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Maharishi's historic proclamation to the world

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1 February 2006

Global Country of World Peace


Maharishi's historic proclamation to the world


Maharishi's programme to create coherent world consciousness has begun

Signs of decreased negative global trends to appear within the next few months

'The world press will soon have the opportunity to report the good news of increased positivity and peace in every nation'

His Holiness Maharishi Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proclaimed this week that his global peace programme is now under way and will soon produce clear signs of increased positive trends in global events.

'For the past few weeks I have been telling the world press that 'the arrow has left the bow and will soon hit the target'—that my programme to create coherent world consciousness has already started in one place—India—and that very soon it will begin in every other country,' Maharishi said. 'A new fortune is dawning for all mankind.'

Maharishi called on the world press to report back to him the good news, including trends towards increased coherence and harmony in world events, improved government, greater affluence, better health, and improved education in every country.

Maharishi's declaration came during his January 25 global news conference from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

Maharishi's global peace programme comes after 50 years of bringing the Transcendental Meditation Programme to millions of individuals worldwide

Maharishi's announcement comes after 50 years of bringing the scientifically proven benefits of the Transcendental Meditation Programme to millions of individuals throughout the world. Now, Maharishi said, he is producing the same effect on a global scale—bringing the benefits of his programme to the whole world family.

Maharishi's global peace programme calls for establishing in every country groups of several hundred to several thousand coherence-creating experts (the number of experts depends upon the population size of the country). These experts will practise the Transcendental Meditation Technique and Yogic Flying to enliven within their own self-referral Transcendental Consciousness the all-pervading Unified Field of Natural Law to create coherent national consciousness—the basis of invincibility for the country.

Maharishi said that such groups can easily be established in every country, including in schools where students can practise Yogic Flying in groups for 20 to 30 minutes a day. 'Then national consciousness will always remain coherent and positive. There will be affluence, joy, happiness, satisfaction, and bliss everywhere. There will be no conflicts, no disturbance, no suffering, no problems,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi's programme to create permanent world peace has been verified by extensive scientific research

In response to a press question, Maharishi cited the Meissner Effect in physics to explain how groups of coherence-creating experts can prevent negative trends in the nation. The Meissner Effect is a fundamental principle in nature revealing that internally coherent systems are naturally resistant to disruption, and spontaneously repel disruptive external influences, while incoherent systems are easily penetrated by disorder from outside. 'We have a simple, proven formula to create integrated national consciousness so that no negative trends arise in the nation,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and global peace programmes have been verified through more than 600 scientific studies conducted at 250 independent research institutions in 33 countries during the past 35 years.

'Sovereignty is a laughingstock in the world'

Maharishi said his global peace plan comes at a time when no nation in the world can claim to be either safe or sovereign. 'Sovereignty has no meaning in the world today—it is a fraud, a laughingstock,' Maharishi said. 'Countries with more money can buy countries with less money and dictate the terms. As long as every nation does not rise on its own to true sovereignty in invincibility, then permanent world peace will always remain a question mark. Once world consciousness is integrated and every country is invincible, no weakness or problems will ever arise anywhere—either inside or outside the country.'

'A new time of affluence and all good is dawning'

Maharishi explained that it may take a few months for the peace-creating groups to be established, but emphasized that the destiny of all mankind will soon change dramatically for the better. 'This is what we proclaimed when we welcomed Sat Yuga—Heaven on Earth—a few months ago,' Maharishi said. 'A new time of all good, all affluence, and all evolutionary trends for all of life is dawning—a new time of enlightenment for every individual, invincibility for every nation, and permanent peace on earth. The world press will soon have the good fortune to report on all the good news rising everywhere in the world.'

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