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5 planets take center stage as they align in the night sky
23 June 2022 - A rare, five-planet alignment will peak on June 24, allowing a spectacular viewing of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn as they line up in planetary order. Stargazers will need to have a clear view of the eastern horizon to spot the incredible phenomenon, Diana Hannikainen, observing editor of Sky and Telescope said. The best time to view the five planets is in the one hour before sunrise, she said. (more)

US bans all products from leading vaping company Juul
23 June 2022 - The US is banning the sale of all products sold by Juul, one of the country's top e-cigarette companies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it did not have enough data to be sure that marketing the firm's products was 'appropriate for the protection of public health'. The agency had already barred the fruity flavours that helped make Juul a phenomenon among teenagers a few years ago. The products, which contain high concentrations of nicotine, raised alarm as use among teens exploded, with more than quarter of high schoolers using e-cigarettes in 2019, according to a federal survey. (more)

US: FDA bans Juul e-cigarettes tied to teen vaping surge
23 June 2022 - U.S. health regulators on Thursday ordered Juul to pull its electronic cigarettes from the market, the latest blow to the embattled company widely blamed for sparking a national surge in teen vaping. The action is part of a sweeping effort by the Food and Drug Administration to bring scientific scrutiny to the multibillion-dollar vaping industry after years of regulatory delays. (more)

Disney workers trade costumes for yoga pants on Yoga Day
21 June 2022 - Disney workers traded their character costumes for yoga pants early Tuesday at Walt Disney World in Florida to celebrate International Yoga Day. The sunrise celebration has spread to other Disney properties around the globe since yoga enthusiasts started it at the Florida resort in 2016. More than 1,700 Disney workers spread out their yoga mats in front of Cinderella's Castle in Florida, while another 1,000 workers started their morning with yoga in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Resort in California. (more)

US: California may require labels on pot products to warn of mental health risks
20 June 2022 - Doctors and lawmakers in California want cannabis producers to warn consumers of this and other health risks on their packaging labels and in advertising, similar to requirements for cigarettes. Indeed, many scientific studies have linked marijuana use to an increased risk of developing psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia. (more)

Hundreds attend yoga session in Washington, DC ahead of International Yoga Day
19 June 2022 - Hundreds of people participated in a yoga session organized by the Indian Embassy at the iconic Washington Monument in Washington, DC ahead of the International Yoga Day (June 21). The participants of the event held on Saturday were from different walks of life, including the US administration, Congress, industry, diplomatic corps, media, and the Indian diaspora. (more)

The race to reclaim the dark skies
19 June 2022 - Although the landscape around them is undergoing change, with new houses, hotels, and developments springing up, residents of West Penwith [England] can feel safe in the knowledge that their night skies will likely be protected for generations to come. This is because in December 2021, the region became a Dark Sky Park: an international marker of exceptionally low light pollution. (more)

US: California is set to get its first new state park in over a decade
18 June 2022 - California is set to establish its first new state park in 13 years. The 2,500-acre property, known as Dos Rios Ranch, will likely be donated to the California state park system by River Partners, a non-profit that has worked to rehabilitate and rewild the land after years of use as farmland. The land's unique location at the intersection of two rivers makes it a particularly attractive location for a state park, said California Department of Parks and Recreation Director Armando Quintero. (more)

The farmers restoring Hawaii's ancient food forests that once fed an island
17 June 2022 - Maui is a hub for GMO research but Indigenous farmers are trying to bring back the abundant and thriving landscapes of their ancestors. Kaipo Kekona and his wife Rachel Lehualani Kapu have transformed several acres of depleted farmland into a dense food forest on a mountain ridge. The couple are Indigenous farmers -- ancient knowledge keepers -- and part of a wider food and land sovereignty movement gaining momentum in Hawaii. (more)

Sesame Solar opens with 'world's first 100 percent renewable mobile nanogrids'
16 June 2022 - In an emergency, one person can set up this nanogrid and start generating power in 15 minutes, with minimal training. In other words, it's almost as easy as saying 'open sesame', or in this case, using a new device launched today by Sesame Solar, based in Jackson, Michigan. The nanogrid can generate clean, off-grid power using solar energy and green hydrogen. It comes pre-fabricated to meet essential services and emergence response needs across a variety of scenarios, according to the startup. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

Save the date: David Lynch Foundation's Annual Gala and Enlightened Visionary Awards, 12 September, New York
25 June 2022 - An invitation to join the David Lynch Foundation for the historic announcement of 'MEDITATE NEW YORK', a broad new initiative featuring the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation technique. The launch will take place at the Annual Gala honouring the DLF's 2022 Enlightened Visionary Award Recipients: Sutton Foster, two-time Tony Award winner; Angelique Kidjo, five-time Grammy Award winner; and Jane Lynch, five-time Emmy Award winner. Save the Date: 12 September 2022, at Jazz at Lincoln Center. (more)

Breakthrough in how buildings can promote health and well-being: Ancient architecture system as preventative medicine
1 May 2022 - Having understood the ill-effects of sick building syndrome and the need to better conserve energy by incorporating green features, architects are also utilizing certain elements of an architectural design system shown to reduce stress, improve sleep, promote physical and mental health, thereby improving the quality of life for its inhabitants. These findings appear in the first comprehensive review of 40 years of published studies on the benefits of Maharishi Vastu architecture (MVA), published in the current issue of Global Advances in Health and Medicine: Managing the Built Environment for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention with Maharishi Vastu Architecture: A Review.  (more)

David Lynch Announces US $500 Million Peace Initiative
18 April 2022 - David Lynch, the filmmaker and founder of the nonprofit David Lynch Foundation, announced a revolutionary world peace plan and initiative, estimated at $500 million for the first year, in partnership with the Global Union of Scientists for Peace. In a call to action video, released 14 April, Lynch urged philanthropists to use a fraction of their wealth to take action and support the training of 30,000 university students around the world to become advanced peace-creating Transcendental Meditation experts and build a legacy of lasting global peace. (more)

Today: NEW SOLUTIONS Symposium on Transcendental Meditation as a Clinical Health Intervention
5 March 2022 - Join the David Lynch Foundation's Center for Resilience today for a special free webinar: New Solutions Symposium on Transcendental Meditation as a Clinical Health Intervention. In partnership with some of the country's largest healthcare providers, and 20 leading medical professionals, the symposium presents new clinical research on the effectiveness of TM in treating stress, anxiety, heart disease, burnout, depression, PTSD, and suicidality. Medically, TM is providing New Solutions for: Veterans and First Responders, Adolescent Mental Health, Healthcare Workers, BIPOC Communities. Register for today's free medical symposium, beginning 15.00 UTC, 10:00 a.m. US ET. (more)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on 'The 1% Effect' – How just a small percentage of people can change the world
12 January 2022 - From the earliest days of his teaching around the world, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spoke often of the positive, peaceful global transformations that would naturally result when as little as one per cent of the world's population practised the Transcendental Meditation technique. Then in 1975, results of new scientific research were announced: a statistically significant reduction in crime rates in 12 American cities when the threshold of one per cent of the population practising TM was reached. The news confirmed Maharishi's prediction, and launched a new phase of his work to bring enlightenment to the world through Transcendental Meditation. In an address on 12 January 1975, Maharishi said, 'One small filament becoming lighted is enough to light the whole room. Like that, one person, one slightly enlightened person, is good enough for the whole society. It's a blessing for the whole society.' (more)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's comments to the press - Christmas, 2002
25 December 2021 - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi replies to a question from the world press on the Vedic nature of Christ's words, 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you.' - 25 December 2002, MERU, Netherlands. (more)

Breathing, Self-Insulating Walls: AAC Block Construction - Replays of new Maharishi Vastu Webinar
20 November 2021 - Discover Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) Block construction with Maharishi Vastu developer Richard Bialosky, AIA, and Jon Lipman, AIA, Director of MaharishiVastu.Org. This is a fascinating talk, full of beautiful images of the many homes Mr Bialosky has built with this unique system. The new November webinar offered by Maharishi Vastu architecture was broadcast twice via Zoom in November. Video replays are available on the Maharishi Vastu website, including the Q and A session from the live presentation. Enjoy the timely knowledge of Maharishi Vastu architecture from the perspective of an accomplished developer for over 40 years, and one of the most experienced Vastu architects. (more)

South African management professional finds meaningful education in online MBA at Maharishi International University
10 November 2021 - Motsei Masilo, in South Africa, is about to graduate from the online MBA programme at Maharishi International Unversity after a twenty-year career in management with Roche Pharmaceuticals in South Africa, Europe, and India. 'For the first time, I felt school had a meaning,' she said of her MIU experience. She has been accepted into MIU's PhD programme in Management. (more)

The Transcendental Meditation Program for Advocates: 'TM is a tool for life'
15 October 2021 - An advocate's role is to promote the health, safety, and rights of patients and clients, providing holistic and empathetic care. But advocates can face huge challenges every day and are themselves at high risk for stress-related disease, compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, hopelessness and burnout. Research has shown that all the qualities needed by a patient advocate are improved by the simple practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, which reduces stress and improves mental acuity, psychological balance, physical health, and resilience. 'I now have the tool I need to diffuse the stress, reenergize daily and stay calm in the continuous storms experienced in work that we do,' one advocate says. 'TM is a tool for life.' (more)

Maharishi International University alumna is a writer, producer, director
7 October 2021 - After reading film director David Lynch's book Catching the Big Fish, Jennifer Kachler learned the Transcendental Meditation technique, and went on to enrol in the David Lynch MFA in Film programme at Maharishi International University. Meeting Lynch and receiving his advice on her work were highlights of her year. Since graduating Jennifer has directed and produced an impressive list of commercials, short films, and documentaries in New York. Creating content in a fast-paced, demanding environment can be stressful, but her TM practice helps her stay calm. 'I meditate every day and it helps me tremendously,' she said. 'I can't imagine what life would be like without it.' (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Projected increase in space travel may damage ozone layer
24 June 2022 - Projected growth in rocket launches for space tourism, moon landings, and perhaps travel to Mars has many dreaming of a new era of space exploration. But a NOAA study suggests that a significant boost in spaceflight activity may damage the protective ozone layer on the one planet where we live. (more)

Sweltering US streets: Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat
24 June 2022 - Hundreds of homeless people die in the streets each year from the heat, in cities around the U.S. and the world. The ranks of homeless have swelled after the pandemic and temperatures fueled by climate change soar. Excessive heat causes more weather-related deaths in the United States than hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes combined. Temperatures are rising nearly everywhere because of global warming, combining with brutal drought in some places to create more intense, frequent, and longer heat waves. The past few summers have been some of the hottest on record. (more)

'Historic' weather: why a cocktail of natural disasters is battering the US
18 June 2022 - As the world heats up, weather events will increase and overlap, testing the limits of nation's resiliency and recovery. Summer in the American west is off to an explosive start, with extreme weather events ravaging multiple states in recent weeks. In Montana, historic flooding devastated communities and infrastructure in and around Yellowstone National Park and forced a rare closure. Further south, reservoirs sank to new lows, triple-digit heatwaves left millions sweltering, and wildfires ripped through Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, and California. These layered disasters offer a glimpse of what's to come. (more)

US: The West just experienced an aspect of the climate crisis that scientists have warned of for years
17 June 2022 - The West saw an aspect of the climate crisis play out this week that scientists have warned of for years. In the middle of a prolonged, water shortage-inducing megadrought, one area, Yellowstone [National Park], was overwhelmed by drenching rainfall and rapid snowmelt that -- instead of replenishing the ground over a matter of weeks or months -- created a torrent of flash flooding that ripped out roads and bridges and caused severe damage to one of the country's most cherished national parks. In the meantime, drought conditions persisted in the Southwest, where water is desperately needed to replenish the country's largest reservoirs, and provide relief to regions tormented by record-setting wildfires. (more)

EPA: 'Forever chemicals' pose risk even at very low levels
16 June 2022 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is warning that two nonstick and stain-resistant compounds found in drinking water are more dangerous than previously thought and pose health risks even at levels so low they cannot currently be detected. (more)

Over a third of US population urged to stay indoors amid record-breaking heat
15 June 2022 - More than 125 million people under heat alerts as record high temperatures set throughout US, particularly in the south-west. More than 100 million Americans have been advised to stay indoors amid record-breaking heat, with experts warning that such temperatures could become the norm amid the climate crisis. ... Record high temperatures were set throughout the US, particularly in the south-west, prompting cities to try to find ways to cope with potentially lethal heat. ... Scientists have repeatedly warned that recurring and intense heatwaves could become the norm as the climate crisis intensifies. Other symptoms of increasing temperatures, including wildfires and extreme flooding, have occurred in recent weeks. (more)

Disaster upon disaster: US wildfires are contaminating the West's depleting water with ashy sludge
13 June 2022 - Officials in Las Vegas, New Mexico, had barely finished battling the massive Calf Canyon-Hermits Peak wildfire earlier this month before they had to point their defenses toward another threat: the ash-filled erosion that could pollute their water. ... Megafires aren't just burning down homes, trees and wildlife in the West. They're also destabilizing the soil. When it rains, thousands of tons of charred sediment flow into rivers and reservoirs used for drinking water. (more)

More than 125 million people are under heat alerts across the US
13 June 2022 - A heat dome which began last week in the Southwest has shifted over the central US, where heat and humidity will climb together to levels which will significantly impact the human body. ... More than 125 million people are under heat alerts, which include excessive heat warnings and heat advisories, across much of the central and eastern states Monday evening [13 June]. This is over one-third of the US population. Cities under excessive heat warnings include Tulsa, Memphis, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Raleigh, and Charlotte. (more)

'What do I have to lose?': desperate long COVID patients in US turn to 'miracle cures'
2 June 2022 - Today, up to 23 million Americans have lingering symptoms that could be described as long Covid – and few are getting answers. And in this dangerous void, alternative providers and wellness companies have created a cottage industry of long COCID miracle cures. Robert McCann, a 44-year-old political strategist from Lansing, Michigan, sleeps for 15 hours -- and when he wakes up, he still finds it impossible to get out of bed. Sometimes he wakes up so confused that he's unsure what day it is. McCann tested positive for COVID in July 2020. He had mild symptoms that resolved within about a week. But a few months later, pain, general confusion, and debilitating exhaustion returned and never fully left. McCann's symptoms fluctuated between grin-and-bear-it tolerability and debilitation. (more)

'The Onion' has republished a grim headline about mass shootings 21 times since 2014
25 May 2022 - There are a couple of inevitable responses to a mass shooting in America: funerals and fundraisers, prayers from politicians, and the resurfacing of one particular article from satirical site The Onion. 'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens' has been republished 21 times in almost exactly eight years. (more)


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