-expanding universe is being governed by the Constitution of the Universe—the Veda—Veda, the ruler; Raam, the embodiment of Brahm, the ruler.'

'This comes to us in order that our promise to the world for the Rule of Raam is going to be realistic for the transformation of all life in the family of nations.'

'This is the Grace of Guru Dev. We are always remembering and in that we take relief and recourse and we refresh our breath. And on such occasions as this Puja to Guru Dev in the introduction to Puja to Brahm, in Puja to Raam, we got the whole package of the Constitution of the Universe delivered to us. And it came from the Tradition that were holding this Constitution throughout time.'

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