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Observe the change in the direction of time
by Global Good News Staff Writer

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17 August 2006

'Invite the press to say what they see.' This was His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's message to the world press on 9 August. 'They have been publicising the war and terror and all those negative things. Now is the time for them see the changed phenomenon of coherence, of more confidence amongst nations. ... Observe what is happening: ... the history of all-negativity is changing into all-positivity.' 

Maharishi has given credit to Time as the author of the great changes that are going on in the world. When asked, 'What made the time change?', Maharishi replied: ' It is in the nature of the Ultimate Reality that it has in its nature a qualitative, quantitative value of non-change and change....  Time comes in between the things—but... at the basis is one thing—Totality—and that is the Creator—WHOLENESS. Science says ''WHOLENESS''. Religion says ''God''. It's different values. God is such a sublime thing. One says ''God''—a wave of silent wisdom and bliss pervades with the word ''God''.'  

Is the change of time to a new dawn of a good fortune for all humankind an automatic aspect of the cycles of times? Is a change happening at this moment in history just as an expression of the cycles of time that could be predicted hundreds or thousands of years in advance?

'Yes', said Maharishi, 'a big YES. Everything is all ordained. Everything is all predicted. There is a Vedic Mathematics—Jyotish—which unfolds anything and everything from the knowledge of one little point, the point of birth-time.' The whole direction of any life can be predicted from this aspect of Vedic Science, and free-will, Maharishi has always explained, determines to what extent we live the full reality of life.  

Another aspect of Vedic Knowledge, Vedic Architecture—Sthapatya Veda—considers the influence of a building's direction. 'Go by Vastu calculations for the architectural drawings and you can create a fortune-creating house; if you falter in your calculation here and there, you turn around the layout of the house and you'll be creating a misfortune-creating house. It's all predictable.... Anyone in the world living in a house of southern entrance will always be in difficulties, difficulties, difficulties. Anyone living in eastern direction house will always be healthy, happy, have good relations. Anyone living on a southern slope or western slope will be facing misfortunes, quarrells. It's all predicted, whether people know or not. If they know, they don't live in those houses which have a western slope or southern slope, or southern entrance or western entrance.' With regard to the placement of water bodies, Maharishi said: 'If there is water in the south, some river nearby in the south, that will be a misfortune-creating house. These statements are all written. There is nothing new about it.'  

Maharishi said that this Vedic Knowledge is not only gained by books: 'No. Knowledge is gained from the source of knowledge, from where the knowledge is. And where is the knowledge? The knowledge is total in one's own self-referral consciousness. So conscious awareness has to dive into the ocean of consciousness within, and then one is an intelligent man, and he'll not make mistakes. His world will be a mistake-free world, happy world, fulfilled world. In religious language we say: ''The world is the Light of God.'' The inner quality of everyone's life is that ocean of bliss.'    

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