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Australian mathematician discovers applied geometry engraved on 3,700-year-old tablet
6 August 2021 - An Australian mathematician has discovered what may be the oldest known example of applied geometry, on a 3,700-year-old Babylonian clay tablet. Known as Si.427, the tablet bears a field plan measuring the boundaries of some land. The tablet dates from the Old Babylonian period between 1900 and 1600 BCE and was discovered in the late 19th century in what is now Iraq. (more)

Crafty cockatoos master opening bins and teach each other
26 July 2021 - A few years ago, a Sydney scientist noticed a sulfur-crested cockatoo opening his trash bin. Not every resident would be thrilled, but ornithologist Richard Major was impressed by the ingenuity. It's quite a feat for a bird to grasp a bin lid with its beak, pry it open, then shuffle far enough along the bin's edge that the lid falls backward -- revealing edible trash treasures inside. Intrigued, Major teamed up with researchers in Germany to study how many cockatoos learned this trick. (more)

Australia's airports could generate enough solar energy to power a city
9 May 2021 - A new study has found Australia's government-owned airports could produce enough electricity to power 136,000 homes, if they had large-scale rooftop solar systems installed. Researchers at RMIT University compared electricity generated by residential solar panels in a regional city to the potential green energy production of 21 leased federal airports. ... Researcher Dr. Chayn Sun, a geospatial scientist in RMIT's School of Science, said airports were ideal for solar panels but were not currently being used to their full potential. (more)

Swap and go: electric trucks to run between Sydney and Brisbane using exchangeable batteries
28 April 2021 - An Australian company is planning to trial electric trucks with swappable batteries allowing almost non-stop travel for heavy vehicles between Sydney and Brisbane. Developed by Janus Electric, the batteries can be swapped in three minutes, removing the need for trucks to plug in and charge for up to 12 hours. (more)

The remarkable power of Australian kelp
14 April 2021 - Algae is a powerhouse for the climate, sending carbon to the seafloor and deacidifying oceans. In Australia, scientists are just beginning to tap its potential. The Aboriginal peoples of Australia were some of the first seaweed innovators in the world. And 45,000 years later on mainland Australia, people are again turning to algae to solve pressing problems. Today, it is not how to get water from A to B, but how to address the world's climate crisis. And in several large open-air bubbling green vats at an industrial complex in Nowra, New South Wales, Pia Winberg is exploring exactly how. (more)

Australia made a plan to protect Indigenous elders from covid-19. It worked.
9 April 2021 - Health experts say Australia's pandemic experience offers a potential model for Indigenous health care -- after a history of discrimination and neglect that typically led to poor health outcomes. ... 'This is a most amazing response to the pandemic from a community that is so marginalized,' said Fiona Stanley, an Australian epidemiologist specializing in public health. 'This is probably the best evidence we have that if you put Aboriginal people in charge, then you get better outcomes.' (more)

Australia: Queensland passes laws banning 'killer' single-use plastics
10 March 2021 - Environmentalists hail 'fantastic news' for the state's turtles, whales and seabirds. Queensland has become the second Australian state to pass laws banning single-use plastics including straws and cutlery that are blighting the state's waterways and beaches and endangering wildlife. Environmental groups congratulated the Queensland government after it passed legislation on Wednesday night that will ban single-use plastic items, including polystyrene food containers and cups, from 1 September. (more)

Australia building world's first platypus sanctuary
3 March 2021 - Australian conservationists on Wednesday [3 March] unveiled plans to build the world's first refuge for the platypus, to promote breeding and rehabilitation as the duck-billed mammal faces extinction due to climate change. .... Unlike other famous Australian animals such as the koala or kangaroo, the beaver-like platypus is rarely seen in the wild due to its reclusive nature and highly specific habitat needs. (more)

Walker Swamp: The mission to restore an Australian wetland (BBC video)
24 February 2021 - In the shadow of Australia's Grampians National Park lies Walker Swamp, a once-thriving wetland that was artificially drained and farmed for over a century. But it is now welcoming new life once more, after a huge restoration project. Its revival is one 'message of hope' amid so much grim environmental news, ecologists tell the BBC. (more)

Unstoppable eating machines: why Australian farmers are renting out goats for weed control
12 February 2021 - La Nina has been good to the backyards and farmlands of much of eastern Australia. Cooler, wetter conditions have led to a flourishing of lush grass, trees and -- unfortunately -- weeds. Across Australia, and around the world, mobs of voracious goats are being unleashed -- in a carefully controlled fashion -- on unwanted flora, and their appeal lies not just in their sustainability. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

Australia: Transcendental Meditation effective tool against 'stress epidemic' in the world
16 May 2018 - Oprah sings its praises. Jerry Seinfeld swears by it. So do Nicole Kidman, Lena Dunham, Katy Perry and Gwyneth Paltrow. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness even do it with their kids. It seems everyone in Hollywood is practising Transcendental Meditation - and Bob Roth, who brought the technique to the stars, says Australians need it just as much, The West Australian reports. Roth says eight million people have already benefited from incorporating TM into their lives, but he is still concerned about the 'stress epidemic' gripping the world. He recently released his book Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation to clarify what it is and how it can transform how we respond to stress. (more)

Log home in Australia built according to principles of Maharishi Vastu Architecture
25 October 2017 - The unique construction of a log home in Australia is featured in the current newsletter of Maharishi Vastu Architecture -- building in according with ancient principles of Natural Law. The construction company, Estonia Log Homes, first built the house in Estonia for quality control of precise Vedic measurements, then dis-assembled and shipped the home to New South Wales. The owner and a local builder worked alongside four Estonians who travelled to Australia especially for the project. After a few days the workmen returned to Estonia and the owner said, 'I was left alone to enjoy the quiet and the very strong feeling of silence in the new house even though it still had no roof. It is very simple, ingenious process and a joy to be able to see and appreciate how it is all connected and constructed.' View photos and links to more Maharishi Vastu projects. (more)

Foolproof your New Year's resolutions with Transcendental Meditation
8 January 2015 - Transcendental Meditation allows the mind to go beyond the experience of the surroundings, the physical body, and even thought itself. Transcending is like lifting the individual out of the maze of past experience and habitual behaviour to experience a sea of all possibilities. Experiencing unbounded awareness regularly during meditation allows this state to become integrated into daily life. The feelings of freedom and invincibility become a permanent part of our reality. Brain imaging shows that latent parts of the brain are awakened. Meditators report that they feel mentally clearer, procrastinate less, have more energy, and experience greater emotional stability. In this state it is much easier to implement any positive changes in to your life and let go of negative habits. (more)

Australia: Maharishi Honey offers new pollination service
16 August 2014 - Maharishi Honey is expanding its honey production throughout South Australia and Victoria, and in the process is offering a unique pollination service, the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) announced in its August newsletter. NASAA is Australia's first organic certification organization. (more)

Australia: New Maharishi Vastu buildings for school in Melbourne
12 May 2014 - Maharishi School in Melbourne, Australia, offers primary education to boys and girls up to the age of 12. The school's Consciousness-Based Education approach, including the daily practice of Transcendental Meditation, offers a unique means of integrating all aspects of the curriculum, providing for the whole development of the student. The school has recently completed two new Maharishi Vastu buildings--constructed according to Vedic architecture in tune with natural law. The buildings are environmentally sustainable and have six large classrooms and three offices. (more)

Australia: Black Dog Institute researches effects of Transcendental Meditation on depression
18 April 2014 - The Black Dog Institute in Sydney, Australia has embarked on a research programme to assess the benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM) on depression, led by Associate Professor Judy Proudfoot. Noting hundreds of peer-reviewed, published scientific research studies on Transcendental Meditation, the article on the Australian medical website '6minutes' quotes Dr Proudfoot: 'Already TM looks as if it is showing strong results in treating anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder with a positive impact on physical health, so our hypothesis is that it will have a positive impact on depression but nevertheless we are going into it with an open mind and will be evaluating it very rigorously.' (more)

Australia: 'How to heal your emotional and physical heart with Maharishi Ayurveda' - Expert gives workshop
12 October 2013 - Robert Schneider, MD, FACC, internationally renowned research cardiologist and one of the world's leading authorities on natural medicine in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, gave a workshop today in Sydney, Australia, on Total Heart Health. Dr Schneider is director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention, Maharishi University of Management Research Institute in Iowa, USA. He is visiting Australia this month, meeting with doctors and researchers to encourage collaborative research on non-drug approaches to heart disease. (more)

Australia: American brain research expert speaks on improving mental health with Transcendental Meditation
16 August 2013 - Dr Fred Travis, Director of the Centre for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition in the USA, visited Sydney as part of his recent tour of Australia. There he spoke at the Black Dog Institute and on a national news show about research and clinical applications of Transcendental Meditation to improve mental health concerns ranging from depression to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (more)

Australia: EEG demonstrations show audiences profound effect of transcending
16 August 2013 - In the majority of his recent lectures in Australia, Dr Fred Travis used EEG demonstrations to show audiences the measurable effects on the brain of the mind settling down to a state of deep inner silence (transcending) during Transcendental Meditation. The demonstrations are very effective, he said, because they show the clear distinction between brain activity during daily life and the silence and coherence that immediately begin with transcending. (more)

Australia: In Melbourne, schools discover benefits of Transcendental Meditation
16 August 2013 - Continuing his recent lecture tour of Australia in Melbourne, Dr Fred Travis, a neuroscientist at Maharishi University of Management in the USA, focused on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation in education. He started his lecture tour at Maharishi School in Melbourne and spoke of the growing and successful school as providing the ideal education to develop the brain to its full potential. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Plague of ravenous, destructive mice tormenting Australians
28 May 2021 - At night, the floors of sheds vanish beneath carpets of scampering mice. Ceilings come alive with the sounds of scratching. One family blamed mice chewing electrical wires for their house burning down. Vast tracts of land in Australia's New South Wales state are being threatened by a mouse plague that the state government describes as 'absolutely unprecedented.' Just how many millions of rodents have infested the agricultural plains across the state is guesswork. ... NSW Farmers, the state's top agricultural association, predicts the plague will wipe more than 1 billion Australian dollars ($775 million) from the value of the winter crop. (more)

Australia man contracts COVID-19 after finishing two-week quarantine
22 April 2021 - A man in Australia tested positive for COVID-19 after finishing his hotel quarantine, authorities said on Friday, raising concerns about community transmission as more virulent virus strains emerge. The person is likely to have contracted the virus during his two-week quarantine in a Perth hotel, health officials said... Western Australia and New South Wales states are currently investigating into cases of travelers in quarantine contracting the virus from infected guests staying in nearby rooms. (more)

How Australia's regent honeyeaters are learning the wrong songs - video
16 March 2021 - New research has found that a loss of song culture could be a big problem for one of Australia's rarest songbirds. A lack of adult males passing on mating calls to younger birds may have forced some to pick up the tunes of other species. Females are less likely to pair and nest with those singing unusual songs, causing further problems for dwindling populations. Conservationists are trying a new technique to arrest this decline, playing songs captured in the wild to birds bred in captivity (more)

Long-term study reveals harm in regular cannabis use
27 January 2021 - Regular cannabis use has harmful effects regardless of the age a person starts using, a University of Queensland-led study has found. The study examined people who began regular cannabis use in high school or in their early 20s, and compared both with non-users. .... Lead author Dr. Gary Chan from UQ's National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research said many previous studies had documented the harms associated with regular cannabis use in teens, but few have looked at the adverse consequences associated with use from young adulthood. (more)

Bleaching on Great Barrier Reef more widespread than ever
20 April 2020 - An aerial survey of the Great Barrier Reef shows coral bleaching is sweeping across the area off the east of Australia for the third time in five years. (more)

Australia's climate crisis has been building for years but no one listened
26 February 2020 - Australia was already grappling with extreme heat and one of the worst droughts on record when devastating bushfires tore through the bone dry land. For months, the infernos have raged through Australia's southeast, leaving parts of the country choking under some of the worst air pollution in the world. ... Scientists had warned for more than a decade that an extreme bushfire season was coming -- and that the climate crisis was to blame. (more)

Heatwave and high winds threaten to reignite Australian wildfires
30 January 2020 - Swathes of southeast Australia were bracing on Thursday [30 January] for a days-long heatwave that threatens to stoke bushfires that have been burning for months. (more)

After fire, dust and hail play havoc on Australian summer
20 January 2020 - Drought-ravaged parts of rural Australia have been hit by dust storms that threaten to drift over more heavily populated cities including Sydney, bringing a new element to the extreme weather that has dominated the country over summer. (more)

Australian fires hit key dairy regions, adding to woes from drought
8 January 2020 - Bushfires across Australia's east coast are set to pile on more pain for the country's dairy industry, already hurt by a prolonged drought, as processors in one of the world's largest exporters face tightening milk supplies. Australia has been battling wildfires across swathes of its east coast for weeks, with the blazes scorching more than 6 million hectares (15 million acres) of land. The fires have swept through major dairy areas along the New South Wales south coast, where many producers have faced a three-year drought, and East Gippsland in Victoria. (more)

Australia has its hottest day on record as Sydney residents brace for heat, fires, and smoke
18 December 2019 - Australia had its hottest day on record Dec. 17, with a nationally averaged temperature of 105.6 degrees (40.9), according to the country's Bureau of Meteorology. However, it's a record that may not stand for long -- perhaps for just 24 hours, as forecasters anticipate it could be broken both Wednesday and Thursday eastern time, as a searing, early-season heat wave roasts the country. ... The heat is combining with drought conditions and burning wildfires ... (more)


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