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Resolution of the Global Country of World Peace on Akshaya Tritiya

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4 May 2006

On the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, the Day of Lasting Achievements in the Vedic Calendar, leaders of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace in The Netherlands drafted a Resolution to create a world of harmony, health, happiness, and peace, a world that is Heaven on Earth. According to Vedic Astrology, on this day the sun and moon are both exhalted, in their strongest position, and consequently, any activity begun on this day bears lasting fruit.

Resolution from Akshaya Tritiya

Today, on this auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, we make the solemn and pious Resolution to fulfil all the aspirations of the wise throughout the ages, in this year, for every nation in our dear world family.

Our Resolution today is for the light of Total Knowledge, the Light of God, to be awakened in the consciousness of every individual on earth. It is for the simultaneous and yet sequential, orderly flow of the structure of Total Knowledge to be available to everyone's thought, speech, and action, for mistake-free, problem-free life.

Our Resolution today is that all good to everyone be predominant in the minds, hearts, and behaviour of all. It is for the fullness of life, life in the fullness of knowledge, life in the fullness of the Light of God. The Vedic theme of life and living, the source, course, and goal of all streams of knowledge to be available to all through:

•Vedic Education—higher education for higher consciousness

•Vedic Health—disease-free, healthy, happy society

•Vedic Administration—problem-free administration fulfiling to all

•Vedic Defence—for invincible, sovereign nations

•Vedic Law—Natural Law upholding national law

•Vedic Economy and Industry—unlimited prosperity through infinite creativity

•Vedic Management—taking recourse to the infinity organizing power of Natural Law

•Vedic Architecture—fortune-creating buildings

•Vedic Agriculture—healthy food for happy life

•Vedic Culture and Religion—upholding the Natural Laws in every large and small domain

•Gandharva Veda—Vedic Music to promote waves of bliss in society

•Vedic Mathematics—Vedic Astrology to know in advance what is to be averted, and to take positive measures for prevention

Our Resolution today, with a Super Radiance group in The Netherlands, is for every country to very soon, within the coming months, have such a permanent peace-creating force for invincibility and for the permanent, peaceful sovereignty that it reaches every country.

Our Resolution today is for Peace Palaces in every country in the domain of every Mother Tongue to be the lively lighthouses of Total Knowledge to guide individuals everywhere to live life in health, happiness, and fulfilment.

Today our Resolution is for large, permanent groups of Vedic Pandits throughout India to speedily support the rise of Sattwa in the world, and to have at least one Ati-Rudrabhishek for every country every day to maintain life in the evolutionary direction of Natural Law through the lively wakefulness of all the fine impulses of the Laws of Nature.

Our Resolution today is for the schools and colleges and universities of Vedic Education and Vedic Medicine and all the Vedic Total Knowledge-based disciplines to be available everywhere because 'knowledge is the greatest purifier'. And through the application of Veda, Total Knowledge, everywhere, life may be lived in perfection.

Today in the Land of Wholeness, Holland, on the very auspicious day of the birthday of the Queen of The Netherlands, we make a Resolution that we will make Vedic Education available for ladies in every nation, so that their nourishing power will be infinite and every future generation will grow in knowledge, in enlightenment.

Our Resolution today is for every country in the world to have the blessings of the great Vedic Tradition of Knowledge which is Nitya, eternal, and Apaurusheya, uncreated, and is true for all time.

And our resolve today, is that soon we will have a global Vedic Culture, a Global Country of World Peace, characterized by harmony, health, happiness, and peace—Heaven on Earth.

Brahmananda Saraswati, vijayante-taram

Brahmananda Saraswati, vijayante-taram

Brahmananda Saraswati, vijayante-taram

Jai Guru Dev

Copyright © 2006 Global Country of World Peace

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