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Global Country of World Peace to adopt numerous nations worldwide to raise each country to invincibility

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22 February 2006

Global Country of World Peace Press Release

Maharishi's Historic Announcement

Global Country of World Peace to Adopt Numerous Nations Worldwide to Raise Each Country to Invincibility

Will Assume Full Responsibility for the Prosperity and Peace of Everyone in the Nation

'We will establish in each of the adopted countries a group of Yogic Flyers to create integrated collective consciousness—the basis of invincibility for the nation'

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi announced this week that his Global Country of World Peace will soon adopt 20-30 countries throughout the world and take full responsibility to make each nation invincible—thereby ensuring that every citizen in each country enjoys peace, prosperity, and a life free from problems and suffering.

Maharishi said the adopted nations will include both developed and developing countries. The nations will be announced to the world press in the next few days.

Maharishi said the Global Country of World Peace will focus much of its energy and resources to establish in each adopted country a group of Yogic Flyers to create coherence in collective consciousness—the basis of national invincibility. The size of the group—from a few hundred to a few thousand experts—will depend upon the size of the population of the nation.

'The size of the group of Yogic Flyers may be small, but the intensified influence of coherence from the group in the whole national consciousness will be great—just as one small lamp spreads light and removes the darkness from a big hall,' Maharishi said.

Global Country of World Peace will continue to adopt countries until every nation enjoys Heaven on Earth

Maharishi said he is establishing the groups now, on his own, because governments have been slow to adopt his programme to raise every nation to invincibility. Maharishi also emphasized that the 20-30 adopted nations are just the first stage of his global peace plan. 'The Global Country of World Peace will soon adopt more and more countries until every nation enjoys Heaven on Earth,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi delivered his historic announcement during his 15 February global news conference—just a few weeks after he proclaimed to the world press that 'the arrow has left the bow and will soon hit the target'—that his programme is now under way to make every nation invincible and create permanent world peace. 'A fortunate new destiny is dawning for mankind—peace and all good will prevail on earth,' Maharishi said.

Coherence-creating groups to include Yogic Flyers and Vedic Pandits

In response to a press question, Maharishi said the coherence-creating group in each nation will include local experts who will be trained in Vedic technologies of consciousness, including the Transcendental Meditation Programme, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying. These experts will enliven Total Natural Law within their own self-referral Transcendental Consciousness and create coherence in the collective consciousness of the whole population.

The coherence-creating group will also include Vedic Pandits from India who are expert in Yogic Flying as well as in Yagya and Grahashanti—the Vedic science of sound that creates highly integrated national consciousness and prevents any negativity from coming back to the nation due to its wrong past actions.

The influence of Vedic words is not limited to time and space

'Vedic Sounds are the reverberations of the Unified Field—the Constitution of the Universe—which administers the universe with perfect order,' Maharishi said. 'These sounds are the words—or structuring dynamics—of this transcendental field of life. The influence of Vedic words is not limited to time and space. The coherent influence of one Vedic word pronounced from the level of the transcendent from anywhere in the world will spread frictionlessly and instantly to create coherence everywhere in the world.'

Maharishi said the Vedic Pandits will utilize this 'miraculous' ability of Vedic words—along with Yogic Flying—to quickly create an intensified influence of coherence in national and world consciousness.

'The time of talking about peace will be less and less—while the effect we produce in the world will be greater and greater'

Maharishi concluded his global news conference by offering profound gratitude to the tradition of Vedic masters for the gift of Vedic knowledge that is transforming the world. 'Vedic science is that vast and supreme field of knowledge that can raise every individual to enlightenment, raise every nation to invincibility, and create permanent world peace. It has come to us through the blessings of our tradition of Vedic masters. For 50 years we have been talking about creating peace. Now the time for the talk will be less and less—while the effect we produce in the world will become greater and greater,' said Maharishi, who added, 'Tell the world press: A beautiful time for the whole world family is coming.'

Copyright © 2006 Global Country of World Peace

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