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China pledges to limit emissions of coolant that swells greenhouse gases
26 September 2021 - China will take action to control emissions of HFC-23, a potent greenhouse gas created during the production of refrigerants, the environment ministry said on Saturday [25 September]. Also known as trifluoromethane, HFC-23 is one of 18 types of hydrofluorocarbons to be gradually banned under the measure. It is a by-product of HCFC-22, a refrigerant widely produced in China, although illegal in Europe. (more)

World's largest astronomy museum opens in Shanghai, China
20 August 2021 - The world's largest astronomy museum has just opened in Shanghai, China. The project includes 420,000 square feet of museum space, including a planetarium, general exhibition space, and an impressive solar telescope that measures 78 feet tall. [The] contemporary cultural center acts as the new astronomy branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. (more)

China says giant pandas are no longer endangered
10 July 2021 - Chinese conservation officials have announced that they no longer consider giant pandas in China an endangered species. ...There are now 1,800 giant pandas living in the wild, a number that officials credit to the country's devotion to maintaining nature reserves and other conservation initiatives in recent years. As a result, other species have also flourished: Siberian tigers, Asian elephants, and crested ibises have all seen a gradual increase in population numbers, according China's state-run news agency Xinhua. (more)

US and China commit to cooperating on climate change
17 April 2021 - The US and China have 'committed to cooperating' on the pressing issue of climate change, the two sides said in a joint statement on Saturday [17 April], following a visit to Shanghai by US climate envoy John Kerry. It comes as world leaders prepare for a virtual summit on climate change this week as Joe Biden leads a new push to cut emissions. The US president has invited 40 leaders, including Chinese president Xi Jinping, to take part in the two-day summit starting on Friday 22 April, Earth Day, to galvanize efforts by major economies to combat climate change ahead of key UN talks hosted by the UK this year. (more)

Chinese New Year: What you need to know (+ videos, quiz)
12 February 2021 - This week, millions of people will be celebrating Chinese New Year. It will be marked by communities all over the world. This year Chinese New Year will begin on 12 February. ... Because it depends on the Moon, the date of Chinese New Year actually changes each year, but it will always fall some time between 21 January and 20 February. The festival starts on 12 February and lasts for up to 16 days. This year marks the change from the year of the Rat to the year of the Ox. Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. It is the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. (more)

China seeks better protection of Yangtze river with landmark law
29 January 2021 - China is seeking to further protect the ecology and environment of the Yangtze river, the longest in Asia, in the country's first set of legislation aimed at guarding the resources of a specific river basin. With 96 provisions spanning over nine chapters, the landmark law was passed at a Standing Committee session of China's top legislature. It will take effect on March 1. (more)

China passes landmarklaw protecting the Yangtze - one of China's 'Mother Rivers'
26 January 2021 - The Yangtze, one of China's two 'Mother Rivers,'' is about to receive a salve of environmental protections aiming to restore the polluted waterway and its tributaries. With 96 separate provisions for the river system spread across nine chapters of legislation passed by a Standing Committee meeting, it is the largest environmental protection bill the rivers of China have ever seen, and will enter into force on 1 March. (more)

Chinese fund managers rush to capitalize on investors' green fever
6 January 2021 - Chinese money managers are rushing to launch new energy funds, seeking to capitalize on investors' green fever which has been fuelled by President Xi Jinping's carbon neutrality pledge. China's first photovoltaic industry exchange-traded fund (ETF), launched by Huatai-PineBridge Fund Management Co in December attracted hot demand, with assets under management jumping nearly six-fold in just a month to 10 billion yuan ($1.55 billion). (more)

New energy vehicles to make up 20 percent of China's new car sales by 2025
2 November 2020 - Sales of electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles in China, the world's biggest auto market, are forecast to rise to 20 percent of overall new car sales by 2025 from just 5 percent now, the State Council said on Monday [2 November]. (more)

Chinese and American scientists collaborate on unique forest study
30 October 2020 - In an effort to identify forest foundation species and elevate their conservation status before they disappear, a unique research collaboration between Chinese and American scientists has synthesized long-term biodiversity data from 12 immense forest study plots spanning 1,500 miles, from China's far north to its southern tropics. Their results, published in the journal Ecology, point to maple trees -- long appreciated for their autumn foliage and the syrup that graces our tables -- as potential foundation species in both China and North America. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

China: Maharishi University of Management now offering MBA, Management PhD at university in Shanghai
25 March 2019 - Maharishi University of Management's graduate programmes in management are now being offered in Shanghai, China, in collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the oldest university in China with about 40,000 students. The programme is oriented toward working professionals. Its first course, taught by MUM faculty, began last fall with 18 students, half MBA and half PhD. 'World-Class Brain for Success in Life' connected principles of the Science and Technology of Consciousness to management. Students learned about the levels of the mind and transcendence, and how this not only benefits the individual but also the organization. 'They appreciated how Transcendental Meditation gives organizations an extra edge,' said MUM faculty member Dr Fred Travis. (more)

US: Maharishi University of Management - Chinese delegations continue to visit campus
30 November 2016 - China's interest in Maharishi University of Management continues, with two delegations visiting the campus in Iowa, USA recently, including entrepreneurs, artists, and journalists. A business conglomerate covering real estate, urban development, schools, greenhouses and agriculture sent a 12-member delegation in late October. The chairman is 'very interested in what we have done and achieved as a university and as a Transcendental Meditation organization,' said Zhu Yunxiang, MUM vice president of Asia Expansion. Later, a second delegation included a group of 25 Chinese artists, organizers, and journalists representing the Chinese Xinhua News Agency, the Beijing Daily Group, and the Beijing TV station. The goal of the Chinese delegations is to introduce the beauty of the Chinese cultural heritage and promote understanding and friendship between the two countries. (more)

Planning for more students from Beijing and Taiwan to arrive at MUM next year
12 June 2014 - Prompted by interest in Consciousness-Based Education, six universities in China and one in Taiwan are now partnering with Maharishi University of Management and formulating plans to send students to study at the MUM campus in the USA. (more)

Maharishi University of Management: New relationships with China
24 July 2013 - Recently reviewing the university's many achievements, Dr Bevan Morris, President of Maharishi University of Management in the USA, described new relationships with Chinese universities that have developed in the past year. These began during Dr Morris's tour of China last year, which included visits to several institutions of higher learning where he gave presentations about MUM's Consciousness-Based system of education and the development of integrated brain functioning in students through their practice of Transcendental Meditation. (more)

Chinese university to offer scholarships to MUM students for study in China
31 January 2013 - A new partnership agreement with Beijing Union University--Maharishi University of Management's fifth partner institution in China--will include scholarships for MUM students to study at BUU in China for a semester or a year, taking classes taught in English or in both Chinese and English. The scholarships, which can accommodate a significant number of students, will cover all tuition costs. (more)

Ancient Chinese philosopher described Transcendental Consciousness
18 August 2011 - A new essay analyzes beautiful passages from the writings of Zhuangzi, also known as Chuang Tzu--esteemed alongside Laozi as one of the founders of Daoism in China--drawing on the knowledge and experience of the transcendental field of life provided by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation Programme. (more)

China: Universities collaborate with Maharishi University of Management
15 July 2011 - Four Chinese universities have formed partnerships with Maharishi University of Management in the United States, and secondary schools in the country have expressed interest in Consciousness-Based Education as well. (more)

Students arrive at MUM from new Chinese partner schools
14 June 2011 - Sixteen new students arrived from China at Maharishi University of Management this spring, the first group from the University's new partner institutions. 'MUM is a harmonious and green campus,' said one of the new students. 'The relationships among students are very friendly. Although we came from different countries and cultural backgrounds, we really feel like a big family, caring for and loving each other.' (more)

Maharishi School achievements inspire educators, parents, students in China
19 April 2011 - At 15 recent school fairs in China, presentations about Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa, USA began with what most interested students and their families: Maharishi School students' achievements, and testimonials from Chinese students enrolled at the school. Parents and students engaged in lively discussions about the unique, low-stress environment of the Maharishi School campus. They were also impressed with the acceptance of Maharishi School graduates into top medical schools and universities including Yale, Harvard, and the University of California at Berkeley. (more)

Maharishi School principal tours China, awakens interest in students
19 April 2011 - The recent trip to China by Dr Richard Beall, principal of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, helped awaken the interest of Chinese educators, parents and students in Consciousness-Based Education. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Pro-China misinformation operation attempting to exploit US COVID divisions, report says
8 September 2021 - A pro-Chinese government online influence operation is targeting Americans in an effort to exploit divisions over the COVID-19 pandemic and 'physically mobilize protestors in the US in response,' according to a new report from cybersecurity firm Mandiant and experts at Google. (more)

Exhausted and without hope, East Asian youth are 'lying flat'
30 August 2021 - Across the country [China], young people ... are getting tired of the fierce competition for college and jobs, and the relentless rat race once they get hired. They're now embracing a new philosophy they've called 'tang ping,' or 'lying flat.' (more)

Devoured: How sand mining devastated China's largest freshwater lake
20 July 2021 - Over two decades, dredging ships have sucked massive amounts of sand from the bed and shores of Poyang Lake in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangxi, drastically altering the ability of its ecosystem to function. (more)

Special Report: China's gene giant harvests data from millions of women
20 July 2021 - A Chinese gene company selling prenatal tests around the world developed them in collaboration with the country's military and is using them to collect genetic data from millions of women for sweeping research on the traits of populations, a Reuters review of scientific papers and company statements found. U.S. government advisors warned in March that a vast bank of genomic data that the company, BGI Group, is amassing and analysing with artificial intelligence could give China a path to economic and military advantage. (more)

In China's latest outbreak, doctors say the infected get sicker, faster
14 June 2021 - As the Delta variant of the coronavirus spreads in southeastern China, doctors say they are finding that the symptoms are different and more dangerous than those they saw when the initial version of the virus started spreading in late 2019 in the central city of Wuhan. Patients are becoming sicker, and their conditions are worsening much more quickly, doctors told state-run television Thursday and Friday. ... The virus concentrations that are detected in their bodies climb to levels higher than previously seen and then decline only slowly, the doctors said. (more)

Chinese banks pouring billions into deforestation-linked firms, report says
13 June 2021 - Chinese banks and investors funneled billions of dollars into global agribusinesses driving deforestation in the past seven years, according to new analysis published by eco-watchdog Global Witness. The report, released June 7, revealed that between January 2013 and April 2020, Chinese financiers poured more than $22.5 billion into major companies producing and trading commodities linked to deforestation, such as palm oil, soy, and beef. This makes China the sixth-largest funder of global deforestation in the period, behind major commodity producers Brazil, Malaysia, the U.S. and Indonesia, and non-producer Japan. (more)

Chinese special economic zones hotspots for wildlife trafficking, surveys say
12 June 2021 - Special economic zones set up to promote trade between China and its Southeast Asian neighbors are facilitating a black-market trade in wildlife products, according to watchdog group TRAFFIC. Tens of thousands of prohibited wildlife parts and products are being sold across open and unregulated markets in five Southeast Asian countries, with a significant portion of trade activity coming from special economic zones, the group's latest market surveys reveal. (more)

TikTok quietly updated its privacy policy to collect users' biometric data
5 June 2021 - Popular short-form video-sharing service TikTok quietly revised its privacy policy in the U.S., allowing it to automatically collect biometric information such as faceprints and voiceprints from the content its users post on the platform. The policy change, first spotted by TechCrunch, went into effect on June 2. TikTok users who reside in the European Economic Area (EEA), the U.K., Switzerland, and other geographies (excluding India) where the service operates are exempted from the changes. (more)

TikTok's now collects biometric 'faceprints and voiceprints' data
4 June 2021 - In an update to its privacy policy earlier this week, the popular social media video app TikTok has added a new section that allows it to 'collect biometric identifiers and biometric information' from its users' content. As reported by TechCrunch, the policy appears to allow the app to collect biometric information, which is the latest in a long, substantial list of data points that the company gleans from its large user base. ...When asked for further details, the company only supplied a vague, boilerplate response. (more)

Chinese 'fishing fleet' anchored on Philippine reef raises tensions
26 March 2021 - The Philippines is protesting the presence of more than 200 Chinese fishing vessels anchored at Whitsun Reef, a shallow coral region located 175 nautical miles (324 kilometers) west of the town of Bataraza in Palawan province. In addition to invoking sovereignty issues, the ships' presence at the reef has raised fears that China may be targeting the reef for island-building activities to strengthen its claim to disputed territories in the South China Sea. ... The South China Sea is the subject of heated geopolitical disputes and overlapping territorial claims. It's also a known spawning ground for various fish species. The competition for the waterway's marine resources, as well as its untapped potential for deep-sea oil and gas, has beckoned a drove of vessels, including China's fishing militia, armed fishing fleets manned from the Chinese military ranks. (more)


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