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Massive kitchens, unique tastes: India's ancient temple cuisine sits in a class of its own
29 September 2021 - Across India, temples have long served not just a spiritual need but a social one as well. Many of the country's temples have adopted a long-standing tradition of feeding the masses, allowing pilgrims and travelers alike to enjoy wholesome, delicious meals every day. ... What sets temple cuisine apart is the taste, which is unique to each location and notoriously hard to replicate. (more)

India's rural work scheme plots green jobs to fight climate change
22 September 2021 - On the outskirts of Amaravalli village on India's east coast, Marada Suguna has been hard at work planting mangroves. ... Suguna is among millions of Indians who find jobs under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), the world's largest such programme that provides at least 100 days of work annually to every rural household. Credited with alleviating poverty, empowering women, and giving work to people who lost jobs to the COVID-19 pandemic, the scheme is now also helping to create climate resilience in communities affected by frequent floods, droughts, and erosion. (more)

In Indian mining hub, farmers bring polluted land back to life
20 September 2021 - Chape Hanumaiya and his wife are about to harvest pearl millet and sesame crops thanks to a pilot project that seeks to fight migration and boost food security around the southern city of Hosapete, the heart of India's iron ore industry. As global demand for India's iron ore grows, fuelling environmental damage in mining areas, some farmers are bringing contaminated agricultural land back to life. Hanumaiya's land was revived under a sustainable co-operative agriculture scheme led by the Sakhi Trust nonprofit, which works with communities affected by mining in the area and encourages organic farming. (more)

India: Organic farming - women craft 'vegetable revolution' on land left uncultivated for years
9 September 2021 - By using scientific organic farming techniques, a group of women from Cheruvattoor Potta region of Kottakkakom, which comes under Parassala Krishi Bhavan, has crafted 'vegetable revolution'. The group named Karunya headed by Joilett Ruby has been successful in actualizing Kerala government's project for converting uncultivated lands to agricultural lands. 'We are receiving all support and cooperation of officials in the agriculture department,' says Joilett while sharing her happiness about the about the success. (more)

Next to India's capital, a village looks to the past for its forest's future
30 August 2021 - For generations, a community outside India's capital has worked to protect their sacred grove from outside interests like mining and real estate. Conservationists and experts say they hope new archaeological findings will help the community get more secure legal protection for their grove. (more)

With Assam silk and trees, Indians fight climate change and trafficking
30 August 2021 - Under a new initiative, families across Assam are weaving and restoring forests to boost their incomes in a region hit by frequent floods, low farm yields, and unemployment. (more)

India: 2,000 more farmers expected to adopt organic farming in the Nilgiris
12 August 2021 - The district administration expects 2,000 more farmers across the district to adopt organic farming practices over the course of the next year. According to Joint Director of Horticulture Sivasubramaniam Samraj, a total of 4,800 farmers in the district have adopted organic farming practices over the last two years. (more)

India: Farmers in remote villages of Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri take up organic farming, boost income
12 August 2021 - People living in far-flung areas of the Rajouri district near the border have taken up organic farming, especially vegetables, and boosted their incomes after facing tough times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 'A lot of people who lost their jobs to the covid-19 pandemic took training from us and began organic farming and are now earning a good livelihood. We are doing organic farming here are giving livelihood to others as well,' said Kartik Shama, an organic farmer while talking to ANI. (more)

In India, a former coal hub becomes ground zero for green living
10 August 2021 - In the forests of Bastar in eastern India, indigenous women have been busy plucking the tan-coloured fruits of the tamarind tree -- a tangy staple of Indian cooking that earned them rare profits this year thanks to a bumper harvest. For decades, mining has eaten into the forests of mineral-rich Chhattisgarh. But as the state moves away from opening coal mines, authorities have introduced measures to boost output of forest goods -- from tamarind to cashew nuts and medicinal seeds. (more)

Sting, Annie Lennox, A.R. Rahman event raises $5 million for India COVID relief
10 August 2021 - A virtual fundraiser to support India in its fight against COVID-19, has raised more than $5 million. Liam Neeson, Annie Lennox, A.R. Rahman, Pia Toscano, Zubin Mehta, Gloria Estefan, Sting, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Yo-Yo Ma, David Foster, Norwegian DJ Alan Walker, Asif Mandvi, Nishat Khan, Ranjani Gayatri Sisters and Matteo Bocelli participated in the July 7 event, which was globally livestreamed by CNN and, and hosted by Hasan Minhaj. The beneficiaries are UNICEF and AIG. ... Meanwhile, another Indian post-COVID relief event, featuring Ed Sheeran, Rahman, and Lennox, will be streamed on Facebook on August 15. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

'Veda for World Peace' - Live International Webinar 10 September - Dr Tony Nader to give keynote address
9 September 2020 - A live international webinar on 'Veda for World Peace' will be held Thursday, 10 September on Facebook and YouTube among other online platforms. The event will be held in the auspicious presence of Hon. Education Minister, Government of India, Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, and Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR - International President of Maharishi Universities worldwide, and head of the international Transcendental Meditation organisations in over 100 countries. Dr Nader will give the keynote address. The event will be attended by vice-chancellors, scientists, professors, Vedic scholars, students and representatives from more than 35 countries. (more)

India: Prime Minister Modi releases commemorative stamp honouring Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
31 August 2019 - On 30 August, His Excellency the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, released a commemorative stamp honouring the founder of the Transcendental Meditation programme, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as one of the 12 'Master Healers of the modern era'. The Indian government's Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy) announced the presentations, and AYUSH Minister H.E. Shripad Yesso Naik participated with the Prime Minister. Commenting on the event, Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR, said, 'Maharishi dedicated his life to reviving effortless experience of transcending as the basis of 40 areas of Vedic knowledge. His world tours were instrumental in globally popularising Transcendental Meditation - the essence of Yoga - and Ayurveda [health care], two key areas of Vedic knowledge.' As Maharishi's successor, Dr Nader is head of the international Transcendental Meditation organizations in over 100 countries. (more)

Indian Medical University invites collaboration with Maharishi University of Management
18 August 2018 - India is increasingly showing an interest in Maharishi AyurVeda, including the country's Minister for Ayurveda and Yoga and the chancellor of a leading medical university, who is eager to collaborate with Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in the USA. Professor Robert Schneider, MD, FACC, Dean of the College of Integrative Medicine at MUM, was invited to give a keynote presentation at an international Ayurveda congress at D.Y. Patil University in Pune, India earlier this year. While there, in addition to university officials, he met with His Excellency Shripad Naik, India's Minister for traditional systems of health (AYUSH), who pledged his support for MUM's programme of Maharishi AyurVeda research and clinical practice. (more)

India: Maharishi University of Management faculty speak to 2,000 professors at conference
8 April 2018 - College professors in India recently heard presentations by Maharishi University of Management (MUM) Professors Anil Maheshwari and Scott Herriott at the Second National Teachers' Congress, hosted by Maharashtra Institute of Technology-World Peace University (MIT-WPU) in Pune, India. The MUM faculty were invited to give plenary addresses, along with the Dalai Lama and about 30 other eminent educators and political leaders. Over 2,000 teachers took part in the Congress. (more)

Maharishi Effect featured in The Times of India
23 February 2018 - The practice of Transcendental Meditation brings coherence and harmony to create a healing effect, writes Aditi Shrivastava in The Times of India: Research by scientists across the world has shown that when a specific number of people in an area practise Transcendental Meditation (TM) and its advanced techniques together, the influence of coherence and positivity generated is so phenomenal, that it can improve the quality of life of the area, improving the collective consciousness of the people. This leads to an invincible state for society, that is, a state of progressive growth, of stability where no negative influences will disrupt societies and they will be able to rise to true sovereignty and harmony amongst themselves. This phenomenon of increased social coherence was termed the Maharishi Effect in honour of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation programme, who predicted it in 1960. (more)

Building a business for peace: Maharishi University of Management alumnus
6 September 2017 - Amit Hooda is the co-founder and CEO of Heavenly Organics, an Iowa, USA-based business that imports raw honey made by wild bees in the remote forests of northern and central India. This unique business model helps sustain the economic and cultural survival of indigenous people. In 2005, while Amit was earning his MS in computer science at Maharishi University of Management, he and his father, a renowned agronomist in northern India, founded Heavenly Organics. 'I wanted to create an economic model that created ethical jobs in conflict areas,' said Amit. 'That is the only way to have long-term sustainable peace.' (more)

India: Widespread press coverage of Second International Ayurveda Congress in London
27 May 2017 - The recent Second International Ayurveda Congress, held last month in London, received widespread press coverage in India. Press Trust of India reported in the Financial Express: 'Researchers from across the world have vowed to work with India to promote Ayurveda globally, saying the ancient Indian system of natural and holistic medicine can help address major health problems.' The Congress was also featured in many British publications for the Asian and South Asian community. The International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation, Netherlands, was one of the organizers of the Congress, whose theme was 'Ayurveda - the Pursuit of Health, Happiness and Long Life through Prevention-Oriented Health Care.' (more)

Maharishi University of Management: Dr. Robert Schneider gives keynote at India conference
15 March 2017 - India continues to show interest in Maharishi University of Management's science-based approach to traditional systems of prevention-oriented health-care. Most recently Dr Robert Schneider, dean of Maharishi College of Perfect Health, was invited to deliver the keynote address at an international conference of the World Association of Vedic Studies. He described how Maharishi AyurVeda programmes may slow or reverse ageing in Western and Indian populations. His audience included scholars, officials, and leaders who are integrating Vedic science and technologies into modern society. (more)

India: International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation participates in 7th World Ayurveda Congress and Arogya Expo
31 January 2017 - The International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation (IMAVF) participated with three presentations at the 7th World Ayurveda Congress, which was held last month in Kolkata, India. Over 3,500 delegates, mainly from various Asian countries, participated in the Congress. About 150,000 visitors came to the accompanying Arogya Expo, a trade show of many companies and institutions offering products and services in the field of Ayurveda. IMAVF was also present at the Arogya Expo, at the booth of Maharishi AyurVeda Products India, with an exhibition for the next International Ayurveda Congress, to be held in London, 1-2 April 2017. (more)

India: Alliance of Women Scientists and Scholars holds annual conference in Rishikesh
10 December 2016 - The Alliance of Women Scientists and Scholars for a Better World is holding its annual conference this year in India. The conference began yesterday and continues through 12 December at Mahila Dhyan Vidya Peeth, Tapovan, Rishikesh. The theme of the conference is Meeting Point of all Religions: Atma, the Self, the Source, Course, and Goal of Life. Speakers include eminent leaders representing the fields of physics, medicine, physiology and health, including the perspective of Ayurveda, the traditional Vedic science of health care; education; and music. The conference programme also features senior educators and administrators of institutions offering Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Vedic Science and Technology of Consciousness. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

AP Photos: Weeds, sewage choke Kashmir's famed Dal Lake
22 September 2021 - Boatman Noor Muhammad struggles to row as his boat moves deep into famed Dal Lake in Srinagar, the main city in Indian-controlled Kashmir. ... Weeds, silt, and untreated sewage are increasingly choking the sprawling scenic lake, which dominates the city and draws tens of thousands of tourists each year. Research by the University of Kashmir in 2016 found that only 20% of the lake's water was relatively clean while 32% was severely degraded. At least 15 major drains in the city empty into the sprawling lake, contaminating it with sewage and pollutants like phosphorous and nitrogen, officials say. (more)

India's excess deaths during pandemic up to 4.9 mln, study shows
4 August 2021 - India's excess deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic could be as high as 4.9 million, a new study shows, providing further evidence that millions more may have died from coronavirus than the official tally. India's official tally of more than 414,000 deaths is the world's third highest after the United States and Brazil, but the study adds to growing calls from experts for a rigorous nationwide audit of fatalities. (more)

Pandemic leaves Indians mired in massive medical debts
26 July 2021 - Life has been tentatively returning to normal in India as new coronavirus cases have fallen. But millions are embroiled in a nightmare of huge piles of medical bills. Most Indians don't have health insurance and costs for COVID-19 treatment have them drowning in debt. ... The pandemic has devastated India's economy, bringing financial calamity to millions at the mercy of its chronically underfunded and fragmented healthcare system. Experts say such costs are bound to hinder an economic recovery. Even before the pandemic, healthcare access in India was a problem. (more)

They recovered from Covid, only to die of 'black fungus.' What we know about the disease sweeping India
21 May 2021 - ]In early May, doctors in India began raising the alarm about a rise in mucormycosis -- a rare and potentially deadly infection also known as black fungus. Many of those being infected are coronavirus patients, or those who have recently recovered from Covid-19, whose immune systems have been weakened by the virus or who have underlying conditions -- most notably diabetes. (more)

India Covid surge: Hospitals send SOS as record deaths registered
24 April 2021 - Indian hospitals say their patients are dying because of a shortage of oxygen as Covid case numbers and deaths set new records for a third day running. India has recorded nearly a million infections in three days, with 346,786 new cases overnight into Saturday. (more)

India detects new 'double mutant' variant as Covid-19 cases spike, raising fears of a second wave
25 March 2021 - New Delhi, CNN - India has discovered a new 'double mutant' variant of Covid-19, as the country struggles to contain a spike in cases that's raising fears of a second wave. 'VOCs (variants of concern) and a new double mutant variant have been found in India,' the country's Ministry of Health said in a news release on Wednesday [24 March], adding that 'genomic sequencing and epidemiological studies are continuing to further analyze the situation.' (more)

Indian state exceeds 1 million coronavirus cases, rivalling Russia, stifling recovery
12 September 2020 - India's biggest and richest state, Maharashtra, recorded its millionth coronavirus infection on Friday, putting it on par with Russia in the pandemic and stifling India's attempts to turn around an economic plummet. (more)

Floods in India's Assam force a million from their homes
29 June 2020 - Heavy flooding triggered by monsoon rains has forced more than a million people to flee their homes in the northeast Indian state of Assam, authorities said on Monday [29 June], warning that the crisis was becoming more critical by the hour. The Brahmaputra River, one of the largest rivers in the world which flows from Tibet into India and then into Bangladesh, burst its banks in Assam over the weekend, inundating more than 2,000 villages, and it was still raining on Monday. (more)

Lightning strikes kill over 100 in two Indian states
25 June 2020 - Lightning strikes killed more than 100 people in India's eastern Bihar state and in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, their chief ministers' offices said on Thursday [25 June]. ... Lightning and thunderstorms are common as the rainy season kicks off in India with the seasonal monsoon covering most of the country's northern region. But a change in meteorological patterns that has seen longer gaps of dry weather between bouts of torrential rain has led to more lightning strikes, the Climate Resilient Observing Systems Promotion Council said in a report last year. (more)

India reports record rise in coronavirus cases; Delhi cancels all medical staff leave
20 June 2020 - India reported a record jump in coronavirus infections on Saturday [20 June], a day after the government in the capital New Delhi ordered hospitals to cancel any leave and have workers return to duty immediately. India now has the world's fourth highest number behind the United States, Brazil, and Russia. (more)


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