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Signs of rising coherence continue on the eighth month, 26th day of 'Invincible Holland' assembly, 7 December 2006

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22 December 2006

7 December 2006 was the 26th day of the eighth month of Dutch national consciousness rising to invincibility, as indicated by the following press reports:

7 December 2006

NRC Handelsblad: 'Not everything is bad in Holland' - The Social and Cultural Plan Bureau has published a report about the positive developments in Holland. They are mostly due to initiatives of citizens. For the first time in 32 years the Social Plan Bureau decided to look for the positive rather than the negative things developing in Dutch society.
And there are many, they found:
• Over ten years the share of non-Western migrants has more than doubled, from 6 per cent in 1995 to 12 per cent now.
• In secondary and higher education there is more attention for highly talented students.
• About 70 per cent of the Dutch population does not smoke, more than half does light exercise.
• Through investments of private citizens in their homes, several old neighborhoods in the four largest cities have gained a higher status.

De Telegraaf: 'Germany functions again as draft horse for the economy of Europe' - European economy is running full steam. The revival in Europe stimulates the world economy. This to the surprise of many economists who had not expected that the old continent could break away from the dependency on export. This year the Gross Domestic Product will grow 2.7 per cent; for the last five years it was not above 1.4 per cent. Germany, for a long time the sick man of Europe, currently stands at the cradle of the revival.

De Telegraaf: 'Time for Investments, not redemption of debts' - Rabobank says in its report 'Vision on 2007' that the new Cabinet has to focus on investments in education, sustainable energy, and infrastructure. The Dutch economy is performing above average in these areas, and is expected to have economic growth of 3.25 per cent next year. As the sixth largest exporter of the world Holland has survived quite well through the internalization wave. Now that the state finances are in order, Holland should invest in the future.

De Telegraaf: The temp agency sector continues to grow, with 15 per cent increase in the number of hours over the last four weeks, and 18 per cent revenues as compared to last year.

Creating national invincibility

Groups of experts in Yogic Flying are engaged in creating coherent national consciousness in the Netherlands, United States, Canada, Hamsa (Hungary), and an increasing number of other nations, which are enjoying a dramatic and sustained upsurge in positive economic and social trends.

Dr Paul Gelderloos, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace for the Netherlands, reports that 400 Yogic Flyers have been assembled at MERU, the Netherlands, since 12 April 2006.

Extensive research published in the world's leading scientific journals has found that the group practice of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme Yogic Flying by the square root of one per cent of a population is sufficient to reduce negative trends, including crime and violence, and to promote positive economic and social tendencies throughout society.

The cost to train and employ such a group is a small fraction of what any government spends on its military in a single day.

Maharishi's approach to invincibility is in sharp contrast to the conventional military approach. 'Our approach does not require the government to sacrifice the youth for the sake of the nation—because when the youth are killed in war, then for whom is the nation?' Maharishi said.

The harmony and progress of the human race are founded on the internal harmony and progress of every individual. No stress, no strain, no impediment, no difficulty can withstand the totally benign influence of the enlivenment of the Unified Field of Natural Law, the field of Transcendental Consciousness, the field of pure knowledge, through Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme.

Refer to: Scientific Research on Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme: Collected Papers, Volumes 1-5 (over 5,000 pages; Volumes 6-7 in press), a Maharishi University of Management Publication.

Enjoy the entire publication of the success of the 'Invincible Holland' course, as seen in the news reports during the first three months of the assembly, by downloading a 1.3mb file:

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