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Maharishi's Initiative to Create Invincible Nations

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24 July 2006

His Holiness Maharishi Yogi addressed the global press the 19th of July and explained that all that was promised from the simple, innocent, mental technique of Transcendental Meditation fifty years ago is now being seen in nations, not only by individuals. The group dynamics of the Transcendental Meditation Programme create a collective consciousness more positive and coherent than before—a more healthy, wealthy, and wise consciousness. All together this is now leading to the exalted level of invincibility, he explained.

Maharishi pointed out that in Holland a permanent group of Yogic Flyers has changed Dutch national consciousness to the extent that it is expressing greater positivity, happiness, and well being. Consumer confidence is buoyant, all economic indicators are positive, and bureaucracy is being lessened as the government is becoming more efficient and solving many of its long-term problems. What has happened? Just 400 people from outside countries came to Holland, and their practice of Yogic Flying together brought about a transformation of national consciousness. Nothing else.

Many countries in the past have experienced brief periods of positivity through Yogic Flying groups and the positive results in many areas of national life have been documented by scientific research. What is new is that in Holland this is a permanent group, so the positive trends continue to build upon themselves.

What is Yogic Flying?

Yogic Flying is an advanced technique of the TM Programme, in which the body lifts up with the desire of the mind. Maharishi explained that the mind whispers a few words within itself, and there is a huge transformation in consciousness, which comes to the cosmic level of consciousness. This is exactly the same phenomenon as galaxies floating in space. And the environment of the individual at the same time rises to a level of cosmic intelligence, which is always supportive to the evolution of everyone.

Maharishi Urges Yogic Flyers to Fly Together in Properly Oriented Buildings

The required number to achieve a positive effect in any country is the square root of one percent of the population-just a handful among millions of people. Already thirty-one countries have enough Yogic Flyers trained to create this miraculous effect and Maharishi is urging these peace-creating professionals now to come together and fly. Being together in a group amplifies the effect of their bliss and 'radiates the Light of God all around'.

Another important requirement, Maharishi emphasized was the importance of flying in properly oriented buildings. A Master Builder, Hans Igor Kolsdorf, has developed a quick, inexpensive system for constructing marble buildings according to Vedic Design. A mould is used to cast components, such as complete walls and floors, which are then assembled. Colonies of such marble buildings, properly oriented, can be created to house the Yogic Flyers in any city.

When Yogic Flyers practise the programme in properly oriented buildings, their awareness expands to become global awareness. This has been shown scientifically by the global brainwave coherence appearing in EEG studies of those experiencing unbounded pure consciousness, cosmic intelligence. The electrical activity in their brain mirrors the coherence in their awareness.

Individuals practice Yogic Flying for the bliss they experience, and national sovereignty and invincibility will be a side-effect of the bliss, which radiates inside and out. In this way, there will be a transformation to a new age, where 'suffering belongs to no-one'. The atmosphere in the world will then not allow the bursting of missiles. Weapons will be useless and unused within a matter of weeks in countries where groups of Yogic Flyers function from the level of silent intelligence. Then, 'Silence will rule the world. Total Natural Law will rule the world,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi invited the world press to 'enjoy the rise of bliss' and chronicle the global transformation.

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