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Maharishi offers the gift of Total Knowledge to the world
by Peace Government Media Team

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15 December 2004

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi offered to every Head of State and the people of every nation the gift of the knowledge of Total Natural Law to raise every individual to enlightenment and, in the same stroke, raise every nation to invincibility. However, Maharishi urged everyone to utilize the knowledge immediately because the future is uncertain in today's destructive world.

'This is the gift of Total Knowledge—the Constitution of the Universe—that administers the universe with perfect order,' Maharishi said. 'We offer this knowledge to everyone who would like to enjoy fulfilment in his own personal life, and fulfilment in the life of his nation and the world as a whole. But take it today and ''make hay while the sun shines'', because who knows what will happen tomorrow?'

Maharishi announced his offer during his 8 December global news conference.

Life in enlightenment is easier

Maharishi described enlightenment as the supreme level of human development in which hardships and the struggle for success are non-existent. 'Life in enlightenment is easier—life becomes a joy,' said Maharishi, who urged everyone—students, working adults, and retired people—to pursue enlightenment now. 'It is your birthright to enjoy bliss—Total Natural Law—which is available in the quiet recesses of your mind and heart,' Maharishi said. 'Close your eyes and dive within to the source of thought, the Unified Field, so your awareness is in complete alliance with Total Natural Law. Then, whatever you think from this level, Natural Law will achieve it for you without stress or strain.'

A few groups of 8,000 Yogic Flyers will surcharge world consciousness with harmony and coherence

Maharishi's programme to create permanent world peace calls for the establishment of a few groups of 8,000 people practising Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying. 'Yogic Flying enlivens the Unified Field—the field of gravity—with a gentle impulse of thought, and the body lifts up in the air with the experience of bliss,' Maharishi said. 'If a few groups of 8,000 people practise Yogic Flying together, scientific research shows that the whole world consciousness will be surchanged with harmony, coherence, goodwill, and friendliness. In such a coherent atmosphere, no negativity will ever arise.' For those who do not want to practise Transcendental Meditation themselves, Maharishi offered another way for them to contribute their share in promoting permanent world peace. 'They should hire a peace-creating expert—a Vedic pandit—to practise Yogic Flying and promote coherent world consciousness, which is the basis of invincibility on the national and global levels,' Maharishi said.

Consciousness-Based education will ensure that no one makes mistakes in life

Maharishi's global peace plan also calls for the introduction of one class period a day for Transcendental Meditation in all the schools, colleges, and universities. 'Today's education is inadequate—it offers only fragmented knowledge and through the physical sciences deals only with the physical values of life. In contrast, our Consciousness-Based approach offers Total Knowledge and deals with the basis of all physical values in the Unified Field—Transcendental Consciousness. When you think from that transcendental field, your thoughts will be upheld, promoted, and fulfilled by Natural Law without you having to do anything,' Maharishi said. 'Consciousness-Based Education will ensure that no one makes mistakes and no one creates problems for himself or for others. All thought, speech, and behaviour will always be beneficial and fulfilling for the individual and society.'

'We pity the youngsters who are destined to fight for an imaginary freedom'

In response to a press question about escalating violence in global hotspots, Maharishi cast shame on the destructive powers that are 'raining mass destruction on countries in their search for weapons of mass destruction'. Maharishi also denounced the 'mad' decisions of government leaders who have a personal history of drug abuse and therefore lack a properly functioning brain. 'These 'drug people' are wild on destruction,' Maharishi said. 'We pity the youngsters who, under this mad leadership, are destined to go to war and die for an imaginary freedom. When these youngsters are gone, of what use is the country for them?'

'We hope these ignorant leaders will improve their ways'

Maharishi concluded by expressing hope that governments—no matter how fraudulent they are today—will wake up and take his offer tomorrow. 'It is like a piece of fruit: at an early stage it is sour, but given time it ripens and becomes sweet. Therefore, we hope these ignorant leaders, given time, will improve their ways,' said Maharishi, who then warned: 'But if not, these governments will soon be put out of office by the rise of coherence in world consciousness. And wise, intelligent, peaceful people, who are expert in Total Natural Law, will raise their countries to invincibility and lead the world in creating permanent peace in the family of nations.'

Copyright 2004, Global Country of World Peace

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