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Only Vedic wisdom can save the world from destruction
by Peace Government Media Team

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25 May 2005

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week offered to heads of state the Vedic knowledge of Total Natural Law—with its peace-creating technologies of Yogic Flying and Yagyas—to rescue their governments from conflict and failure and save the world from destruction.

However, Maharishi emphasized that he is not waiting for government leaders to respond. Maharishi said his Peace Governments in every nation are utilizing these Vedic technologies to create coherent collective consciousness—the basis of balanced administration and invincibility for every nation.

Maharishi delivered his message to heads of state during his 18 May global news conference, which was broadcast live to the press on all continents via satellite and internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

The US government is inciting war in the guise of promoting peace

During the news conference, Maharishi had strong words of condemnation for the US government, which is selling hundreds of billions of dollars of destructive weapons to countries throughout the world, including to India and Pakistan, in the guise of promoting protection and peace. In reality, Maharishi said, the US government is acting with cunning and treachery—selling the weapons to make money while inciting conflict and wars that are far more destructive than any terrorist attack.

Maharishi also denounced the Indian government, which, Maharishi said, is devoid of Vedic knowledge and has become a slave to foreign powers. 'India is the land of Vedic wisdom, with the technology to awaken within individual and collective consciousness the cosmic intelligence which administers the universe with perfect order. But India has abandoned its own all-powerful knowledge. As a result, the country has become lifeless. The only way for India to breathe life in freedom tomorrow is to utilize Vedic wisdom today,' said Maharishi, who then added: 'Only a Vedic India can create a Vedic world—without problems, sickness, and suffering.'

Lack of balance creates stress and strain, sickness and suffering

In response to a press question, Maharishi explained why every government is gripped by problems: 'Life is holistic in nature—both silent and dynamic.' He added, 'But society has been overwhelmed by dynamism because the people have not known how to awaken within their own self-referral consciousness the Unified Field—the field of infinite silence. This lack of balance creates stress and strain, sickness and suffering for the individual and nation.'

Peace Governments are creating balance in the administration of every nation

Maharishi said that Peace Governments are emerging in every country to promote balanced, problem-free national administration through a twofold approach: (1) offering to every government the Vedic technologies to enliven silence in individual and national consciousness; and (2) producing the effect themselves, without waiting for governments to respond.

To create the effect, Maharishi announced seven weeks ago that large numbers of Vedic Pandits have been established in India to perform Vedic Yagyas and Grahashanti to create coherence in the collective consciousness of the nation and the world. Since then, world press reports have clearly documented the success of these first stages of Maharishi's global peace programme, including increased harmony between formerly hostile nations, such as India and Pakistan, and China and Taiwan, and a general trend towards rising positivity in different parts of the globe,

'We have started to create groups of Vedic Pandits in India, and we are encouraged to see the trends moving in the right direction,' Maharishi said. 'Soon we will create larger numbers of Vedic Pandits who will produce an even more powerful influence of coherence for the whole world.'

In addition to creating this holistic influence of coherence, Maharishi announced that his Global Country of World Peace is creating the coherent effect in a few select nations as well. 'The Global Country of World Peace is adopting three or four countries to raise each of them to invincibility,' Maharishi said. 'For this, large groups of peace-creating Yogic Flyers are being established in these countries to create coherent national consciousness—the basis of invincibility for the nation.'

Supporting the Vedic Pandits will ensure a bright future for everyone

At the same time, Maharishi urged governments to take immediate action to raise their nations to invincibility. Maharishi invited leaders to contract with his Vedic University in Holland to establish large groups of coherence-creating Yogic Flyers in their countries and to engage large numbers of Vedic Pandits to utilize Vedic Yagyas to prevent negative influences from coming to the country. Maharishi also urged governments—and everyone in society—to fully support the Vedic Pandits by providing them with proper homes built according to Vedic architecture and proper Vedic organic food. 'Vedic Pandits are a blessing for the world,' Maharishi said. 'Supporting the Vedic Pandits in a proper manner will ensure a bright future for everyone.'

'The voice of peace will dominate in society, and the voice of destruction will disappear'

Maharishi concluded by saying that with the grace of his master Guru Dev and the tradition of Vedic masters, the power of silence and dynamism will be balanced in world consciousness and the family of nations will enjoy permanent peace on earth. 'Then the voice of peace will dominate in society, and the voice of destruction will disappear—just as with the onset of light, darkness disappears,' Maharishi said. 'And for this, it is our joy to light more and more lamps in the world.'

Copyright 2005 Global Country of World Peace

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