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Global celebrations usher in a time of peace and happiness for the world
by GGN staff writer

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25 July 2005

On July 21st 2005, the full moon day that is traditionally dedicated to the Guru in the Vedic Calendar, many thousands of citizens of the Global Country of World Peace, peace-loving citizens and practitioners of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation technique in every nation, gathered in Meru, Holland or connected via satellite and Internet broadcast to participate in an historic global celebration to usher in a new time of peace and happiness for the world. The celebration took place at the heart of a ten day international conference dedicated to bringing the full-realization of this new time as quickly as possible.

The International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland, is set amidst magnificent formal gardens, fountains and acres of woodland. Its elegant, spacious central building, constructed of all-natural materials, was designed entirely according to the principles of Vedic Architecture. In this place of serene beauty and lively silence, it seems that the goals of the conference have already blossomed fully.

Each day the conference begins with the arrival of the long line of royal white limousines, followed by the royal processional of His Majesty Maharaja Nader Raam, first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, who is richly attired in white and gold silk robes and a gold crown. The sound of bagpipe music fills the air heralding the arrival of Maharaja Nader Raam, and 22 more Rajas, also wearing robes and golden crowns. Each of these 22 Rajas is responsible for bringing the life-supporting programmes of the Global Country of World Peace to the 10-12 countries in their care.

Inside, the conference halls are lavishly decorated with golden thrones for the Rajas, large arrangements of fresh flowers and stately greenery, graceful silk draperies, and luxurious red carpeting. They are filled to capacity with thousands of dedicated leaders and supporters of the Global Country of World Peace.

The conference is blessed by the presence of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, world's foremost scientist and Vedic Scholar who introduced Transcendental Meditation and knowledge of total Natural Law to the world for perfection in individual and national life.

A great highlight of the conference on July 22nd, was a beautiful address by Maharishi. Following are a few points from the talk. Maharishi described the profound value of the Veda. He said that the Veda structures the human physiology. Yet the Veda itself is uncreated. It is eternal because the level of the Veda, the level of the structure of the Laws of Nature is Parame Vyoman, transcendental. Being transcendental, it is not exposed to change or decay.

The Veda says that one should Know that by knowing which everything is known. Maharishi explained that this means we need to know Atma, (Transcendental Consciousness, the Self of everyone). How can we know Atma? Maharishi said we can know it through sound, the first sound of Rk Veda - A. Everything is contained in A-all values of silence and dynamism.

Veda is the Constitution of the Universe. Maharishi elaborated, saying that we can add one adjective to the Constitution of the Universe. We can say that the Veda is the lively Constitution of the Universe. When we say the lively Constitution of the Universe, then we step onto one more phrase-Light of God. And when we say Light of God, then we say almighty, omnipresent, omniscient Light of God.

Maharishi went on to commend Dr. Reiner Picha for his model and presentation of Veda in the human physiology. (The 40 major areas of human physiology have a one to one correlation in structure and function to the structure and function of the 40 aspects of the Veda and Vedic Literature. Dr. Picha's life-size, transparent model of the human body, with the framework of the skeleton and organs visible within it, demonstrates this correlation. When a specific aspect of the Veda is recited, the corresponding areas of the body light up on the model.) This is the first display of its kind. It gives a vision of the secrets of how the body functions based on the movements of consciousness.

Veda is understood now for all its values-that means total abstraction, one unbounded ocean of consciousness, the transcendental reality. Maharishi emphasized the importance of this transcendental reality in the GAPS between the sounds of the Veda.

The secret of relationship between the tenth Mandala of Rk Veda and first Mandala is that the Suktas of the tenth Mandala have their status in the GAPS of the first Mandala. Now, when we print Rk Ved, we will display in different colored inks this interwoven structure of all the 192 Suktas of the first Mandala and 192 Suktas of the tenth Mandala, as well as the interwoven structure of the other eight Mandalas. This will give a vision of how the Veda structures itself.

The whole physiology is the projection of Atma, fully awake consciousness. It is a beautiful demonstration of the inner mechanics of God, the Light of God, the fully awake Constitution of the Universe, the fully awake functioning of total Natural Law.

The physicians of this generation are the shining stars of invincibility because they are exposing the inner mechanics of creation, the mechanics contained in the sound vibrations of the Vedic Mantras. In the sequentlially pronounced sounds of the Veda, the forthcoming sound is a commentary of the previous. A GAP comes after each sound. One sound disappears into the GAP, and in a process of eight somersaults, emerges as the next sound. What Dr Picha has demonstated is something of the nature of the unmanifest GAP.

The mechanics of transformation within the GAPS are the structuring mechanics of the Constitution of the Universe. It is a huge achievement to be in possession of the knowledge of the structuring dynamics of the Constitution of the Universe. Whatever physiology exists anywhere is the manifestation of the Constitution of the Universe. And now today, the abstract reality of the Constitution of the Universe, is visible in Dr. Picha's little glass model. This huge status, that was once an abstract philosophical gesture, we can clearly see through our eyes, and hear through our ears.

Maharishi said that this was Maharaja Nader Raam's achievement, and that we are proud of his insight into both values: consciousness and the transitory values of physiology.

With this model, Maharishi said we can now see the entire dynamics of the Constitution of the Universe in one single awareness. It's a day for world enlightenment. It's a day for mass enlightenment. Today is the day for supreme enlightenment, enlightenment on the mass level.

Throughout both the celebration and conference, many achievements of this past year from around the world were offered back to Maharishi, Maharishi's Master, Sri Guru Dev, and the Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters, the source of this great transformation from Kali Yuga, an age of problems and suffering, to Satya Yuga, a time of enlightenment and peace. Action plans have also been set in motion to hasten the transformation to heavenly life on earth. Both achievements and future planning, centered around the creation of large groups of Yogic Flying peace-creating experts and the building of 5,000 Peace Palaces which will serve as lighthouses of peace throughout the world.

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