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Armed forces can create invincible defence for Canada
by Dr Neil Paterson

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15 July 2006

Increased defence spending should include training for military to prevent the birth of an enemy for the nation.

Training would also give the armed forces the ability to create peace in Afghanistan without further loss of life.

Responding to the recent wave of procurement announcements by the Minister of National Defence, Dr Neil Paterson, representative of the Global Country of World Peace in Canada, said, 'For a fraction of the amount allocated to increased defence spending, the Canadian Forces could be trained in a scientifically validated programme that would give them the ability to create invincible defence for Canada.'

Dr Paterson acknowledged the importance of providing our men and women in uniform with the very best equipment and technologies, however, he emphasized that these technologies are clearly not enough to effectively defend the nation and create peace in the world.

Conventional military approaches inadequate

'Conventional military approaches are increasingly powerless to protect a nation against terrorist attack or against missiles with pinpoint accuracy,' said Dr Paterson. 'Even nations with the most powerful armed forces and latest military technologies are not able to defend themselves.'

How, then, can we achieve lasting peace and protect the security, stability, and well-being of our nation?

Addressing the underlying cause of violence and conflict

Dr Paterson cited recent research, which reveals that traditional approaches to defence fail because they do not address the underlying cause of violence and conflict: they do not relieve the acute political, ethnic, and religious tensions that fuel terrorism and conflict.

Over the last 25 years, a powerful, innovative approach to peace has been extensively field-tested—in the Middle East and other regions of the world. The consistent result has been dramatic reductions in terrorism, war and other social violence. These findings have been replicated, published in leading academic journals, and endorsed by hundreds of independent scientists and scholars.

Dr Paterson explained that this innovative approach to peace makes use of the 'field effect of consciousness,' a property of consciousness that allows it to produce an effect at a distance, much in the same way as the gravitational field or electromagnetic field does. 'The inherent coherence found in the field of consciousness can be enlivened when a large group of people practice Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying,' Dr Paterson explained. 'The resulting coherent and peaceful influence radiates into the surrounding region, neutralising tensions and bringing an end to hostilities.'

Creating peace in Afghanistan without further loss of life

'For Canada, a group of only 600 people would be required to create an armour of coherence making the country impenetrable to any hostile act,' Dr Paterson said. 'This technology would also equip our armed forces with a practical and reliable tool to calm violence in any part of the world and to fulfil their peacekeeping missions without loss of life.'

A non-violent approach to peacekeeping is significant in light of Canada's changing role in Afghanistan. Canadians now find themselves having to weigh whether our nation's long-standing commitment to peacekeeping extends so far as to accept an increasingly aggressive military campaign with its inevitable casualties.

Killing is a sin—no longer necessary to wage war for peace

'Killing is sin,' said Dr Paterson. 'Through this new technology, it is no longer necessary to wage war as we strive for peace. We can now prevent these conflicts from arising. And if a conflict does arise, a group of Canadian Forces personnel, trained in this technology of consciousness, could directly create a peaceful influence in troubled regions of the world without putting lives at risk. Canada could fulfil its peacekeeping role in the world by truly becoming an exporter of peace.'

The Global Country of World Peace was founded in 2000 by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Its purpose is to create permanent peace and unity in the family of nations through the complete knowledge of Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe—which administers our galactic universe with perfect order.

Global Country of World Peace, Canada: Press release

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