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Maharishi's urgent message to world leaders: Global Country of World Peace will secure sovereignty for every nation

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14 July 2004

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi delivered an urgent message this week to government leaders and well-wishers of peace in every country: Destructive political powers will destroy the sovereignty of any nation in the name of democracy and freedom, and the only safeguard is to immediately establish in every nation Peace Palaces with groups of a few hundred to a few thousand peace-creating experts. Such groups, Maharishi said, will create coherent collective consciousness to prevent enemies and safeguard a nation's independence and sovereignty.

'Sovereignty is a joke—it has no meaning in the world today. It can be bought like apples and bananas in the market by anyone who has money,' Maharishi said. 'The Global Country of World Peace has arisen to safeguard the most precious value of a nation—its sovereignty. It will bring the administration of total Natural Law—which administers the universe with perfect order—to the administration of every nation. Then every nation will rise to invincibility, and the whole world family will enjoy permanent harmony and peace.'

Maharishi delivers message during the final session of first week of World Peace Parliament

Maharishi delivered his message during the final session of the first week of the Parliament of World Peace, which was held from July 3 to 9. Maharishi addressed leaders of society—businessmen, lawyers, doctors, educators, etc.—who convened in countries on all continents for the Parliamentary sessions. Maharishi spoke live via global videoconference and internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland. His Majesty Raja Nader Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, inspired the Maharishi World Peace Parliament.

Maharishi will discuss the World Peace Parliament and answer questions about his program to create permanent world peace during his next news conferences on July 14 and 15.

Humanly conceived constitutions are a laughingstock

Maharishi targeted 'humanly conceived constitutions' as the source of the upheaval that dominates world events. Such manmade constitutions, Maharishi said, reflect the weaknesses and failures of the human mind—and have proven incompetent to bring either order or satisfaction to any nation. 'With all respect to the forefathers of the nation, humanly conceived constitutions are a laughingstock in the world today,' Maharishi said. Maharishi also condemned foreign powers for imposing democracy on smaller nations. 'The democratic system of administration promotes disorder and conflict in a nation through divisive political parties—all in the name of freedom and human rights,' Maharishi said. 'In truth, it only benefits those who want to weaken a nation and destroy the sovereignty of one country after another—like big fish that swallow smaller fish.'

Every government has a choice: prevention or surrender

Maharishi said that every government has a choice: prevention or surrender. 'Either become stronger and prevent the enemy—or do nothing and surrender your sovereignty and dignity,' Maharishi told the government leaders. 'The only way to eliminate darkness is to bring the light. In the same way, the only way to prevent a destructive influence in your country is to create a coherent, unified national consciousness.'

The offer of the Global Country of World Peace is based on 50 years of success and extensive scientific research

Maharishi said that the Global Country of World Peace is prepared to create coherent collective consciousness for every government by establishing peace-creating groups in the country. Through the recitation of coherence-creating Vedic sounds and the collective practice of Yogic Flying, these groups will enliven the Constitution of the Universe—the Unified Field that administers all diversity in the universe—to create coherent collective consciousness. The size of the group—from several hundred to several thousand experts—depends upon the population of the country. The effectiveness of the program has been demonstrated by nearly 50 years of success worldwide and more than 600 scientific research studies conducted in 210 universities and research institutions in 33 countries.

'The need is urgent—so do it immediately.'

To establish a group for every city, state, and nation, Maharishi said, 3,000 Peace Palaces will be built in the world's largest 3,000 cities to serve as proper homes for the peace-creating experts. Maharishi called on a few well-wishers of peace in every city to locate land for the Peace Palace and help quickly achieve the global peace plan. 'Only a few enlightened individuals are needed in every city to establish the Peace Palace and secure the invincibility and sovereignty of the nation. The need is urgent—so do it immediately,' Maharishi told the well-wishers. 'There is no time to lose—every moment is important during these cloudy days of destruction and chaos.'

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