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Creating everything out of nothing in Australia

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18 May 2007

Coherence is rising in Australia, as indicated by the following progressive news in the field of science.

A research team at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, announced that they are well on the way to harnessing the power of the sun to extract clean and almost unlimited supplies of energy from sea water. This revolutionary breakthrough in the field of solar energy indicates a rise of Coherence and Invincibility in Australia, and the world.

Technology is based on a process invented by Japanese scientists in the 70's whereby sunlight is used to split water to produce hydrogen fuel. The University of NSW research team have made big advances in the design of more efficient material to facilitate this process. They have developed titanium dioxide ceramics as a light sensitive material, which acts as a photocatalyst to split water.

Solar hydrogen so produced would be the cheapest, cleanest, and most abundant energy source ever developed. The main by-products are oxygen and water, and hence there are no toxic wastes. When hydrogen is burned, it gives water, so there is no pollution of the environment. The raw materials required, namely sunlight, sea water, and titanium dioxide are very abundant in Australia.

Roof-top panels placed on top of 1.6 million houses, or an area covering 40 square kilometres, for example, could supply Australia's entire energy needs. The researchers say that it could take five more years to commercialize the water-splitting technology once it is fully developed. According to a German solar expert, Professor Helmut Tributsch of the Free University in Berlin, water-splitting is a process nature uses to harness the sun's energy.

For example, plants employ a photocatalytic process in the chloroplast to use sunlight to strip water and thereby convert solar energy into chemical energy, in the form of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates then serve as energy sources for animals that eat the plants. Professor Tributsch was quoted as saying 'We should really follow the example of nature. It is the only safe way to handle our environment in the long term.'

This trend toward increasing purity, toward using a 'catalyst' to create increased naturalness in life, belongs to 'the field of Atharva, which has within it the quality of a catalyst to create dynamism while remaining itself completely silent. And I was very happy that this has been defined in terms of 'increasing purity, increasing simplicity, increasing naturalness' coming to the field of almost unmanifest. 'Tharva' means 'impulse'. 'Atharva' means impulse of 'A', impulse of totality, impulse of infinity.' This was the description given by Maharishi last year in praise of the efforts of a Japanese scientist working in the area of another catalyst, the Catalytic Fuel Converter.

The field of pure knowledge, the field of transformation in Rik Veda, which transforms Rik into Sama and makes it flow, is the Veda of transformation, Yajur-Veda. Taking the basic elements of sunlight, flowing seawater, and titanium dioxide and converting them into energy for an entire nation, is living Veda.

'Out of nothing, create everything,' said Maharishi. 'That is the economics that is going to be now popular as collective consciousness of the world becomes purer, and purer, and purer, and purer. Yatha purvam akalpayat: As it was before, so it was remembered.

'In this phenomenon rising in the world ... we find fulfilment of our aspiration for the regeneration of spirituality in man. Regeneration in the light of God. Regeneration bringing up on the surface level from the transcendental value, the total creativity, the Total Science and Technology.'

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