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First signs of harmony in different parts of the world
by Peace Government Media Team

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4 May 2005

'Even one small candle light is enough to dispel the deep darkness in a room'

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's programme to create coherent world consciousness has produced the first indications of increasing harmony in different areas of the globe, according to John Hagelin, PhD, world-renowned quantum physicist, President of the US Peace Government, and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace. 

Dr Hagelin said the positive signs are evident in the upsurge of world press reports which document a general trend towards reduced tensions and improved relations among more and more nations.

Dr Hagelin delivered the good news during Maharishi's 27 April global news conference, which was broadcast live to the press on all continents via satellite and internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

Evidence of the rise of coherence in world consciousness will be found in positive news reports from the world press

Maharishi announced one month ago that his programme to create coherent world consciousness had begun in India with groups of peace-creating Vedic Pandits practising Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying and performing Vedic Yagyas to enliven Total Natural Law and create coherence in national and world consciousness—the basis of invincibility for every nation. Maharishi said that the influence of coherence from India would spread throughout the world in the same way that the rays of the sun spread light everywhere. Evidence of the rise of coherence, Maharishi explained, would be found in positive news reports from the world press.

To increase the intensity of coherence in world consciousness, Maharishi also announced:

- Groups of Yogic Flyers are now being established in every country to create coherent national consciousness—the basis of ideal, prevention-oriented, problem-free administration.

- A Training Programme for government leaders and well-wishers of peace in every nation will soon be held at Maharishi Vedic Universities worldwide. 'Patriotic social, religious, political, or economic leaders of every country are invited to take advantage of the knowledge and practical programmes to gain the support of Natural Law in the national consciousness of the country—to be trained in the science and art of enlightenment for themselves and invincibility for the nation,' Maharishi said. 'Governments are also invited to contract with our University to create invincibility in their country by taking recourse to this new royal, divine knowledge—to quietly and effectively prevent the birth of an enemy inside or outside the nation.' (For more information, please see

• A Training Course will be held for the world's top scientists to become leaders of the Peace Governments in their countries. 'Scientists will gain the knowledge of Total Natural Law to quietly guide every individual to higher states of consciousness and to create coherent collective consciousness for ideal administration in their nations,' Maharishi said. Dr Hagelin is extending the invitation to scientists in every nation.

Engaging Total Natural Law through the science and technology of thinking

Maharishi said the government leaders and scientists will be trained to engage Total Natural Law to work for them through the science and technology of thinking—through Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, which take the mind to the transcendental, self-referral field of consciousness. 'From this fully awake level of consciousness, an individual's thoughts for himself and the world are instantly fulfilled with the support of the infinite creative intelligence of Total Natural Law—the Will of God—which administers the universe with perfect order,' Maharishi said.

'One small candle light is enough to increase the light and decrease the darkness in a room'

Maharishi acknowledged that the current number of peace-creating experts in the world is small compared to the size of the world's population. Nevertheless, Maharishi emphasized, it is still large enough to produce a peaceful effect. And as more resources become available to engage more Vedic Pandits and groups of Yogic Flyers, Maharishi said, the whole world will enjoy greater harmony and happiness. 'Even one small candle light is enough to increase the light and decrease the darkness in a room,' Maharishi said. 'Now, we want to add as many candles as possible so the light is as big and bright as possible—then not even a huge windstorm will be able to put out the light,' Maharishi said.

'We are going to give every government the joy of life without problems—we are going to give them Heaven on Earth'

Maharishi concluded by saying that governments can choose to actively participate in his global peace programme—or they can choose to simply watch and enjoy its benefits. But in either case, Maharishi said, the world is going to get better and better. 'This is the parental role of the Global Country of World Peace in the family of nations,' Maharishi said. 'Whether governments want it or not, we are going to give them the joy of life without problems—we are going to give them Heaven on Earth.'

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