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Maharishi proclaims satisfaction with progress of Global Peace Programme
by Peace Government Media Team

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3 June 2005

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week proclaimed satisfaction with the progress of the first eight weeks of his program to create permanent world peace through his Vedic technologies of Total Natural Law. At the same time, Maharishi pledged to utilize new peace-creating Vedic approaches to more quickly create a bright future for the world family.

Maharishi's pronouncement came during his May 25 global news conference, which was broadcast live via Internet webcast and satellite from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

Two months ago, Maharishi announced that he had launched his global peace program. Maharishi said that large numbers of peace-creating Vedic Pandits had been established in India. Through their practice of Yogic Flying and Yagyas, Maharishi said, the Vedic Pandits would enliven Total Natural Law and create coherence in the collective consciousness of India and the world—which is the basis of invincibility for every nation.

Since then, world press reports have documented a dramatic rise of positivity and harmony in India and in different parts of the world (see For example, press reports show increased harmony and a more rapid pace of progress towards peace between formerly hostile nations—and potential nuclear flashpoints—as seen in these recent stories:

• India and Pakistan: 'Peace Process Is Irreversible':

'After nearly 60 years of hostilities and three wars, the peace process has suddenly gained momentum and no government or extraneous force can stop it—the peace process is irreversible.'—The Hindu, May 26, 2005

• Israel and Palestine: 'Wind of Peace Blowing Over Middle East': 'There is a new wind of peace blowing over the Middle East and no one can stop it. No one can change history.' —Agence France Presse, May 21, 2005

• China and Taiwan: 'Ending 60 Years of Hostilities': 'The two civil war enemies closed the book on six decades of hostility. It is clear that the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait want peace.' —Reuters, April 30, 2005

The world will soon rise to a new level of positivity and coherence

Maharishi acknowledged that even with this global rise of positivity, areas of negativity remain in the world. 'The world press is reporting signs of harmony in some parts of the world and patches of negativity in other parts of the world—and this is what we expected,' said Maharishi, who likened the process of purifying world consciousness through his Vedic technologies to washing a dirty cloth with soapy water. 'If you wash the cloth once, some of the dirt comes out, but some spots remain. However, with a few more washings, all the spots will go,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi said that he will utilize new Vedic approaches to even more quickly create coherent collective consciousness. 'Then the whole world will rise to a new level of positivity, coherence, and fulfillment that is free from problems, sickness, and suffering,' Maharishi said.

Training course for the world's top scientists in Total Natural Law

Maharishi also announced that he will soon begin a course to train the world's top scientists in the Total Knowledge of Natural Law to become leaders of the Peace Government and create ideal administration in their countries. The scientists are being invited to the training course by Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist, President of the US Peace Government, and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace. The training progam will be held via the Internet.

Maharishi said the Peace Governments will restore balance in existing governments, which have been overwhelmed by the power of dynamism—and, as a result have been overcome by stress and problems. 'There is huge dynamism in the administration of every nation,' Maharishi said. 'However, dynamism emerges from the Unified Field—the field of silence—which quietly administers the universe with perfect order. The Peace Governments will utilize the Vedic technologies to enliven silence—the Unified Field—within the self-referral consciousness of everyone. This will create coherent collective consciousness and raise every manmade constitution—with its human weaknesses and human failings—to the level of the flawless administration of the universe.'

'With the blessings of the tradition of Vedic masters, we will bring the light of God—Total Natural Law—to earth'

Maharishi concluded by declaring that heaven is dawning on earth as a gift of God—a gift that has been made manifest by the tradition of Vedic masters. 'With the blessing of the tradition of Vedic masters, we are bringing Total Knowledge to purify world consciousness and materialize the brilliance of the light of God—Total Natural Law—on earth,' Maharishi said. 'And as the speed of our achievement grows faster day by day, our world is growing brighter day by day.'

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