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Venezuela to approve Seed Law to ban GMO seeds
15 December 2015 - Venezuelan campesinos and rural families will soon have a reason to celebrate as the head of the National Assembly has assured that the Seed Law to regulate hybrid seeds and ban transgenic seed research in the South American country will be approved before the opposition takes control of the Parliament on 5 January 2016. The law will regulate the production of hybrid seeds in Venezuela and prevent the research, production, import, and distribution of GMO seeds in the name of protecting human and environmental health, food sovereignty, and soil fertility. It also brings agricultural policy in line with the Article 305 of the Venezuelan constitution, which mandates state promotion of sustainable agriculture as the constitutional foundation of food security and rural development. (more)

Venezuela leader says ties restored with Panama
2 July 2014 - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says his government is restoring diplomatic relations with Panama now that the Central American country has a new President. Maduro made his announcement following the Tuesday swearing-in of Juan Carlos Varela as Panama's President. There has been no comment from Panama, but the conservative Varela has repeatedly said he would seek to restore relations with Venezuela's socialist government. Varela has said that he and Maduro have a friendship dating back to when they were the foreign ministers for their countries. (more)

UN: Ban welcomes start of dialogue to ease Venezuela tensions
11 April 2014 - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the start of dialogue to ease political tensions in Venezuela and called on all actors to work towards overcoming the current challenges facing the country. He congratulated both the Government and opposition for their public commitment to the dialogue, which is being accompanied by a representative of the Holy See and by the Foreign Ministers of Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador, representing UNASUR, as witnesses. (more)

Venezuela mends tie with Paraguay, reopens embassy
13 January 2014 - Venezuela has reopened its embassy in the Paraguayan capital 18 months after breaking off relations to protest the removal of Paraguay's leader. (more)

Venezuela government creates happiness agency
27 October 2013 - Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro is creating a Deputy Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness. The President says that the pediatrician in charge of the agency will coordinate all anti-poverty missions created by the late President Hugo Chavez. (more)

Venezuela's President in China, signs agreements
22 September 2013 - China and Venezuela signed several agreements Sunday during a visit by the Venezuelan President that is meant to strengthen economic ties between the South American nation and its leading creditor. President Nicolas Maduro told his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, that the main goal of his trip was to further consolidate and expand the strategic partnership between the two countries that late President Hugo Chavez began with Chinese leaders. (more)

Venezuela open to improved ties with Washington
17 February 2013 - Venezuela's foreign minister says the government of President Hugo Chavez wants improved relations with the United States. Elias Jaua says Chavez has asked Venezuela's ambassador to the Organization of American States to seek improved ties with officials in Washington. Jaua spoke about the possibility of improving relations with the United States during an interview broadcast on Sunday. (more)

Venezuela: Matisse painting to be returned to Caracas
9 February 2013 - The United States is working with Venezuela to return a painting by Henri Matisse stolen more than a decade ago from a museum in Venezuela, officials said Friday. The painting, 'Odalisque in Red Pants,' is to be returned from the United States within three to five weeks, said Raul Grioni, President of Venezuela's Cultural Patrimony Institute. (more)

Colombian and Venezuelan diplomats hold talks
18 January 2013 - Venezuelan's newly appointed foreign minister Elias Jaua met the top diplomat of Colombia on Friday after vowing to continue backing peace talks between the Colombian government and leftist rebels. The meeting with Colombia's Maria Angela Holguin comes at a moment when the talks between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia have resumed after a holiday break. (more)

Venezuela economic growth at 5.2 per cent
20 November 2012 - Venezuela this year is among the fastest growing economies in Latin America. The economy expanded at a quicker rate than last year's third quarter, when growth stood at 4.4 per cent. 'Venezuela entered a new phase in its stable, sustainable growth,' Planning Minister Jorge Giordani said at a news conference where he and the Central Bank president announced the quarterly financial results. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

Prime Minister honours new Teachers of Transcendental Meditation in Venezuela in their supreme professional role in life
29 November 2008 - Speaking on a recent Maharishi Global Family Chat, Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace and President of Maharishi University of Management, congratulated the new Teachers of Transcendental Meditation, who recently completed their Teacher Training Course in Venezuela. (more)

Maharishi School and Peace Palaces starting in Venezuela
9 May 2008 - Raja Jose Luis Alvarez, Raja of Latin America for the Global Country of World Peace, reported recently on Maharishi Global Family Chat about a new Maharishi School in Caracas and Maharishi Peace Palaces outside Valencia, Venezuela. (more)

'Community Hours' offer Venezuelan university students a platform to create national invincibility through Yogic Flying
6 May 2008 - On a recent Maharishi Global Family Chat, Raja Jose Luis Alvarez, Raja of Latin America for the Global Country of World Peace, spoke about a new plan for creating 40,000 Yogic Flyers at a university in Venezuela. (more)

Latin America: Peaceful resolution of crisis through increased coherence
13 March 2008 - Dr Jose Luis Alvarez, Raja [Administrator] of Latin America for the Global Country of World Peace, gave an inspiring report on the resolution of the crisis that occurred last week between Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia, and how the resolution resulted from the implementation of Maharishi's programmes for peace. (more)

Maharishi Tower of Invincibility rising in Venezuela
28 January 2008 - All aspects of planning, preparation, and finance are now in place and a Maharishi Tower of Invincibility will soon be constructed for Venezuela in the beautiful mountainous region of Valencia. (more)

World Congress of Rajas lauds Dr Tucker's achievements
26 December 2007 - During the World Congress of Rajas in MERU, Holland, leaders of the Global Country of World Peace warmly praised Dr Richard Tucker-Loero on his recent address to the Congress about the project to implement Consciousness-Based Education in his university of 40,000 students -- the largest in Venezuela -- saying that he had done well and had 'created the basis for world peace'. (more)

Venezuela's enlightened educator foresees Invincibility for Latin America
21 December 2007 - After receiving multiple awards from the World Congress of Rajas, Dr Richard Tucker-Loero, Vice-Chancellor of Venezuela's 40,000-student Iutirla University, responded with these warm words of inspiration: (more)

Educator Dr Tucker-Loero honoured for creating invincibility for Venezuela
20 December 2007 - On the 26th day of the first World Congress of Rajas, in the presence of the Prime Minister, Rajas, and Directors of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Richard Tucker-Loero, Vice-Chancellor of a 40,000-student university, and a 30-year practitioner of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme, was repeatedly honoured for his illustrious work to bring invincibility to Venezuela and Latin America. (more)

Venezuela's hero of private education makes Consciousness-Based Education available to 40,000 students
27 August 2007 - Great praise and admiration are due to Mr Richard Tucker, one of the world's leading educators. Vice-Chancellor of Venezuela's private Iutirla University with 40,000 students on 24 campuses in 13 towns throughout Venezuela, Mr Tucker has personally organized the official introduction of Consciousness-Based Education into the curriculum of the university. (more)

Students in Venezuela to create national invincibility
14 March 2007 - Seven hundred students at a university and a school in Venezuela will learn Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and thereby contribute to the rise of invincibility in the nation. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

'Latin America will never be the same': Venezuela exodus reaches record levels
21 June 2021 - The continuing exodus of millions of Venezuelans is reaching 'a tipping point' as the response to the crisis remains critically underfunded. More than 5.6 million have left the country since 2015, when it had a population of 30 million, escaping political, economic, and social hardships. It has become the largest external displacement crisis in the region's history. (more)

Venezuela's trees suffer as firewood replaces scarce cooking gas
29 August 2019 - Chronic shortages of natural gas in the country with the world's largest oil reserves now mean that cooking fuel is increasingly coming from trees. ... In addition, [Henri Pittier Park, said Enrique Garcia, director of the ecological group Let's Plant] said, the collection of firewood in urban areas can cause respiratory problems from smoke, rising temperatures in cities, and increased risk of landslides in poor communities where houses are often built on unsteady terrain. (more)

Venezuelans scour polluted river for lost treasure, survival
8 January 2018 - Angel Villanueva waded into the dirty brown water of the Guaire River, the putrid channel snaking through Venezuela's capital, where he hoped to scavenge for a bit of treasure. He raked his hands across the bottom of the shallow waterway, turning his face away from the foul smell. Then he stood up, letting gravel and rocks fall through his fingers, scanning for an earring backing, lost rings, or any other bits of precious metal to cash in for food. ... Images of poor Venezuelans eating from garbage piles in Caracas have come to symbolize the deepening economic crisis in what was once one of Latin America's wealthiest countries. Less visible are the young men and boys who comb the Guaire's dirty waters for any sliver of metal that might help feed their families. (more)

Desperate Venezuelans peddle wares door-to-door in Colombia to survive
20 December 2017 - Thousands of impoverished Venezuelans are crossing the border to Colombia every day to sell cheap basics, from oranges to candles, in a desperate attempt to earn hard currency amid their country's worsening economic collapse. ... Hundreds of vendors are sleeping in the streets of the Venezuelan border town of San Antonio, while the surge in hawkers on the Colombian side is stoking anger among local shopkeepers. (more)

Hungry Venezuelans flood Brazilian towns, as threat of mass migration looms
1 January 2017 - Survival for Venezuelans is becoming a matter of flight. About 10,000 Venezuelans are streaming into Brazil every month in search of food and medicine, authorities say, camping out on the streets and swamping government services in Amazon frontier towns ill-prepared to receive them. Oil-rich Venezuela has been an immigrant destination for much of its history. Now it is a place to flee. Chronic food shortages, rampant violence and the erratic and often paranoid behavior of President Nicolás Maduro have turned the country's border crossings and beaches into escape valves. (more)

Kids, teachers ditch school as crisis engulfs Venezuela
16 June 2016 - Education is no longer a priority for many poor and middle-class Venezuelans who are swept up in the all-consuming quest for food amid a wave of looting and riots. Frequent power and water cuts are disrupting classes, and schools have been closed on Fridays for about the last two months. Venezuela has released little hard data in recent times and does not participate in the globally recognized Program in International Student Assessment tests, so it is hard to gauge the state of education with statistical precision. (more)

'We want food!' Looting and riots rock Venezuela daily
12 June 2016 - A young woman faints in the heat as hundreds fight for pasta, screaming they are hungry. Slum-dwellers and armed gangs wait for nightfall to hijack food trucks or ransack stores. A mother is shot dead fleeing police after hundreds storm warehouses. Food riots and violent looting have become a daily occurrence across scarcity-struck Venezuela and a major problem for the struggling leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro. (more)

Bishops say Venezuela seeks totalitarian rule
2 April 2014 - Venezuela's organization of Roman Catholic bishops is accusing the government of seeking totalitarian-style rule, comments that potentially could complicate the Vatican's offer to facilitate talks between the socialist government and its opposition. The Conference of Venezuelan Bishops is calling on President Nicolas Maduro to halt his crackdown on critics who have been protesting in the streets for seven weeks. The conference president is Bishop Diego Padron. Speaking in Caracas on Wednesday, he accused Maduro of attempting to criminalize dissent. The statement comes a few days after the Vatican said it was willing to facilitate talks between the two sides. Maduro indicated he would accept such talks, but the position of the various groups that constitute the opposition remains unclear. (more)

Three shot dead during unrest in central Venezuela
12 March 2014 - A university student, a National Guard captain, and a third man were killed in separate incidents Wednesday as anti-government protests roiled the central Venezuelan city of Valencia. Three National Guardsmen and several protesters were wounded. Two of the deaths came in the opposition-dominated Isabelica neighborhood, where residents unhappy with the scarcity of basic items and rising unemployment from the closure of some businesses in the area have protested for weeks by blocking streets and throwing rocks at police. A month of student-led demonstrations in a number of Venezuelan cities has left at least 25 people dead, according to the government. Venezuelans fed up with inflation that reached 56 per cent last year, long lines for buying some items at grocery stores, and one of the highest homicide rates in the world have joined students in protesting against the government. n the national capital of Caracas, pro- and anti-government student groups approaching 10,000 people staged competing marches. When the larger opposition group tried to move toward the chief public defender's office to demand his resignation, security forces blocked the way. After negotiations failed to break the impasse, some protesters hurled rocks and National Guard troops responded with water cannons and tear gas. Jorge Olivares, a 21-year-old chemical engineering student at Simon Bolivar University who joined the anti-government march, said security forces seemed to be getting tougher in dealing with the daily protests. 'Something has changed,' Olivares said. 'Each time there's more repression'. (more)

Opposition, pro-govt rallies grip Venezuela
23 February 2014 - Venezuelans on both sides of the nation's bitter political divide took to the streets on Saturday after two weeks of mass protests that have President Nicolas Maduro scrambling to squash an increasingly militant opposition movement. In Caracas, tens of thousands of opponents of the President filled several city blocks in their biggest rally to date against his 10-month-old government. Across town, at the presidential palace, Maduro addressed a much-smaller crowd of mostly female supporters dressed in the red of his socialist party. The duelling protests capped a violent week in which the government jailed Leopoldo Lopez, a fiery hard-liner who roused the opposition following its defeat in December's mayoral elections, and dozens of other student activists. The violence has left at least 10 people dead on both sides and injured more than 100. (more)


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